Nationalized Terrorism

UI – Part 202 – Nationalized Terrorism

 “If a non-Muslim commits an act of terrorism, they are thought of as responsible only for themselves. But when a Muslim, the entire Muslim community is brought in.” – Qasim Rashid

 There is truth in this statement, yet the concern rests in the support often provided the terrorist perpetrator from sources of like persuasion and ideology.  It is as a nationalized force without borders united in harming free people’s, inflicting pain on pluralistic societies, suggesting a cause with god’s (Allah’s) blessing, and having access to training & education in the discipline of destruction.

 Marathon Bombing

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing we learn that the 26 year old (Tsarnaeva) may have received training in areas neighboring Chechnya from AQ radicals in methods employed to create havoc in targeted areas. The family fled Chechnya in the early 90’s for reasons not fully known at this writing.  Death to civilians is collateral damage by AQ standards but useful in making the exercise in hate known.  Beyond just a random act of violence by a tormented loner it becomes a component of a collection of successful efforts to disrupt societies that have not conformed to fundamentalist standards.  Those standards are defined only as the call of the Quran, Muhammad, and Allah.  This call however is subject to interpretation. Within the global umma (community) of Muslims there are vast differences.  Qasim (quoted above) is an Ahmadi, whose differences as a group caused them to leave Pakistan where they, even as a Muslim sect, are actively pursued and persecuted.

 Tainted by Association Plus

Unfortunately the modern day terrorist actions taint all who follow the Quran and the man-made laws and dictates of ideologues for Islam.  An in depth reading and understanding of the Quran makes it difficult to separate their enmity for those who do not claim Allah as their god.  History is lacking on the established elements of Islam.  Much written about Muhammad came over a hundred years after his death.  Beyond the boundaries of the Arab Peninsula, post Muhammad’s, the Caliphs in their zeal and imperialism took countries where believers (Non-Muslims) lived.  The military commanders (and Caliphs) imposed a requirement the conquered now accept Allah as god.  Laws were then established to keep those captured, converted, in their place, in their cages, for their personal safety (and to keep their heads on their shoulders).  Accustomed to scripture (the Bible, Old or New Testament or both) the need for a Scripture for the Saracens became of paramount importance. 

 From the website Bare Naked Islam[i] – Scholar and former Muslim Ibn Warraq says, “Islam itself is a fascist ideology. Islamic fundamentalism is a totalitarian construct derived by Muslim jurists from the fundamental and defining texts of Islam [Qur’an, ahadith, Sira].” Like Marxism and Nazism, Islam is a brutal, oppressive totalitarian ideology that is completely incompatible with democracy, individual liberty, and individualism.

 Sura 9 of the Quran

Sura 9 of the Quran entitled ‘The Immunity’[ii] This chapter declares immunity from ‘idolaters’[iii], defined as an unscrupulous and hostile tribes with no regard for the agreements they may have made with Muslims in exchange for protection or peace (as it were).  Immunity is given the Muslims because the non-Muslims made it impossible for them to keep their promises.  The result – fighting, destroying the infidels.  An example might be a Christian offered protection in exchange for a tax payment, but in addition required to contain their religion to their homes, existing places of worship with no new structures to be built and no proselytising – explaining why they believe in Christ in a fashion that Muslims might overhear or be influenced.  This Sura declares Islam as the only religion of pure monotheism in the whole world.   If you do not agree with the Muslim’s message of Truth, having your own message of Truth, then you are a rebel subject to severe chastisement – which can be death at the hands of a Muslim.  Their reward – a place in Allah’s Paradise.  

 9:3 – And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the  people on the day of the greater pilgrimage that Allah is free from liability to the idolaters, and so is His Messenger.  So if you repent, it will be better for you; and if you turn away, then know that you will not escape Allah.  And announce painful chastisement to those who disbelieve—

 This is the concept of Takiyya – where a Muslim lie is OK if it promotes the ideology.  Allah (god) is immune, but so too man (the Messenger Muhammad).  This appears as a personal dispensation for lying.   Then there is a threat – it will be better for you to accept the ideology or the call of jihad would be declared against you and your associates.  Declare your enmity, the punishment, the painful chastisement that can befall those who do not follow Islam.

 9:5 – …slay the idolaters, wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush….


 If idolaters abide by agreements for safety, as the Copts in Egypt, they will be assured protection.  Do you believe that is the case in that country, especially now with the Muslim Brotherhood in seats of power?

 9:14 – Fight them:  Allah will chastise them at your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and relieve the hearts of a believing people.  (The bold underlined is my doing)

 This is the ‘call’, and vengeance may be God’s biblically, but for the Muslim Allah gives humans (if you call Muslims like the Marathon bombers human) the right to fight, even bomb, kill, do whatever it takes to avenge those who disagree.

 9:15 – And remove the rage of their heart….

 Acts of terrorism in the name of Allah hardly remove the rage.  It makes it worse, to include what many say is the majority of Muslims, the moderates, or those that prefer peaceful co-existence even if it must be with pagans.

 There Will Be More

Obama’s watch has been breached.

I am going to end here, but the next Blog will continue with a review of Sura 9 and the many, many calls to fight the infidel until the world, the world, all of it, is All for Allah.   Is there an Army for Allah, as many AQ members, supporters, or wanna-bes proclaim.

 Making bombs in your mother’s kitchen, using her pressure cooker, is in the handbook for jihadists by AQ.  What they do in the name of Allah, killing and maiming innocents, is ‘to bring justice to the Islamic Nation.’  This call seems to be made loud and clear in Sura 9.

 The bombing in Boston will not be the last.  Our politicians, our leaders, must get a grip on the ideology of Islam and the superior nature of the Muslim it suggests. There is a call to do what it takes to grow Islam throughout the world, by whatever means possible. The guide book is the Quran.  Recently observers can only remark those methods, the calls, have be terroristic. 

 Grace and Peace.






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