Headlines (re: Islamists) over the course of a few weeks in October.

UI – Part 201a – Headlines (re: Islamists) over the course of a few weeks in October.

From Headlines alone you get a sense of what is taking place at the direction of Islamists throughout the World.  Is this the world God intended?  This is just one month.  It is repeated monthly.  Visit JihadWatch.com.  Click on any headline to read content.


Oct 29 – Sharia in action in Tunisia: Islamic supremacists cut off four fingers of alcohol salesman

Oct 29 – Egypt: Muslim mob bars Christians from entering church

Oct 29 – Muslim Cleric Condemns Christianity for Teaching Gender Equality

Oct 29 – Turkey: Police fire tear gas, water cannon to disperse secularists protesting against increasingly Islamic supremacist government

Oct 27 – Pakistan: School textbooks teach hatred of non-Muslims

Oct 27 – American publishers shocked! shocked! to find hatred of Jews and Christians taught in Saudi textbooks

Oct 27 – Egypt: Muslim clerics call for Sharia, question Islamic faith of those who oppose it

Oct 26 – Bahrain: Bomb factory discovered in mosque

Oct 26 – Pakistan: Higher Court orders kidnapped Christian woman to stay with her Muslim kidnapper husband

Oct 26 – UK: Jihadists talked of fitting blades on front of truck and using it for mass murder

Oct 22 – Syria: Misunderstanders of Islam murder 10 with car bomb in Christian quarter

Oct 22 – Afghanistan: Man killed wife for wanting job

Oct 22 – Pakistan: Christian teenager held for blasphemy after Muslim mob ransacks, destroys his home

Oct 22 – Nigeria: Muslims attack churches, murdering at least 31

Oct 22 – Sharia in action in Australia: Muslims give new convert to Islam 40 lashes for drinking alcohol

Oct 22 – Egyptians: We want nuclear bombs and to break the treaty with Israel

Oct 22 – Afghan defender of women’s rights, hailed by Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, has actually jailed over 100 women for adultery

Oct 22 – Muslim writer blames Jews for the violence in Islamic theology

Oct 21 – Jordan: Jihad mass murder plot on Intelligence department, shopping malls foiled

Oct 21 – Salafists destroy ancient pre-Islamic Morocco carvings

Oct 21 – Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi joins preacher in prayer for destruction of the Jews

Oct 21 – Al-Sadr: “The Jews are the most hostile to those who believe the text of the Qur’an”

Oct 21 – Egypt: New leader of Muslim Brotherhood’s political party says goal is to impose Sharia

Oct 21 – Libya’s Grand Mufti: Remove references to democracy and religious freedom from school textbooks

Oct 21 – “Attacks Tied to Islamist Sect Kill at Least 30 in Nigeria”

Oct 19 – Tunisia: Islamic supremacist’s murder secular politician

Oct 19 – Qatar designs law banning criticism of Islam, plans to present it at UN

Oct 19 – Afghanistan: Misunderstanders of Islam murder 19 at wedding, mostly women and children

Oct 18 – “Minnesota man” found guilty of recruiting Muslims to join jihad terror group

Oct 18 – Virginia: Muslim teacher cuts girl’s hand in forced “Islamic hand sign” drill; known for “‘indoctrinating’ students with Islamic teachings”

Oct 18 – Modern, moderate, secular Turkey: Pianist goes on trial for offending Muslims and insulting Islam

Oct 18 – Sharia in action in Indonesia: Islamic supremacists force closure of nine churches and six Buddhist temples

Oct 18 – Mali: Islamic supremacists “getting more and more barbaric” as they impose Sharia

Oct 18 – Taliban threaten media over coverage of their attempted murder of 14-year-old girl Malala Yousafzai

Oct 14 – Iran arrests at least 100 Christians, including ex-Muslims

Oct 14 – Egypt: Islamic supremacist group says they’ll fight for Sharia “even if that requires bloodshed”

Oct 14 – Sharia in action in Mali: Islamic supremacists taking names of unmarried mothers, eyeing future stonings.

