Global Jihad and Jannah

UI – Part 203 – Global Jihad and Jannah


Last week we began a discussion of Sura 9 – Immunity – where the word ‘fight’ is often used encouraging Muslims to do battle against the Infidel to achieve a world All for Allah.  The Boston Marathon Bombers were brainwashed, as also their mother, in my opinion, with hatred towards America.  Where did this come from?  The concept of a Muslim being superior to any other that is not of the same belief is born out of the Quran.  Coupling that with Global Jihad we read and hear reference to Pure Jihad and Islamic Supremacism as the objective of Islam.  It is not relegated in scope to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan.  It is global, the whole world, and where there are free people, the West especially, they are open game, subject to attack and punishment for not bowing to the supreme Muslim and their almighty god, Allah, and Messenger, Muhammad.  Death to the Tsarnaevs in their bizarre and crazed effort to do their part in the Global Jihad to them meant Jannah or Paradise.  That may be why the younger of the brothers attempted suicide, unsuccessfully. He is not in Jannah but in a cell, isolated and contained to thinking the why of his bombing, killing, and injuring so many without mercy or consideration for their futures.  Well his future will not be bright.

From last week we learn that Sura 9 frees Allah and his followers from liability (Takiyya) to non-believers; as long as the cause of Islam is served.  That cause can be served by every action taken by a Muslim, thus lies may be commonplace.  Where is the Truth?  The Bible, God therein, does not lie.  Is there an inconsistency between Allah and God? 

Slay the idolaters wherever you find them is a call to duty (9:5).  What can be a better place to find the idolaters than in America or the UK or other European Countries where the dominant religion is not Islam.  Even Russia where secularism prevails (socialism too).  There the Caucasus Emirate, a virtual state entity, maintain a destructive focus on non-Muslim Russians.  See endnote.[i]  They appear more devoted to the destruction of non-Muslim Russia, not America, but are credited as a source for training the elder Tsarnaev brother as well as home base for the family.

9:28 – Fight those who believe not in Allah…until they pay the tax (jizya) in acknowledgement of superiority (of the Muslim) and they are in a state of subjection.

There it is, the Muslim is taught they are superior, they are better than the others, the ‘others’ being the idolaters, the non-believers, the Christians, the Jews, and anyone else not all for Allah.  No humility there!

Note this: As a follower of Radical Islam (if you choose to separate fundamentalists from the whole of Islamic followers) the Tsarnaev’s, including their Mom, believed in Islam’s doctrines of violence and Supremacism.  The Mom also believed 911 was perpetrated by the American Government to create hatred towards Muslims.  We know the radicals are doing that all by themselves.  What we do not fully appreciate is Why? 

The Extremist War

Encouraged to carry out vengeance for Allah (in 9:14) the extremists are emboldened to design crude weapons, such as the Tsarnaev Pressure Cooker Bombs, to meet their maker at the expense of the lives of others that are doing nothing to cause harm to the perpetrators. If there was not rage in the hearts (9:15) of the victims and their families prior to the Tsarnaev’s stupidity there is now. The extremist war is terrorism personified.  Is this how God wishes to make known the life eternal for believers?  No it is not.  Those committing such acts of violence are being lead by false teachers, and false prophets.  Their minds are being filled with lies, from the madrassa to the mosque to a mother and or father that does nothing to suppress the messages of hatred they spew forth.


9:23 – O you who believe, take not your fathers and your brothers for friends, if they love disbelief above faith.  And whoever takes them for friends, such are the wrongdoers. 

More ubiquitous than it reads, this paragraph suggests non-believers are to be avoided as friends.  If they are a neighbor, tolerate them, be a good neighbor, lie as needed to keep positive relations, but make no mistake, to accept them in friendship, as a biblical ‘love thy neighbor’, that is a no-no.

9:28 – O you who believe, the idolaters are surely unclean….

Indeed this reference to being unclean is to confirm upon the Muslim their moral standards to be imposed on all others, through conversion, so the world may be clean, not free mind you, but clean, according to the dictates of the Quran, the Caliphs who followed Muhammad’s death and wrote laws (Islamic Law on the go) and the ulema (scholars) who claim to possess divine knowledge of the wants of Allah as a result of their study, indoctrination and status.

