Islamic Hatred – Avenging the West

UI – Part 230 – Islamic Hatred – Avenging the West

 Heartfelt Hatred

Hatred towards Jews and Christians and the West is a mantra of Islam, if not all Muslims, at least as a fundamentalist proclamation. Those who do not make such a claim are most often referred to as Moderates; however in fundamentalist terms they are apostates, committing blasphemy to the tenants of the Quran and Allah.

A Muslim Cleric (Dr. Abdullah Badr—an Egyptian Muslim scholar) recently spewed venom of his own.[i] ‘I Hate Christians and Am Disgusted by Them’.  A full report can be accessed online via the endnote (from Front Page Magazine). Read More. In the online article by Raymond Ibrahim, he writes, “the true Muslim should love and help fellow Muslims, while hating and being disgusted by non-Muslims.” – “the highly divisive Muslim doctrine of wala’ wa bara.’” According to Badr, the disgust, the hate for Christians and other infidels, must come from the heart—as it does with him—and not be a mere matter of showing off around other Muslims.”

Within their own culture Moderates must be cautious.  In Egypt President Morsi, while in office, arrested Bassem Youssef, a dedicated and devout Muslim and stand-up comic, for criticizing Islam.  In his performances he intended no ill-will.  Possibly this comic is proof that few Muslims laugh or have any tolerance for humor that calls out Muslim practices. By Dr. M Zuhdi Jasser’s standards, “Morsi’s allies in the Muslim Brotherhood are using the tool of religion and blasphemy to hammer dissent into submission….The ideology is based in a supremacist mindset that holds the Islamist interpretation of Islam higher than any individual right to freedom of thought, expression or faith.”[ii] 

America as the Enemy of Islam

America is seen as an enemy of Islam and Muhammad, even though over 6 million Muslims now live in the United States.  Do those living in the USA prefer freedom, thus denying their own Islamic laws, or are they infiltrating for the sake of Allah?  In addition Muslims love to visit or attend America’s schools, enjoying, while at the same time condemning, our Freedom.  Are they awaiting a fatwa to avenge their ideology or is that action already ongoing?  Are they lying in hiding awaiting their collective opportunity to alter America and its Constitution to obey Sharia Law?

Under the guise of the Almighty Allah, in the madrassas and mosques, at the feet of ulema, what is being taught the young and the faithful?

In 1999 Nelson Demille authored The Lion’s Game.[iii] Was Demille being intuitive, foreseeing what was to follow (911)?  His character, Khalil (The Lion) was bitter from the death of family members when America bombed Tripoli in 1986. [iv]  This military action was in retaliation to the bombing of a discothèque (LaBelle Disco) in West Berlin where US Military gathered.  This was one of many attacks of aggression by Libya’s Gaddafi.  There was no forgiveness by Khalil, only revenge, as family members were killed in the bombing, placed in knowingly dangerous locations by the Great Leader (Gadhafi) to deter actions that might cause harm to civilians.  His need for revenge was fed by his mentor, Malik (the King), who saw this large, strong man as an ideal terrorist capable of destroying the West, with justification.  “Malik and Khalil…were bonded by (loses they suffered)…and both had sworn revenge.”[v]  The story is made interesting when the reader realizes that Khalil is not proceeding with all the facts, but primarily those that cause him the most hatred.  How will The Lion react to such information?

Was Khalil deceived by his own people, his leader?  Was America made the greater enemy for convenience by Gaddafi?

Teaching Revenge

How often is revenge taught in the halls, the classrooms of opportunity for learning in the Muslim Culture?  Is this teaching and learning or brainwashing?  Malik told Khalil, “You have the strength and courage of a lion.  I will teach you to be as cunning as a lion.  For without cunning…you will be an early martyr.[vi]  Khalil was taught “how to think, to act, to deceive, to understand the mind of the Westerner, and to use that knowledge to avenge all of those who believed in Allah and who had been killed over the centuries by the Christian infidels.”[vii]

What is different today from members of Al Qaeda teaching their young, or the many cloistered behind the walls of Muslim cultures restricted to only those lessons prepared and lectured upon by the scholars and leaders of Islam?  This is happening as well in Europe, the United Kingdom and in the United States.  The madrassas and mosques are as islands in free societies for the repetitive chants of the Islamists spewing determination to avenge their desires for world domination, a world all for Allah.

A Little Islamic History

At the time of Muhammad, 630 AD or so, a group to the south of Medina, possibly from what is today Yemen, was invaded by the forces of Muhammad and forced to convert to the ideology of the self-proclaimed prophet of Islam.  They may have objected to Muhammad’s philosophy and the actions of his followers, but they had not taken any action against him.  They were defeated anyway.  Conversion (forced) saved their lives, even though they did not truly believe in Islam preferring their faith and ways prior. They held back until they felt the time was right to correct this imposed conversion and decided to attack Muhammad’s forces.  Were they justified?  How dare they, now labeled by the followers of the prophet as apostates, attack the ideology of Muhammad and be subject to further defeat. The sword of Muhammad was wielded and those who objected to their new faith, being disobedient, were to be annihilated.

Fight, Fight, Fight

“Each believer in Islam was expected to fight, or to sacrifice, or to be martyred in Jihad against the West,” so stated Demille[viii].  This was the thinking of his character, an Islamist terrorist. Further insight from Demille – “Most terrorists target America and Americans.  That’s our reward for being number one, for being pro-Israel, for the Gulf War, and for our worldwide anti-terrorist operations.”[ix]  Note again this was written prior to 911.  Today you can add to that Afghanistan, Iraq, drones, the killing of Bin Laden (and other Al Qaeda leaders), and more. Our retaliation only increases the desire for revenge.  There is no quid pro quo.

Only Hatred

Islam cannot leave alone those who are not Muslim.  We must know that as a people, as a nation.  It is an invasive force using Allah as the one who justifies actions of revenge.  They do not call it hatred, but their need, a requirement, to avenge any who persecute, defame, or in any way object to Islam.  Allah is not the God of Free People!

Badr’s thinking is considered by many ‘mainstream’.  Hatred towards non-Muslims is inherent in the teaching of Islam, and the Scripture of Islam.  The emotion is to be contained; otherwise making it obvious would be hypocritical.  It is present nevertheless.

Beware the conditioned, educated, mindset of the Islamic believer, more so the fundamentalist than the moderate.

Grace and Peace.

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