Islamic Fundamentalism’s Birth – America’s Ignorance – A Summary

UI – Part 221c – Islamic Fundamentalism’s Birth – America’s Ignorance – A Summary

(This is the final of a 3 part series)

A Summary

Until the beginning of the 20th century, thereabouts, Islam was rather benign. Saudi Arabia was non-existent.  The Saud family were dominant in the Arabian Peninsula, a royal family.  A movement by a religious leader, Abdul Wahhab, was embraced by the Saudis.  The United Kingdom had established trading posts in most of the Middle East, along with a military presence, and dealt with tribal leaders more than theocratic autocracies.  Governments were more secular and more freedoms, than we see today in Muslim dominated areas, were accorded all people.  There were no hijabs or burkas. There were extreme elements in religious circles, but they held little sway with their Country’s leadership who engaged more in world trade, personal wealth generation, and their place in the emerging world order – the mix of opportunity created by the British.  The Saudis were quietly conquering, and the rest of the world was unaware.

Then came oil.  What has oozed from the ground of the Middle East is more than oil, it is wealth and a competition for expansion and control engaging a fanatical ideology that found support from the conversion of oil to money. Petrocurrency is the seed of Islamic Fundamentalism.  The money far exceeded the needs of the royalty that associated itself with this new-found resource. The royalty in the Middle East gained its wealth and prominence not from being an industrious and productive society, as did the United Kingdom and America, but a beneficiary of oil deposits put there by Allah. The Middle Eastern beneficiaries were made rich with the help of the Western powers. But their god made it all possible.  The Saudi’s saw an opportunity to convert oil to money and money used then to convert infidels to Islam and make the world a mission field for the most fundamental Islamists.  How they employ their excess capital is Allah’s Will, as they see it anyway.

A Caliphate Reborn

Support for Islamic Fundamentalism to the Saudi’s and the Muslim Brotherhood, and its associations, is Allah inspired – so they claim.  It is financed mostly by Saudi Arabia and follows a course not to dissimilar to that employed by the Saud family in establishing its Theocratic Monarchy.   It is not, however, the ideology of the Prophet Muhammad, but that of Abdul Wahhab, based upon his interpretation of the Quran and the evolution of Islam in and around the Peninsula. Now the focus is more universal – the whole wide world.  Is Saudi Arabia planning one day to become the home base of the rebirth of the Caliphate.  That certainly fits with the primary objective of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even with the Saudi’s recent support for the military in Egypt, against the Morsi lead contingent of the Muslim Brotherhood, we must remain suspicious, cautious, of their actions as they want a world as they see it, as they have prepared for it within the borders of their Nation – Saudi Arabia.  It is far too early to speculate that the Saudi overlords are becoming more tolerant – I will believe that when they start building churches on the Arabian Peninsula, allowing Christian missionaries to speak with their people, and showing no opposition to attendance without constraint in churches by any who wish to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Note too that the Muslim Brotherhood is much more Sunni than Shia, more Saudi than Iranian.  But when the MB shows potential strength enough to begin to dominate a region, such does not and would not comport with the objectives and preferred status of the family/monarchy controlling Saudi Arabia.

America’s Catastrophic Error

What follows is taken directly from Robert Dreyfuss’s informative book (recommended reading) for anyone interested in Islamic Fundamentalism, America’s role over the course of many Presidencies, and the role of Saudi Arabia. Devil’s Game[i] needs to be on the library shelf of every Islamophobe and history buff with an interest in the Middle East.  I feel everyone needs to Understand Islam, the good, and the bad, with an emphasis, from my perspective, on its religious foundations and its comparison to other faiths.

“There is no question that the U.S. support for the mujahideen, most of which went to hard-core Islamists, was a catastrophic miscalculation.  It devastated Afghanistan itself, led to the collapse of its government, and gave rise to a landscape dominated by warlords, both Islamists and otherwise.  It created a worldwide network of highly trained Islamist fighters from a score of countries, linked together and roughly affiliated to Osama bin Laden’s soon-to-be established Al Qaeda organization.  It left behind a shattered nation that played host to Al Qaeda and other assorted terrorist formations.  And it set up conditions under which Pakistan’s ISI could encourage the growth of the Taliban movement in the 1990’s.”

This policy of America’s in the 80’s led to a rebirth of Fundamental Islamism, according to Dreyfuss, but I feel the roots started well before that and have only continued to expand whenever the opportunity presented itself. The roots of Islamic fundamentalism are founded in Hades.  Our role in Afghanistan was quite an opportunity for the Islamists, along with the money from Saudi Arabia, and we are beginning to realize political Islamism is nothing anyone can ignore.  This is true not just for America.  We can only pray it is not too late.  It has Global implications.

Syria must be regarded as a warning, a warning not to repeat mistakes made in the past.  Obama appears hell-bent on involving America directly into the chaos of the Middle East.  The hatred that is in the hearts of the extremists will only be enhanced, stimulated, and as rabid dogs their foaming mouths will drip with the bile of their deceit as they seek to discover a means for a follow-up to 911.  The rebels that started the resistance movement in Syria may all be dead, or have become war-weary and given up.  They were replaced by the fundamentalist, the Islamists, who see now a opporuntity, with potentially American support (ala Afghanistan) to take hold of Syria for their cause.  We will/could become al Qaeda’s air force in Syria.

America Hear the Alarms

America needs to hear the alarms that have been going off for over a hundred years.  The imperialism of an ideology cloaked as a religion has not stopped advancing throughout the world. The impact of sudden unexpected terrorist actions, the deaths caused to people not involved, going about their daily lives, the anticipation and concern towards future destructive barbaric plans are stirring the hearts and minds of many who are now awake, and need to shake the boots of many more, so that the world is prepared and will respond to this global growing threat.  The cancer must be contained and eliminated.

America has been deaf and blind to the strategic positioning of Islam within its own boundaries allowing  hatred towards the infidel, and Americans, to be continuously expressed as the PC element mitigated the intent because of the god connection.  It still cannot accept 911 and other acts of aggression by Muslims as reflective of the ideology as a whole.  If it did America would act more defiantly towards those organizations presently in the USA that have Islamic Fundamentalist origins and stated programs. If America understood the political aspects of Islamic Fundamentalism, America would see and deal with Saudi Arabia differently.  There would be a concern for Mosques being built, Islamic Centers also, in the USA funded by the Saudi’s.  Islamic activities would be watched, Muslims profiled even more, and the sequester would be that of anything that even seems at its edges as Islamic fundamentalist in nature.

The Moderate Muslims know, as history has demonstrated, they too are subject to the sword of wrath of the Islamic Fundamentalists.  They will be collected along with the Infidels, as an infidel, and slaughtered in the name of a Fundamental Islam for Allah and the World.  The Saudi’s will remain in the background while their money will continue funding the exploits of Islamism. They will put on a tolerant face, outside their borders, protect their liquid-gold source of financial might, and patiently await their time.

From a Christian perspective this is the act of God, steps underway for the Final Days and Judgment Day.

The Guide Book

However you view it, it is not good, but it can be dealt with by challenging the foundations of Islam and making known that the Bible is the only inspired word of God, infallible as to the proper guidance it provides for humanity.  That is why the Bible was used in establishing America in the first place!!!  That is why there are many who survive as Muslims-in-name-only while believing in the saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace

[i] Devil’s Game, by Robert Dreyfuss, 2005, Henry Hold and Company, New York, pg 288

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