UI – Part 178 – What Fundamentalist Islamists Want?

UI – Part 178 – What Fundamentalist Islamists Want?

Peaceful Coexistence A Cause for Treason

Some reflections from France.

What the fundamentalists want, and as an Iranian I can testify to, is to polarize and radicalize the conflict between Islam and the West as much as possible. They want to push the West over the Rubicon of waging a wholesale war against all Muslims. Achieving this task they can turn around and tell their fellow Muslims that the argument of moderate, tolerant Muslims is ineffective and irrelevant. They want to make all Muslims believe that anyone who argues that peaceful coexistence with the West is possible is a traitor to Islam and acts as a fifth column.” –writes Reza Bayegan, a Paris-based university lecturer, political analyst and human rights activist. She writes regularly about Iran and the Middle East and is a political commentator for Iranian radios in exile.  During a Symposium for Tehran, Israel, Palestine, Peace, , July 4, 2005.  She also stated, The West should concentrate its efforts in defeating Islamism, and not in the alienation of Muslims.”

What is being pointed out is the resistance under any circumstances by Islam to anything pluralistic.  Such cannot be unifying for a Muslim. Only an all-in strategy where Islam dominates is practical. To do otherwise is to be less than Muslim – a moderate by such a definition would be an apostate.

From FP (FrontPage) (moderator – Jamie Glazov): “Obviously we need to avoid alienating Muslims. It is clear we need to try to nurture a moderate Islam and to ally ourselves with Muslims who seek to modernize and democratize Islam. But to pretend that the threat to France posed by Islamism has nothing to do with the growth of the Muslim presence in France is mind-boggling.

The reminder to us that a fanatical Jew killed Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin is an absurd distraction to this conversation. Sorry, I think the last thing the victims of Islam’s gender apartheid, and all the victims of Islamist terror, worry about at night are fanatical Jews. The homosexual Palestinians that flee to Israel to avoid their death sentences under Palestinian culture for being gay, I assure you, do not live their lives in dread worrying about fanatical Jews. And trust me, when I go to sleep at night and worry about the world’s safety and future, I think about things like 9/11, about Tehran’s Mullahs having nuclear weapons, about Zarqawi and Bin Laden (wanna-bes) getting their hands on WMDs. The threat of fanatical Jews, I am afraid, does not loom large in my fears at night.”

Islam Excludes Diverse Elements

The FP moderator also stated: “Again, is there a fight happening for the soul of Islam? Yes. Must we support Muslims, like groups such as The Free Muslims Against Terrorism? Yes. But please spare me the absurdity of the Muslim community being as “diverse” as any other community. When Jews and Christians rise in its ranks and become members of it on many levels and realms, like Muslims have done in the West, get in touch with me. In the old Islamic empires, Jews and Christians who attained political influence were often the target of violence and resentment by Muslims. Today, Christians like Judaism, Christianity, ulema, umma, Egypt, , the former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, have risen in power only in states where Islamic law has been set aside.”

Ibu Guadi[i]: “It should be realized that in the eyes of some Muslims, the religion of Islam is itself the reform the world needs. According to the Islamic doctrines, Judaism and Christianity are good religions but not sufficiently reliable to claim the authority on the questions of faith. For the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews were misled in their writings. In the spirit of Islam, the religion was reformed because the Koran corrected the preceding revelations.

Bat Ye’or (a pseudonym of Gisèle Littman, née Orebi, an Egyptian-born British scholar, who writes about the history of non-Muslims in the Middle East, and in particular the history of Christian and Jewish dhimmis living under Islamic governments),  has a very strong point when she analyzes Europe’s evolution as moving toward what she called “Eurabia.”  She has written about her experience and observations towards a growing influence of Islam over European culture and politics.

Muslims Gather Together to the Exclusion of Others. 

The error of countries where Islam is new, where Muslim are leaving Islamic dominated areas in turmoil and relocating and becoming established, is allowing the communities to grow and expand without embracing the history, culture, and Constitution of their new home.  Where there are moderates, even if we assume they are the majority, they are soon marginalized by the ulema, the teachers in madrassas or Islamic Cultural Centers established, to avoid becoming indoctrinated into a society where Islamic Law and the umma, the community, of Islam is becoming less important.  Islamic support groups, those with money particularly, accessed to help resettlement will take advantage of the leverage they obtain and then introduce constraints if further assistance is requested.  All constraints so imposed require adherence to Islamic Laws or orientation. Along with peer pressure from fundamentalists, these are tactics that cause multiculturalism to be anathema to Islam.  France is an example – The end result is that vast segments of the Muslim population in France have little to do with the rest of the society

Melding into non-Muslim communities is a no-no unless you are the first. The concept of a ‘melting pot’ of peoples from around the world is also to be avoided, unless the pot contains only those who have proclaimed Allah for All and Muhammad as the Messenger.  This is the case now in Germany, the UK, France, Denmark, Sweden and other countries where freedom was once embraced, and now it is defended.

Grace and Peace

[i] Mohamed Ibn Guadi, an Islamologist at Strasbourg University and a researcher in Semitic Philology.

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