The Islam Casino – The Wrong Bet?

UI – Part 225 – The Islam Casino – The Wrong Bet?

Life is a Casino

Muslims enjoy gambling, that is when not in a Muslim controlled area.  They also enjoy other pleasures that would not be permitted according to the Quran, including alcohol.  Why do they live one way and compel others to adhere to different standards.  Is this the Muhammad Model of leadership?  Do as I say, as Allah thru Gabriel informed me and as recorded in the Quran, but not as I do.  If not in their country do the rules change?  If so why?  Is this what a religious person would do?

Life is a casino.  We make gambles every day.  We cannot control the outcome.  That is up to God, to Allah.  Why would man interfere?  Can man control the outcome; a rigged result based upon a willful intrusion contingent upon what man believes, dictates or assumes?  To hedge our bets people have options, an effort to mitigate the wrong and still be rewarded when correct. The real question becomes one of choice.  Who decides?  Do you do so for yourself?  Do others do it for you?  Both are possible.

An investment portfolio can be managed by the individual, the success or failure all one’s own.  An investment portfolio can be managed by third parties engaged, as experts, to hopefully be more successful than the individual might be on their own (lacking the expertise assumed). Based on success or failure and the temperament or satisfaction of the individual the third party can be retained to continue or replaced with another advisor or investor. Choices, however, remain for the individual.  Either way there are no guarantees.

The investment you make in your belief system has similarities to gambling or investing.  The more you know about the opportunity or risk taken, the better the opportunity for success, or said in another way the less chance of failure, or a total disaster.  Mistakes are inevitable.  Unexpected benefits are possible too.  It is the strength of one’s convictions that, however, provide comfort.  Patience too.  Knowledge to the extent that wisdom is achieved makes the outcomes more acceptable.  The highs and lows are tolerated with greater comfort.  What the future holds becomes a vision of peace that transcends ultimate outcomes.  Acceptance of the results takes perseverance and faith.  It takes trust as well.

Trust God

When you trust God with all your heart, mind and soul the eventual outcome will be a life eternal. That takes precedent over all else.  God is in control.  Not you or your advisor.  You cannot change the results.  No matter how much a man may interfere he cannot alter what God has planned.  The Muslim mindset to have insulated enclaves for only Muslims attempts to alter the outcome.  They surely know that is not even distinctly rational.

Muslim and Black Jack

Muslims tend to disassociate themselves with the whole of society, preferring enclaves of their own.  Call it clannish, tribal, or anti-social. Bring into the tent only those who are in agreement with their beliefs.  It is as a gambling casino where a group brings into their casino-tent only those who gamble on Black Jack. Gamble on Islam, as the only ideology; gamble on black Jack as the only form of betting.  Rule out any other options, religion, ideology or gambling.  No roulette, no craps, no Texas Hold’em, no Baccarat, no machines, and no other alternatives. No Christian, no Jew, no Hindu, no Shiite, no Alawite, etc.  Only Black Jack; those considering other forms of betting are to be extirpated.  Only Islam, and limited to a preferred sect, otherwise the others can be eliminated.    Kill them off.  The other betting options are to be erased from the minds of all people.  Even if a wager on the outcome of a sporting event is made, the call “off with their heads” will be heard.  If you are not good at Black Jack (21) that is your problem.  Those good at 21 will succeed; the poor at 21 will serve them drinks while they play. I am being facetious and not trying to malign waiters and servers.  Serving others, however, may be the best route to success vs gambling.  How different is this than gambling on Islam.  Those outsiders, the infidels, the different betting choices, are to be extirpated.  There is to be but one bet – Allah.

What if – just what if – they are wrong!

Grace and Peace

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