UI – Part 186 – Treason

UI – Part 186 – Treason

Every Muslim Should be a Terrorist

A speaker of fundamentalist views on Islam, Dr. Zakir Naik[i], often quotes the Qur’an and reflects on Muslims acceptance of non-believers.  He has been criticized for living his life within the book and not looking at life itself – which may be an apt criticism.  Many fundamentalists may be caught up in the book of their religion, and at times that book is the oldest, containing the most basic and most restrictive elements of the religion, not considering or allowing for cultural evolution.  Fundamentalism is not only a facet of extremist Muslims; it applies also within the Mormon religion, many Christian factions, and others.

If changes in the world-culture are to be considered then modification of the Qur’an would be needed, but would a fundamentalist ever consider such?  No way!  That may be today’s problem as well as a forever problem.  Even Naik claims regularly in his speeches, “Every Muslim should be a terrorist.”  His contention is the term “terrorist” is more a person who would terrorize anti-social elements, not an innocent person.  But are non-believers in the Qur’an considered “innocents”?  I heard one of his presentations on YouTube and he referenced the Qur’an Sura 9.6, telling his audience that it states Muslims are to provide security, thus oriented towards peace, for the non-believer, but under the condition of the “enemy” (as he referred to the non-believer) wanting peace.  No peace, then no security.  But read this Sura, and it says, “And if anyone of the idolaters seek thy protection, protect them till he hears the word of Allah, then convey him to his place of safety.”

What Naik failed to relate to his listeners was the part that says, “Till (the non-believer) hears the word of Allah, (only) then convey him to his place of safety.”  By hearing the word I can only assume this means the non-believer accepting Allah as his God (conversion), by stating the Shahada – There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.  What happens if this does not transpire?  Are the non-believers then killed – as a minimum ‘terrorized’?

Death Penalty for Apostates

When asked a question as to apostates, those leaving the Islamic faith, whether always Muslim or having accepted the Islamic religion and then returning to their original or other faith, Nair equates such an act as “treason”, and justifies the death penalty. Capital Punishment is justified for treason, and leaving the Islamic faith is treason.  He compares such treason to a political traitor against his own country, sharing secrets with another.  He is most comfortable with “treason” and “death” as the act of leaving Islam and the punishment for doing so.  Are you?

Surrender, Submit

An approach to understanding Islam begins with the word “surrender”.  You can also apply the words, “submit”, “obedience”, “sincerity” and “peace.”  These are great words and meaningful words.  It is to surrender oneself to Allah and the writings from the recitals of the Messenger Muhammad (the source:  Allah via the angel Gabriel), and to submit to the teachings and proclamations made, to be obedient to Allah in every possible way, without deviation, thus doing so with sincerity. For the scholars and the political leaders in Muslim controlled areas ‘submission’ to their will is also required.   If everyone so surrenders, submits, obeys with sincerity, there will be peace. (So claimed, but of which I am not confident)

It is the “all” factor that creates a hurdle for mankind to overcome, yet for the Muslim leaders that hurdle is on everyone’s track and must be overcome, by fear if and as necessary and by the use of force as a reminder, especially for those committing treason.  It may be also by elimination of those who do not believe – death to the infidel. (Extirpation)

Double Standard

Muslims are very resistant to any form of mockery towards their religion, demanding tolerance, acceptance and protection.  That is not what they would offer any other religion, especially any other religion practicing in a Muslim controlled country.  Why this double standard – allow for Islam, but sorry that is not what we can do for Christianity, for Judaism.  No! They cannot openly practice their faith, discuss their beliefs with Muslims, or openly use the Bible in our presence?  Just what are Muslims afraid of?


Muslims claim to know the truth.  How then can it be that which they claim as false is to be feared?  Knowing the truth they must be able to discern the difference.  Or is that not the case?  Do the leaders know that their truth is flawed and fear being ‘outted’ for the controlling nature of the ideology they spread under the name of Islam and Sharia Law.  Muslims, open-minded and objective, should be able themselves to determine the truth. That is only if they are free.

Muslim Women

Muslim women should be welcomed, ushered, into the modern world and have the shackles of the past removed and be given access to other faiths, to understand the world as a whole, given credence and respect for their intellect, gifts, and their differences, and finally women should be given equality – to learn, to participate in society and to be loved.   And if Muslims find truth in another source they should be free to pursue this interest – not be subject to coercion, threats, even death for following another.

Allow the Muslim religion to stand on its own, as a choice, against all other religions.  Allow all other religions to stand equally.  There is no superiority in having faith in what you believe.


Focus for a second on the word ‘freedom.’  What becomes a critical factor is that without Freedom of Religion there can be no Freedom.  Freedom is anathema to Islam.  If a Muslim seeks freedom must it then be done outside of Islam?  What a dilemma?  Is there absolutely no freedom in Islam, no allowance for freedom?  That would be my conclusion.  Freedom suggests to the ulema temptation; thus it must be eliminated.  Can they succeed in eliminating all temptations?  Impossible and they know it, so why so truculent towards free people?


The Christian faith also asks for obedience from those who believe.  Those that accept Christ as their savior, Jesus having died on the cross as an act of forgiveness for man’s sins; they are to obey God.  Trust is the result of having a heart for God; knowing his sacrifice and accepting the consequences.  The Christian faith asks believers to also surrender and submit.  They are told to obey God’s commandments, be justified in your faith in Christ, and an eternal life with God is possible.  The Christian faith as most all religions, other than Islam, are spiritual, not physical.  The spiritual world is separate from the physical; the temporal world and spiritual world differ.  There is a desire for the good of the spiritual to be part of the physical.   Islam is physical and spiritual, temporal and spiritual, church and state as one.   Even the Mormon religion suggests surrender, submission, obedience, sincerity and then peace will be upon everyone.


What the Muslims and even the Mormons do not understand, the Christians do, is that God loves them, even Muslims and Mormons, all of mankind in fact, and asks them to have a relationship with God.  God calls and asks all humans to follow, “Come, and follow me.”  It is a request, a call.  Does Allah ask?  Did John Smith ask?  Both used fear, damnation, control, coercion compelling their believers to stay in line, often sequestering them and keeping them from news or reading anything but their book, a book written by one man, Muhammad or John Smith, not by followers who witnessed and lived with a humble man who was indeed divine.  Their books appear, to me, more a take on the Bible modified for the lifestyle that they as sinful men wish to live and fully justify, using charisma, charm, fellowship, and pleasures most satisfactory to men as the carrot to lead their many mules to the altar of their manufactured religion.


Apostate, Capital Punishment, Death to the Apostate, Love, Freedom, Islamic Law, Sharia,  If the Law of the land is Islamic Law then any act of dissent is treason.  Since Islamic (Sharia) Law incorporates the religious elements of Islam to include prayer, fasting, submission to Allah, and strict adherence to the Laws, any resistance towards the Will of Allah, determined by the likes of Nair and others, is treason.  The punishment – death.

May the light of freedom, the banner of truth, illuminate and fly over those who seek asylum in the arms of a loving God.

Grace and Peace.

[i] From Wikipedia: Zakir Abdul Karim Naik (born 18 October 1965) is an Indian public speaker on the subject of Islam and comparative religion. He is the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), a non-profit organization that owns the Peace TV channel based in Dubai, UAE. He is sometimes referred to as a televangelist.Before becoming a public speaker, he trained as a doctor. He has written two booklets on Islam and comparative religion. He is regarded as an exponent of the Salafi ideology.

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