Chaos in the Middle-East (II of II)

UI – Part 223b – Chaos in the Middle-East (II of II)

Hatred – Paradise Lost

Hatred of Israel unites the minds of Muslim people that are weak and lost in their own cultural bias that excludes any potential for peace, even love.  The emptiness itself is unfortunate for those who were born in this Islamist culture and subsequently brainwashed by the fundamentalist thinking leadership and ulema.  Their intellect is being suppressed.  If their minds are opened, like flowers that bud and bloom, they will see the  beauty in a loving world, filled with the colors of all religions, ideas, and history.  Security for free thinking, human rights and the common good, will make the garden that is earth flourish.  But that is what the Brotherhood fears and as a result they pull the good flowers in preference for the weeds.  They themselves are lost in the weeds. They cannot properly see Paradise.

Influenced by the Salafists, financed by the Saudi’s, the Wahabbists, hatred towards Christian and Jew, or anything not Muslim, is fomented.  Like hungry dogs they are offered the meat of the infidel and with training and vicious feeding habits tear apart any potential for peace.  The nations that support such hatred believe they are not responsible and are not part of the world as a whole. From a news article[i] written of 2/21/2013, “Last March (2012), Abulaziz ibn Abdullah Al al-Sheikh, the grand mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, declared it is “necessary to destroy all the churches in the Arabian Peninsula.’”  There is no tolerance by the Islamist fundamentalists of anything but their own insular biased and miss-guided inhumane oppressive theology.  Insulation from the modern world, the advanced world, the real world, is their platform for containment of the ideology they refer to as the religion of Islam.  It can only exist where no other religions, or even thoughtful consideration of opposing thinking, is possible.

Build a New Garden

May the buds of the revolution of the Arab Spring find a new sun to feed them and allow their growth to continue to spread.  May the pleasing fragrancy of the freedom they seek fill the nostrils of their fellow travelers, overcoming the stench created by so many middle-eastern governing bodies, and enabling them to achieve the next season as they properly perceive it should be.

It may require the young, the under 30 set, with their iPhones, and iPads, their Google devices, social media, hidden cameras, and a willingness to suffer, a peaceful jihad, the internal struggle, for objectivity and personal freedoms.  If human rights cannot be ubiquitous then Arab Spring will fail.  It cannot die.  It must always lay ready to rise up again against the fundamentalist oppressors.  The world will never be at peace with only Islam.  It must be a garden for the flowers of all to exist side-by-side. If anything is to be extirpated it whould be Islam.

Any religion that shuns religious tolerance is not religion, it is ideology.  Just think communism; how is Islamism any different, except for having Allah as their god and a perception that this enables justification.  The Devil may be in the details.

Christian Belief – Freedom to Believe

As a Christian I believe thru Christ we are Saved.  If you do not believe as I do, so be it.  I am willing to listen and learn.  I will not kill you for a faith that is different from mine.  I have an individual right to accept what I have learned and grown to embrace as the truth.  I am willing to share and defend my faith; you are free (or should be) to listen and make your own choice.  God will be the final judge.  It cannot be my neighbor, a Muslim, an atheist, or a Jew, only God that makes the provision for a life eternal.  My bet is with Jesus Christ and God.  Yours may be for Allah.  Why kill me or nudge me away for my convictions.  We can all exist in the same casino making our own wagers based upon your own research and development.  Why is that not possible for a Muslim? Because the Quran says so?

Love in the air is good news.  Hatred shared is bad news.

There is chaos in the Middle-East.  Stability is necessary.  The current regimes in power show a predilection for continuing the chaos unless order is restored on their terms.  They are horrible gardeners.  Their plots are more of destruction that of a beautiful blend of cultures.  What is produced in their gardens and vinyards is rotten to the core at inception.   Their penchant for an ideology that is not just inhumane, but possibly insane, would cause the death to thousands and thousands, with dissidents removed or killed among those who gather and protest. Such occurred after the election of President Ahmadinejad of Iran (2009); the voting was thought to be rigged.  Their ‘order’ is All for Allah, which can only continue the deception, oppression, suppression and lack of opportunity to evolve as part of a productive contributor to the world order.

May the light that came into this world to save mankind 2000 years ago find the hearts, minds and souls of those now constrained in their freedom to think, to speak, and to believe as they would like.  The Muslim Middle East needs to pull aside the curtain of darkness that falls over their lands and discover the light that will enable their garden to grow.  

Grace and Peace

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