UI – Part 179 – Swords into Ploughshares

UI – Part 179 – Swords into Ploughshares

Why do true followers of Islam need weapons? 

Why are those weapons guns?

The Militant Representation

Too often we see photos, media representations of Muslims, the militant ones to be fair, with their faces covered and guns of all types carried as if it is essential daily dress.  After the morning Adnan call, the requisite ablution, the diligent bowing to the east and prayer are the cadre of Muslims that consider themselves soldiers of the army of Allah to wear clothing as a label. This would include the bandoleer and semi-automatic rifle.  There are areas where guns are not permitted so a sack of hand sized rocks are carried instead.  Should the local laws change the cache of artillery that is on the ready to be adorned for Allah.

7th Century Connection vs Modernity

Much of Islam reverts to the days of Muhammad, a lifestyle of the 7th century, with the proclamations of theocratic laws to be obeyed without change or evolved into modernity.  Adaptation and change as to human rights, women’s rights, attitudes towards non-believers, to include the People of the Book (Bible), considerations on the interpretation of the Quran and even the application of Reason (logic) given to the writings of those subsequent to the death of Muhammad, is not allowed.  The scholars, the ulema, say no.  Might I then ask, why guns and not swords?  Those insecure as to their faith will modernize their weapons, but not their ideology.  Why not contain all of their actions in antiquity – what was good then should be good now, even the sword?

Do Muslims get to pick and choose what they will use, even as to the way they think?  If 1400 years passes should there not be an impact on logic, rational, and if not why not?  Apply such thinking and question the use to television, cell phones, automobiles, electricity, and so on.  To think as the Saracens of old, the Muhajirun, is to live as the Saracens of old.  If the trappings of invention, enlightenment, and scholarship be applied to material items, then why preclude other elements of a way of life, regard for fellow men and women, and other non-material facets of life and understanding.

A New Covenant – Timeless

For the Christian change began at the time of Christ, as prophesied.    There was to be a New Covenant with all mankind, not a chosen few.  “The gospel will be this ‘way’, of the new law and the new word in Christ, no longer in Moses.[i]  An allowance was made to achieve salvation, to provide benefits to believers, and to end the chapter on the Fall when sin entered man and became part of our DNA. An inherent sinful nature is evidenced in an inability to resist all temptations.  There is not one human alive today, neither Jew, Christian nor Muslim that can claim a life free of sin.

Comfortable With Your Faith

When will the Muslim, the Islamist, be comfortable with their faith?  The display of weapons is a display of insecurity. When will the swords be melted down and crafted into ploughshares[ii], and “their spears into pruning-hooks.”[iii] In other words, to use language written 2 centuries ago (applicable today), “When shall they change into pursuits of moderation and peace the disposition of injurious minds, and hostile tongues, and all kinds of evil, and blasphemy?[iv]

Forgive and Say ‘No More War.’

When shall they say teaching and learning hatred, the art of war, is no more, but the pursuit of peace in and among all peoples, not just those All-in for Allah, is what makes sense today.

From Isaiah 2:4 (NIV) – “He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.”  Isaiah describes the House of the Lord.  It is peaceful, loving and caring to all persuasions.

The New Testament, the Gospel of Christ, never suggests war as the answer.  The Quran has hundreds of such references.  Where is the peace?    Where is the forgiving heart?

Grace and Peace

[i] Against Marcion, Tertullian (160-225AD), Amazon, Kindle Books, pg 1972 of 5669.

[iii] Tertullian

[iv] Against Marcion, Tertullian (160-225AD), Amazon, Kindle Books, pg 1972 of 5669

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