Oct 13 – Pakistan: Muslim mob vandalizes church

Oct 13 – Tanzania: Muslim mob riots, attacks churches, seeks to behead 14-year-old over defiled Qur’an

Oct 13 – Christians flee Bosnia amid discrimination, Islamization

Oct 13 – Bangladesh police detain man whose photo of burned Qur’an drove Muslims to torch 12 Buddhist temples and pagodas

Oct 13 – Egypt: 110 injured as secularists and Islamic supremacists clash in Cairo

Oct 13 – Tunisia: Violent confrontations between Islamic supremacist and Leftist students

Oct 8 – Hamas, other jihadists fire 55 rockets and mortars into Israel

Oct 8 – Sharia in action in France: Muslims threaten vendors selling wine, pork and light clothing

Oct 8 – Hamas top dog Khaled Mashaal: “Nothing will restore the homeland but jihad, the rifle, and self-sacrifice”

Oct 8 – Egypt: Muslim prosecutor and sons break into church, partially demolish it

Oct 7 – Raymond Ibrahim: Egyptian Clinic Treats People with Camel Urine Per Prophet’s Advice

Oct 7 – Afghanistan: Taliban murder two schoolchildren after their father refused to quit his job as a policeman

Oct 7 – Egypt: Muslims open fire on Christian’s home hours after Morsi promises to protect Christians

Oct 2 – Criticizing Islam taboo in academia, says ex-Yale expert

Oct 2 – Nigeria: Muslims murder 26 students in jihad attack on hostel

Oct 2 – Sharia in action in Mali: Islamic supremacists announce they’ll cut off ears of any woman not wearing black veil


From the few noted here you get a sense of several programs of Islam.

  • Christian Churches are subject to attack and elimination
  • Jews, Israel, are to be extirpated
  • The problems with Islam are attributed to the Jews.
  • Male dominance over women is mandated, practiced and not viewed as a human rights concern.  Women’s rights are not an objective of Islam.  Women are not equal to men, are subject to a lesser status, will remain oppressed, and will continue to be relegated to being covered in a veil, a Burka, or some form of demeaning dress to make clear they are not of the same standard as the male.
  • Jihad is more than a personal struggle, but one that also can be applied towards those not in accord with Islam, to include critics, doubters, and those who disagree openly.  It also encourages self-sacrifice by means of suicide committed as an act of terror in the name of Allah.  (Certainly not in the name of God).
  • Sharia is a goal which will continue to suppress women, embolden honor killing, make men superior to woman as well as potentially barbaric, and restrict freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of thought.  Attempts are made to spread Sharia throughout the world.  View it as the success of the imperialism of Islam when and wherever it is supported or allowed.
  • It is the Islamic Way or no way except hell by decree of the man with the sword shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’!
  • The history before Islam, to include ancient relics and carvings, can be destroyed wantonly as an act to erase the truth.

Defend Against Creeping Sharia and Islam

May the American Government, the Governments of free democratic countries, the UK especially (which could become the first Muslim Country in that region), France and other European countries, as well as people seeking freedom, to include moderate Muslims, find a way to resist the sword of Islam.  God can be a defense, but resistance may have to come from the secular governments that Understand Islam and the (ulema) scholar’s approach to domination hiding behind the veil of Allah, a god that is not the God of the Bible.  Their goal is religious imperialism for Islam. Even the more objective, as the Ahmadi’s and in the past the Mut’azilites, are a target for the extremists that seek only a male bastion of control over the world, without a demonstrated ability to lead or direct a productive society.  A voice in deference to the fundamentalists, the extremists, the Sharia oriented political factions, and the ulema that teach and students that are schooled in strict standards of acceptance of the Quran and Allah as the truth, without questions or doubts, is to fear retribution and elimination.  History has proven the path the Islamists have taken will continue.  Where those considered weak exist, their opposition to Islam decreed,  they will always be victims, infidels, subject to a passion for blood and retribution in the name of Allah.  Where are the Islamists headed?  It may be Hell itself.

Grace and Peace,

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