UI – Part 185 – Multiple Idols of Islam

UI – Part 185 – Multiple Idols of Islam

Multiple Idols of Islam – Multiple Gods

Muslims can be confusing.  Their Quran argues against the Trinity, suggesting 3 gods are respected and not One, calling out ‘polytheism’ towards the 2 billion Christians.  A series of Blogs on this topic were recently posted (UI – Parts 167-170 – Trinity I-IV).  The discussion focused on One God, the Father, with attributes of the Son as making God’s reality known to humans and the Holy Spirit as God indwelling in believers.  Believers are those aware, grateful, thankful and fully accepting of the Saving Grace of the Lord, filled with the Spirit as a guarantee and reminder of God’s Forgiveness of their transgressions.  Sonship was confirmed upon the Virgin Mary’s male child as the New Covenant of God, as prophesied in the Old Testament.  All mankind was embraced by God and included in the opportunity to be Right with God and gain access to the Eternal Kingdom as a Believer in the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of man.  No further sacrifice was/is needed to receive God’s forgiveness, granted ubiquitously to those who acknowledge their sinful nature, repent when they sin and atone for their error.  With a heart for God the Believers, as defined, become His Children. There is just God.

Polytheism in Islam

Who is worshipped by Muslims? Who or what ARE worshipped by Muslims might be a fair question too.  If but One, it would be Allah.  If others, human or material, they would be Idols.  Do Muslims worship Idols in addition to Allah?  It appears so.  More than one god.  The Quran is worshiped.  Recall the deaths inflicted by Afghani Muslims when an already decimated Quran (by Muslims) was burned by American soldiers.  It was an idolized icon of  Islam.  The famous cartoon of Muhammad printed in a Danish newspaper resulted in arson and attempted murder of the cartoonist. Is the mortal Muhammad, a self-proclaimed Prophet, an idolized icon of Islam.   The answer can only be ‘yes.’  Muhammad is worshiped.  There are numerous other examples of Islamist responses to the two noted idols of the Ideology of Islam other than Allah. Are Muslims Polytheists?

One God

Christians worship God.  God is only One.  As the Father of Creation and mankind he has supernatural characteristics of an incomprehensible nature.  He has never been seen by man.  Through His Son, Jesus (Isa) he made himself known and knowable by humans.  He wants a relationship with us all. The Bible is as God too, as through study of the Word He is made more understood.  We gain knowledge, acceptance and wisdom through His inspired Word.  He Forgave us our sins as prophesied in the Old Testament by making a Sacrifice of his human nature, returning then to the Spiritual and descending into the hearts of those accepting, thankful, and grateful. His Spirit fills the soul of the Believer with love, peace, patience, joy, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self-control. We adhere to the commandments that surpass the need for Law by loving and obeying God, and loving too our neighbor.  We can live a life forever with Him; his hope is eternal.  He is but One that has delivered the many to be right with Him.

Something to consider.


This is the day after the celebration of the birth of Christ.  The world is reminded of this inconceivable incarnation that lived among us so we could know God better.  The miracle of his virgin birth, his perfect life, his sacrificial death as punishment for the sins of man past, present and future, and the incomprehensible resurrection are remembered.  We live in a time when this Prince of Peace has obviously not finished his work as peace still remains to be accomplished in this world.  The evil spirit of Satan remains in battle with Christ and provides temptations to much to resist for humans.  We all succumb, but we have been liberated recognizing we are sinners.  We who believe are made right with God through the Mercy and Grace of the Lord.  We change, our lives altered and our effort is to meet the standards God has made clear for peaceful coexistence for everyone.  We live to honor God.  We must be thankful for the New Covenant.  Coming to grips with the reality of Jesus Christ takes courage, but it is possible and the rewards are more than anyone can imagine.  We all suffer as believers in the Risen Lord, especially the persecution of those in denial, in doubt, or influenced by other forces, even other religions, but are comforted knowing He overcame spiritual, physical and eternal death for us all.  We have been assured of our place in heaven.  Thanks be to God.  Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

There is but one God.  Have no other idols.  Let the Bible be your guide.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.

Grace and Peace.

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