Islamic Fundamentalism’s Birth – America’s Ignorance

UI – Part 221b – Islamic Fundamentalism’s Birth – America’s Ignorance

(This is the 2nd of a 3 part series on the Birth/History of Islamic Fundamentalism)

Oblivious America

America has not been oblivious to the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise anew of the Brotherhood and its militant habits, financial support and growth, nor that of Al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic groups [such as al Shabab (The Youth)].  But it has discounted its importance.  In Robert Dreyfuss well researched book (Devil’s Game[i]) on the history of Islamic Fundamentalism and America’s role, he notes, “Policy makers continued to believe that Islamism was too diverse to be looked at globally, and insisted it could be dealt with on a country-by-country basis.

Ignorance of the facts, as has been the excuse all too often by President Obama, has been true of America. It has been, and remains for the most part ignorant of the growth, success and potential the Muslim Brotherhood, and similar fundamentalist organizations, has for invading all corners of the globe.  America has also ignored the role Saudi Arabia has played in history and on-going which has impacted the growth of Islamic Fundamentalism and Centers for Islam worldwide.  Aspects of the Muslim Brotherhood have spread over the years, since the start of the 1900’s, from Egypt, throughout the Middle East and can now be found in Russia, the United Kingdom, Europe and America.  It should be a worry and an action plan inducement to prevent, even stop, this archaic and violent extremist hate filled organization from continuing. In addition to affiliated, associated or other groups that mimic their ideology and ritualistic terrorist habits.

Hatred towards Freedom, individual and otherwise, should be the gravest concern to any independent minded person.  This is a Global War against an enemy without boundaries.

The Muslim Brotherhood is as rival gangs on the streets of Chicago.  If allowed to continue they will destroy freedom and make life for all neighbors less than secure. We will all be anxiously awaiting the next gun shot or bomb blast.  They have no defined front-line to attack, just create havoc, ignore standards of war and attack where the most recognition can be garnered, the killing of non-Muslims preferred, and innocents as collateral damage allowed.

Even Egypt’s military recognizes the character of the Muslim Brotherhood and the evil it spreads in its call for the imposition of Sharia Law and an Islamic State, its anti-secularism, nationalism and freedom.  That is why the military deposed Morsi and his band of brothers.  They were about to destroy Egypt as a prominent nation, as a historically important locale, and as a strong economy, all in the name of Allah and the potential for their ability to control the country for themselves.

It is amazing as what follows the success, as it were, of extremists, Islamists, are characters that appear to be clones of Sadaam Hussein.  Where he differed was as a secularist.  He tried to keep the peace, his way, but used violent means as needed to quash any element of dissent as to his place. That is the way of the Muslim ruler.  Examples include Assad, the Saud family, Erdogan (attempting to revert Turkey to a Muslim fundamentalist nation – heads covered and all), leaders of Iraq and Iran and elsewhere.  The goal – an Islamic State – all Islam, all for Allah, no exceptions – no Hindus, Christians, Jews, atheists or elements of resistance – a religious enclave with strict adherence to Sharia Law (as modified or altered by the new leadership).

The members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are escaping to other parts of the Middle-East where they can join forces or form their own militant contingent to continue to fight against anything that would open the way for them to establish an Islamic City and potentially an Islamic State.  Sharia Law and autocratic policies under Allah, and the Brothers in charge, would then operate the repressive programs of the Islamist.  Beware of those carrying guns and a Quran.

Saudi Arabia’s Influence

We cannot ignore the influence of Saudi Arabia, its oil money, its religious fervor and the Wahhabist Islamic principles, to include Sharia Law in the extreme, which are practiced in Saudi Arabia and fostered by the Muslim Brotherhood, due to the Saudi’s funding.  There appears to be a hidden agenda by the Saudi’s, not to dissimilar from that of Al Saud beginning in the eighteenth century, embracing Islamic Fundamentalism and terroristic tactics, using deceptive methods and employing whatever is needed, paraphrasing what was noted earlier (Previous Blog), ‘slaughtering anyone who disagreed with them and demolishing their cities, their places of worship, and the symbols of their faith.’

The Saudi’s have offered to reimburse the United States for their military expenditures if it engages Syria and its leadership, Shia not Sunni, justifying any actions by the horrendous use of chemical weapons by a source within Syria, assuming it was Assad.  Could this be the means by which America is used to counter the Sunni mindset that Shiites are not true Muslims.  We are being used to fight their religious battle?

It Was The Oil

America only saw oil in the Middle East in the early 1900’s.  It did not see hateful religious endeavors that would reap havoc and kill thousands and thousands worldwide, to include the more moderate, the more tolerant Muslims.  It did not see how an extreme religious ideology could impact millions of lives and the ability for individuals to live in freedom.  America was deluded, in disbelief or too good-hearted, to think such practices could lead to a future enemy within.  America politicked for control, along with the UK, in the early years (1900 – 1930) when discoveries of oil were being made and fields developed in the areas of today Iran and Saudi Arabia.  In the beginning there was a concern over the need for oil to aid in the protection of Europe during WWI and WWII. Then there was a concern over communism and world domination making the intelligence effort one of creating alliances to prevent communism-creep, allowing instead the emergence and creeping and creepy, Islamic Fundamentalism.

The Administrations of the USA past and present may be blind to the facts before their very eyes.

More next week…. (the 3rd and last part of this 3 part series on the Birth of Islamic Fundamentalism)

Grace and Peace

[i] Devil’s Game, by Robert Dreyfuss, 2005, Henry Hold and Company, New York, pg 272

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