UI – Part 187 – Overt Muslim Sensitivity

UI – Part 187 – Overt Muslim Sensitivity

Oh So Sensitive

The Quran makes Muslims overtly sensitive to concerns, questions, commentary, doubt, and even objections to how, who and what they believe; many feel compelled to react violently.  The spector of aversion to their ideological foundation is a cry of persecution which can result in actions we now refer to as terrorism, warlike tactics, suicide missions, jihad, and other means to resist, or ‘fight’ in the name of Allah.  It can be disturbing to non-Muslim observers, certainly the victims, and even moderates.

A lack of tolerance towards humans not of the same persuasion is justified by a pronouncement by Muhammad recorded in the Quran of ‘Superiority’ above others. (Sura 9:29: “Fight those who believe not in Allah…until they pay the tax in acknowledgement of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”)  Humility is not exhibited, as a characteristic, towards dhimmi’s, for it would be a sign of weakness.  The Quran depicts Christ as weak, so claimed by the Prophet, when Christ allowed himself to be crucified. The statement Muslims make is, “if Christ was Divine why did he not save himself from being killed at the hands of the Roman soldiers  He had the power, but by not doing so he proved himself weak and not as God.”

What they miss is Christ’s humility, his service to mankind, the sacrifice ending the need for any further sacrifice. Christ’s sacrifice was the act of ultimate Grace. What father would sacrifice his child as did God for the sake of others, in our case, all mankind.  Is this not the example of love personified!  Forgiveness was provided.  What Muslims also miss is that Christ Lives.

Christ Lives

To say Christ Lives is profound, but true.  To love another, to be friends with another, to grow and develop with another, relationships are essential.  When we think of a relationship we mentally connect with another person.  We cannot have a relationship with a tree, with a car (well there are those that seem to), or a material object. Love of material items, like money, is as paganistic as idol worship.  We can only like, love or relate, especially when it comes to discourse, with another human, except for Jesus Christ.  As a living Being we can also have a relationship with Christ.

This idea will make Muslims sensitive.  They do not believe we can have a relationship with the Supernatural.  But they are wrong.  This is what God made possible.  He had his Son, incarnate, born of a virgin, as no man has ever been before or after, live among humans so they could come to know God.  He did die as humans do, so humans could relate, as punishment for the sins of man.  Jesus then descended to the depths to be with Satan as he demonstrated his ability to overcome sin and overcome death, as foretold, being made alive again.  He arose from his tomb, walked among men for 40 more days and then ascended into heaven.  He enjoyed a spiritual re-birth for mankind.  The living Spirit of God then came to dwell in the hearts and souls of those who believe.  This act of saving Grace made an eternal life with God possible. Thanks Be to God thru Christ we are able to be made phyically, spiritually and eternally alive with God.


Now consider reactions publicized by the Press throughout the World towards anything negative towards Allah, Muhammad and the Quran.  Fatwa’s to ‘kill’ the authors have been announced by leading scholars, men of faith, the ulema, respected and considered teachers and disciples of Allah, taking the right to punish out of the hands of the Supernatural Judge, and putting the sword in the hand of ANY Muslim, whether a true believer or a cultural offspring. A rational human would not view such a call to act as appropriate or humane.  Muhammad is interpreted as yielding to humans the power of Allah when it came to judging infidels.  Sura 33.60 suggests, If the agitators desist not – We shall urge thee (believers) against them – then they shall not be neighbors. Accursed, they will be seized and slain (33.61).  Even if you declared Muhammad in your view was not a Prophet, not in any way a Prophet of the stature of Biblical Prophets, you might be an ‘agitator’ and  subject to the will of man.  If that man be Muslim he would claim he is acting out the Will of Allah.

Thus the Overt Sensitivity of Muslims breaks down into insecurity and a apology for an ideology that can only be defended by force.  Logic, examination, history, evidence, architectural and historical studies, do not substantiate this religion of Islam.  It cannot stand on its own.  It must be defended BY FORCE, BY MEN.

A Challenge

Allow Islam to stand-up to the scrutiny of the Bible, the likes of the life of Jesus, of the history of the Prophets of the Old Testament and fulfillment of the prophesies in the New Testament and then see what comes of it.  If you have a conscience and an open mind, and are not living in fear or with restrictions on your freedoms, particularly those of Speech and Conscience, you may, permitted to do research and having access, just having access to a Bible even, find your worldview, your faith in Allah, altered.  As truth is heard, is allowed to be said, it only makes sense.  That is logos. Christ is Logos.

Grace and Peace

3 thoughts on “UI – Part 187 – Overt Muslim Sensitivity

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    1. Over two hundred postings on the topic: Understand-Islam. The perspective is from one who researched Islam as well as the Bible, finding in the Bible love and answers, a willingness to accept challenges. Islam is less objective and close-minded towards anyone who questions or doubts. I came to the realization of the miracle of the Ressurection, with that the Gospel, the Word of God, became truth and Christ our savior. I now challenge those in denial of the mercy and grace of God, the Muslims the largest collective threatened if they alter their focus on anything but Allah and the Messenger. Grace and Peace. Please share this blog with those you feel can learn from it.


  2. When Islam is questioned the source is labeled an Islamophobe. From the WSJ (A Nasty Neologism – The term Islamophobia treats political ideology as akin to race. By JONATHAN SCHANZER, The Wall Street Journal, 1/9/13), “In reality, Islamophobia is simply a pejorative neologism designed to warn people away from criticizing any aspect of Islam. Those who deploy it see no difference between Islamism—political Islam and its extremist offshoots—and the religion encompassing some 1.6 billion believers world-wide. Thanks to this feat of conflation, Islamophobia transforms religious doctrines and political ideologies into something akin to race; to be an “Islamophobe” is in some circles today tantamount to being a racist….[The term is] fomented by a “small cabal of xenophobes.”… who are “bent on scaring the public about Islam.”

    “According to anti-Islamophobia crusaders, though, even questioning the origins of the concept is itself a form of Islamophobia. Such dogmatism chills the crucial conversations that need to take place about Islamism here in the West. It also does a profound injustice to liberal Muslims around the world. After all, if Islam is dominated by its most violent and illiberal elements, and questioning these forces is deemed by intellectual elites to be a form of racism, then reform-minded Muslims really stand no chance.”


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