Chaos in the Middle East (I of II)

UI – Part 223a – Chaos in the Middle East  (I of II)


Show me a stable Islamist run Country and I will blog anew that we have found the Holy Grail of Islam.  It does not seem to exist.  The most prominent example of an opportunity for Islamists to demonstrate their ability to govern is Egypt.  It has been two years since the Arab Spring, a regime toppled and the ‘new’ worse than the old, even more Islamic.  Hosni Mubarak was a dictator.  Mohamed Morsi was elected and then began attempts at dictatorial control.  The Muslim Brotherhood seems to have had the executioner’s black hood over their heads, but it only blinded them to the reality of their active destruction of society.  Is that what Allah Wills?

Look at others in the North African region such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya and pray that their reforms will enable the anti-Islamists to establish freer societies where equality and human rights are respected, the common good is considered and other religions are allowed to exist, even grow, proselytize (to the extent at least of speaking out for what they believe), without fear of retribution.  In Libya, however, the Islamists have invaded as evidenced by the arrest of Christian missionaries in Benghazi.[i] They were proselytizing; or simply practicing their religion, which remains a crime on the books.

Beware the jihadist militias.  Beware Syria as a platform for a myriad of Jihadist-types to develop, train and exploit their form of hatred and Islamism.

Restrict Funding

The USA and the IMF must withhold any funds, loans, until these countries and their leaders can demonstrate civility and control over their populace without prejudice, especially Islamic prejudice.

Egypt is ‘hemorrhaging.’  See article Egypt Against Itself (in Feb 18, Weekly Standard)[ii]. With the miliatry now in charge it may be possible, we pray, for the economy of Egypt to rebound.

Nukes and Iran

Take at look at Iran.  The success of that country under the Khomeini and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (MA) was a joke.  Can we expect change with the new President – Hassan Rouhani? What is intriguing is that Rouhani is also a Muslim Cleric – a religious scholar as is Khomeini.  But Khomeini remains and his influence will continue. Under MA there was no success and Iran could never succeed except at oppression, repression and as champions for the ‘All for Allah dubious distinction award’.   Will it be different with Rouhani?  I doubt it.  The obvious concern for that country having nukes is their penchant toward ‘End Times’ scenarios.  Is Islam the ideology of Eschatology?

As much as Muslims of the fundamentalist thinking want to destroy anything in disagreement with their interpretation of the Quran, Muhammad and history of Islam, to not only include Jews, Copts, Christians, and other Muslims with variances in their thinking, they would not hesitate to drop the bomb to only discover those virgins are not really there.  It is the devil’s doing that they are convinced their Paradise is an Eternal Kingdom, not Eternal Damnation.  They have confused, in my mind, Heaven and Hell.  And Islam is ever-changing, being reinvented, as will be discussed in future Blogs.  This is man’s doing, even man wearing the collar, shroud or trappings of a religious scholar.

Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood, its support organizations, Islamists that protest too much calling just about anything persecution and even the slightest question about their ideology expressions of Islamophobia, are all driven by Satan.  Terrorists the likes of Al Qaeda are nothing more than thugs for Satan.  ‘Allahu Akbar’ is a verbal cry of hatred using their god as a shield.  The media does not get it, nor do many political representatives of free countries, to include Obama and his choice for the CIA head, Brennan.

The Brotherhood awaits the destruction of Syria, seemingly almost complete, to bring forward Islamist ways and the potential for the resurgence of ideal Islamic Cities in this mostly sectarian country.  Endorsing violence is a penchant for the Muslim Brotherhood, which they are doing so for Syria.  It is their new outpost having failed in Egypt.  Jordan has resisted the overtures of the Islamists, but Syria after the civil war concludes, with a few dollars, may be easy picking. The Saudis stand-by as observers desiring nothing more than for Sunni influence to take-hold, their dominance as a financial and political power in the Middle-East to remain.

Syrian Christians beware; many already leaving.  Where Islamic fundamentalists reign churches are banned, even gatherings of Christians such as happened in Saudi Arabia to a gathering of 53 Ethiopian Christians by the mutawa (the Saudi police).  Churches and Christians may be under attack.[iii]  [iv]

Those that have evolved to take control after the revolutions seek to punish those that sought freedom, taking advantage of a perceived opportunity at Islamization anew.  Peaceful co-existence is not possible in their view.  Thus a growing industrial entity under their leadership is also not possible. A theocratic run country cannot succeed as a welcoming place for commerce and growth.  It takes a melting pot where the common good is wholly considered, where religions can exist side-by-side, their voices heard and shared, and their attempts to oversee their flock fully considering All of the people, not just the All for Allah.

It is odd that Saudi Arabia helped the military in Egypt overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood there, but the reason has more to do with influence in the Middle East than ideology. More on that in a future Blog.  However the Muslim Brotherhood, those who could escape, are finding a new haven in Syria.  They continue to seek a country in which they can impose their idea of an Islamic State.


The fundamentalists and all associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, to include the likes of CAIR, and other Islam defense organized groups, seek to restore the Caliphate.  But history only shows that the Caliphs that arrived on the scene after the death of Muhammad were more Imperialists than religious leaders.  They will return those under their thumb to the 7th Century, keeping their territories as Third World while they exist in the modern world, if they are successful.

Ahmadinejad (now Rouhani, of Iran) needs more than a rap on the head by a Sunni (as took place when he visited Egypt).  Islamists represent in the Middle-East the theater of the bizarre, where the leaders are characters in a play, their oppressed people, to include women and the impoverished, are only shadows they wish are cast behind them as they face the sun and walk tall, yet blinded by the light of their own deception.

……To Be Continued…..Next Week…… Part II of II.

Grace and Peace

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