(Dis)Unity of the Muslim Faithful

UI – Part 229 – Unity of the Muslim Faithful


Muslim scholars often speak of the Ummah.  The Ummah was Muhammad’s followers living together, a community of his faithful believers in the one god, so it is said, Allah.  They were also to revere the Prophet, Muhammad himself.  Muhammad was known to be violent when there was resistance among his loyal group, when outsiders openly objected to his plan, purpose, the methods he employed, and whenever, to be sure, one decided being part of Muhammad’s program no longer satisfied and thus sought another path.  He could be dictatorial.  He wanted to build a congregation for his belief and his proclamations.  What he said, as we know today, became the gospel, the Scripture of Islam, the Quran. 

The Prophet

Muhammad was born and raised in the Quarysh family, or clan.  They were known for maintaining the Kaaba and hosting a bazaar in Mecca each year.  It was a prosperous and powerful clan. The Quarysh rejected him when his preaching of Allah became disruptive to their business and what subsequently transpired over his lifetime was the formation of a new clan.  Leaving Mecca feeling persecuted he formed a community that accepted him and his claims.  Let’s refer to it as the clan of Islam, or of Allah. 

Muhammad wanted his Ummah to be united, as one, serving Allah and each other.  But we know today that he wanted more, he also wanted his neighbors to be of the same community, to accept and be of the same mind.  Diversity was not acceptable. Subject on many occasions to the sword those that resisted his form of proselytizing, failing to convert on join his community, died.   His mantra, so it appears historically, ‘eliminate the dissenters, the objectors, the organizers of other clans that are not accepting of Allah or the ways of the Prophet.’  He wanted only those that found him acceptable along with his recommendations, pronouncements, and commands received from his almighty Allah.

All for Allah

Today Muslims seek a world All for Allah. Such a world would be as one community, the Ummah of Islam. Yet much has changed since Muhammad.  His methods are still employed by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, in Iran and Iraq, by Sunni and Shia, in Syria and Libya, in Egypt and Palestine, and in most Middle Eastern Countries, to include Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.  Lying in the name of Allah (Takiyya) is permitted.  Deception is permitted to achieve the stated end, as Allah was the Best of Deceivers.  However the question that must be asked is, ‘can such a world be achieved?’  If we simply observe events taking place within the boundaries of any given Muslim controlled country the answer is ‘NO.’  There is so much diversity of thought among the billion plus Muslims as to the Law and Allah’s Will that a single clan united in belief may be impossible.  The extremists feel differently but their methods of achievement involve eradicating the world of all those who are not of their mindset.

Why can the unity of Islam not come to pass?  Because there is no agreement even among Muslims as to what clan they really belong to.  And which clan is the True Clan…  The Quran has been interpreted so many different ways, even when the general claim is it is perfect.  The perfection of the Quran exists in the singular nature of the document written in an antiquated Arabic that few can read or understand thus requiring translation. In translation the words of the Quran differ.  Even translations are subject to interpretation. 


Abdul Wahhab inspired Wahhabism in the 1700’s. It was adopted by the Al Saud family as their spiritual focus and today practiced in Saudi Arabia. The Sharia Law there which evolved from Wahhab’s readings, study, application, and personal imprint on what the Quran tells people, is promoted worldwide by Saudi Arabia using oil dollars. Be assured the Sharia Law as practiced in Saudi Arabia was supplemented by the leaders of the monarchy.  Their desire is that the community be based upon and comprise adherents to Wahhabism. It is their clan according to their view of what the Quran says.  If not, then heads might roll, the sword applied, death would befall the infidel. Al Saud followed the example of the Prophet Muhammad.  That infidel could well be another follower of Allah, but not as the Al Saud clan determined.  Al Saud was inspired by Muhammad as to the violent acts useful in attaining his goals.

Many Clans

Not just Wahhabists, there are today many, many clans, tribes, communities of Islam, none which agree with the other except to proclaim the name of Allah whenever they strike out to impose their ideology.  There are 5 schools of teaching for the Sunni (Wahhabists are also Sunni), two or three for the Shiite, along with the 5, 7 and 12th Imams.  There are the Assassins[i] (a historical clan within the Shiite world), the Zaid’s, the Alawites and more.  Please forgive me for not getting the exact associations correct, the point being, no longer is their the clan of Muhammad as existed in the 7th century during his lifetime.  It changed immediately upon his death.

Muslims Fighting Muslims

In Syria today where there are rebels (Muslims) fighting Assad and his military (Muslims) there are now other forces (Muslims) battling within and among the Muslim rebels. See article from The Counter Jihad Report[ii] (Al Qaeda Allies Poised to Overwhelm Syrian Rebel Forces).  It makes one think there is more than one Allah.