9:30 – …the Jews…the Christians…imitate the saying of those who disbelieve before.  Allah’s curse be on them!….

This is the label all Muslims are given to place on the collar of the Jew or Christian.  They are imitators of the words of the Bible, the prophets before the Muslim prophet Muhammad. The Jews in his time never accepted Muhammad as a prophet; he was not like the biblical prophets they knew and studied.  He was not a patriarch of their faith, and not of the Christian faith. 

9:32 – Jews and Christians, it is implied, desire to put out the light of Allah with their mouths….

This verse is interesting as it states the concern that in the heart of a Jew and Christian is a desire to counter the claims of Allah with their own belief system.  Yes there are those who do not Understand Islam and simply react to the claims.  There are those who simply wish to pursue their faith without intrusion.  There are those who wish to share their faith, the evangelists, but the choice to listen is that of the one who hears the words said, the claims made.  There are those like me, who upon study and review of the Quran and the history of Islam, to include its messenger, with an objective mind, find a lack of tolerance, a limited view of the world constraining followers of Muhammad to only one world view.  But what if that is not the right view?  What if that view is shrouded by a black cloth closing the mind of Muslims to reality?  Who is putting out the lights?  My objective is to remove the scales on the eyes of Muslims placed there by their culture and their scholars so they can see, see the light, and determine with their God given intellect what is Truth.

Further reading of this Sura mentions the Hereafter, a life after death, but the Quran offers no guarantee.  There is no assurance given a Muslim that a belief in Allah and His Messenger will make possible a life after death in his eternal kingdom, the paradise, the Jannah.  If on the last day one commits a sin for which forgiveness is not sought will there be a place in Paradise.  Even if so, Allah reserves the right to forgive or not to forgive.  Does Allahu Akbar have to be said before the bomb takes life?  No one knows.  But through Christ, understanding God’s presence on earth, believing in the Risen Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit your place in His Kingdom is granted.

9:41 – Go forth, light and heavy, and strive hard (jihad) in Allah’s way…. This is better for you….

Herein cries out a call for Jihad.  Striving for Allah, a world All for Allah.

Much of the remainder of this Sura is the same.  Fight, the non-believers are evil bound for Hell.

9:123 – O you who believe, fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you and let them find firmness in you…. 

It was the disbelievers that persecute Muslims, from the Quraysh family at the onset of Muhammad’s revelations up to today.  Just by not believing disbelievers persecute Muslims.  The object is to stop persecutions, all inclusive, said or unsaid.  Conversion to Islam can put a stop to it.  Or killing the infidels.

With Emphasis

We disbelieve in you and there has arisen enmity and hatred between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone….

This could be the mantra of the fundamentalist with a specific focus on Jews and Christians, but the polytheists, pagans, atheists are not excluded.  It is from Sura 60:4.  This was revealed later in Muhammad’s revelations, when he lived in Medina, and would abrogate other less hateful claims made prior.  Does Islam appear to you to be a Religion of Peace?

Global Jihad

The call for jihad, as an internal struggle or as an overt act against non-believers in Islam seems to dominate the discussion about Islam today.  Terrorist acts, individually or as a group (such as Al Qaeda) are all driven from the same script.  Islamist teachers, scholars, leaders and other outspoken people proclaim the right and supremacy of Islam and Muslims using Takiyya to instill in the lemmings a hatred that can cause them to take their mother’s kitchen pressure cooker as the foundation for a bomb, or a military issued weapon, or a kidnapped commercial airline, or other destructive killing device into a crowd of innocent people (by most standards of innocence) and destroy lives.  This is not God’s doing.

Pray for Objectivity

I am praying for all innocent people, all the confused Muslims, all the victims of terrorist acts by demented miss-lead minds to discover their independence, to speak out against the global jihad being exposed for the wrongs it is committing. People need to speak out against evil.  We must not hide behind political correctness when lives are at stake.  Use the pen to make known your views so that conscious minds not impeded by the toxins of the Islamists can see what the true light really is.  Turn the light of the world on to the Truth, God’s truth. 

May we all be reborn in Christ to know God and his ways are never deceitful.

Grace and Peace.

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