Also Christians continue to be victims of Islamic hatred. See article from Atlas Shrugs.[iii] (Syrian Christian Towns emptied by Jihad Violence)

ME Killing Fields

The Middle East is a Killing Field. It has been for centuries.  Using Takiyya attempts are made to expunge the record of atrocities to claim Islam is a religion of peace. Purges of Jews and Christians in those lands have taken place since the time of Muhammad.  The State of Israel contains many refugees from Iraq since its formation in 1948. The Farhud  (the violent displacement of non-Muslims, primarily Jews – 1941) included killing many who would have otherwise been refuges.

Christians are as animals hunted in many areas, the season whenever hatred gets too much for one extremist Muslim that they must take their modern-day sword (weapon) and extirpate another infidel or two.  It has happened in Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria. The authorities generally seem to look the other way.  Then too there are Muslims being executed by Muslims (possibly more historically than the Christians and Jews combined). But oddly it is Sunni killing Shiite and Shiite killing Sunni, sometimes killing one of their own to make it look like the other did it. Arabs, the Muslims, love battles.  There are many Hatfield’s and many McCoy’s.  Often they cannot distinguish one from the other.  They run towards each other yelling “Allahu Akbar’, extracting punishment on each other in the name of their god, Allah.  This is not godly or god inspired activity.  Which or whose Allah is superior?


On September 11, 2001 (911) it became most apparent that the hatred of the disparate many communities of Islam while seeking one world for Allah exposed their underbelly, the extremist hate filling inspired elements who went outside their confines to attack the free world.  Who led this attack? Is or was Bin Laden the voice of Islam, the objective order or correct Ummah-titular-head showing all Muslims and non-Muslims what their world consists of or should be. Is Al Qaeda the clan to join to be of the one world of Islam? We can all go live in caves and Praise Allah. Or is it the Muslim Brotherhood? Or Hezbollah, or Hamas?  Or Futahal-Islam, Jamat-ul-Mujahideen, Jaish e-Mohammad,  Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, or the Abu Sayyat Group – and there are others. In America beware of Hizbut-Tahrir.[iv] Everywhere in the world there is one extremist (terrorist) organization or another representing the true clan of Islam.    Extremists I contend have dominated the landscape of imperialism in the name of Allah, the more moderate or tolerant as a result tossed on the Quranic fires of Hell – along with Hindu’s, Buddhists, Christians and Jews, and lest we forget atheists, secularists, and homosexuals.

The Reign of Confusion

The world of Islam is confused and confusing.  The more its population grows the number of clans increase. How much does the total population of Muslims consist of cultural Muslims, born in the ideology of Islam and surrounded environmentally by nothing but Muslims-in-name-only, verses true adherents to the tenets of the faith. (And what are the true tenets?) It will always, I strongly believe, be multi-unsettled-nations praising Allah while killing each other within and without. Al Qaeda is not dead, but just as Islam after Muhammad’s death it is metastasizing into cancers in pockets throughout the world, not even as one cancer, as many, as spin-off clans of AQ and other named militant fundamentalist political Islamic organizations and their offshoots.  Beware too of CAIR.

As to the Unity of the Muslim faith, well herein lies the conundrum.  Any potential for the Ummah is diluted by the myriad of extremists calling for death to the infidel, and defining ‘infidel’ as they please.  How can a Muslim not be profiled or persecuted.  When you look into the face of a Muslim what do you see?  What do they see when they peer into a mirror?  Is it the face of a child of God or Allah?  And which definition of the religion of Islam and Allah shines on that face?  The countenance of each face depends on their scholar and the interpretation of the Quran that is taught within their clan; it differs.  But the God of the Bible will still call them his children, love them and invite them into his community.

God’s Light

In denial the Muslim knows Christ as Isa, one who lived a perfect life, but say he was and is not divine.  It is this denial while knowing the truth that engenders the hatred, as Satan using the many extremists as his military force against God’s Truth. The confusion, the multiplicity of clans among the nations of Muslims, exists for a reason.

May the light of the True God (the Biblical God) shine on the world, on the Middle East and the Muslim communities wherever they exist so Christ’s unifying nature can be enjoyed and the grace and mercy of God fill the hearts of those living desperate lives, not knowing when and where the next bomb will go off.  Become a member of the family of Christ. Unity is exhibited in its purest form in the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  They indeed are ONE. The Spirit within the believer makes them a member, a child of the one and only true God. The face of each shines in the Glory of the Lord.

 Grace and Peace.

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