UI – Part 177 – Prophecy

UI – Part 177 – Prophecy

The Importance of Prophecy

What is the need for Prophecy? It is a beacon from current to a future unknown, yet foreseen.  Without prophecy we are left without a foretaste of what is to follow provided by the Creator of the world.  As such the Old Testament provides many looks to the life and death of Christ.  It is significant in addressing the reality of the Savior for all, not just a few.

As Isaac carried the wood for the fire of his own sacrifice, so it was prophesied Christ carried the wooden Cross.  As a Ram appeared and God called out for it to be used by Abraham as a substitute, so it was prophesied Jesus was called, the scene laid out in Isaiah, Psalms and others, as the replacement to suffer the punishment for the composit of sins, those past, present and future of humans.  Believers were released from the pyre used to consume our remains, the anointed one now our advocate on Judgment Day.  The Eternal Kingdom would await the arrival of the Saved now restored in righteousness with the Father.

God’s wrath, a dominant and revealing feature described repeatedly in the Old Testament would no longer apply to those whose hearts are laid bare to fully accepting the Gracious Gift the Father gave His Children.  What was the covenant of God in the Old would be a New Covenant in the New (Testament).  This was told, prophesied, by Jeremiah.

Prophet Muhammad

Was Muhammad seeking his justification as a Prophet from the text of the Bible?  He tells his Companions, so the writers of history past so record, he was the Counselor Christ informed his apostles would follow his departure from earth.  Demonstrating knowledge of the New Testament Muhammad commandeered this John 14:16 passage suggesting it was correct, but interpreted wrongly as the Spirit of God, when it was He to which it pointed.  Was he in need of being viewed as historically significant from the pages of the Book of the People itself.[i]

The dilemma is how a book corrected by the Quran can simultaneously be proclaimed as truth.  It is the Self aspect of the froth of the beer being poured by this micro-brewer that rests atop the clear liquid below that attempts to poison the Word of God.

If the Bible is untrue, as suggested by the Islamists (corrected in the Quran) even the claims of Ishmael as a descendent of Abraham could be untrue as the source, even for the Muslim, is the Bible.  Indeed Ishmael as the sacrifice Abraham was to make, directed by God, was substituted in the Quran for the Biblical truth of Isaac.  So too the stories of Moses and other prophets named in the Bible and included in the Quran.  Do the Muslims have dispensation from God to take from the Bible, the Word of God,  that which they prefer and discard the rest?  That can only be the action taken by a mortal, a sinful man, assuming personal preferences to Godly directives.

To clarify Muhammad’s false claim the verse in John informs us all the Counselor to follow will remain forever, forever alive as God indwelling in man.  Muhammad’s unexpected death in 632AD ended any truth as a self-appointed Counselor in perpetuity.

As Isa is accepted as the perfect prophet, in the Quran, the arrows of history pointed to his birth, life, death and Saving Grace in prophecy as recorded in the Old Testament.  Thanks be to God.  Also his essence along with the Father dwell in the hearts of those who believe, as the Spirit, foretold – prophesied.

Forsaking the Lord

Have we forsaken the Lord by knowing the truth yet not complying in obedience to God?  Have we allowed the lion to enter this earthy realm growing his pride to consume the unsuspecting from within.  Will the army of Satan eventually feast upon itself?  Is there a collective body of followers proclaiming defiantly they are superior and must be heard and accepted, their Allah to be for All, and if not then as an apostate or infidel extirpated by the sword of the Beast?


There are hundreds of prophecies that tell of Christ.  There are none that tell of Muhammad.  His announcement and interpretive dance for his audience is only for show. Muhammad’s life and ideological framework was adapted for today’s stage by others who found the story profound and useful for their purposes.  When the curtain comes down there will be only a crowd of ticket holders whose stub no longer gains entry.  It was but a fleeting glance at a directors self-styled performance that is finite.  The Biblical story is infinite. Jesus purchased the ticket so your entry is assured, the Spirit of God, the Counselor to follow, stationed at Reception enabling you to pass.

“Look at all nations from the vortex of human error emerging out of it up to the Divine Creator, the Divine Christ, and deny Him to be the object of prophecy, if you dare.”[ii]

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God the Father, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you All.

Grace and Peace.

For much more on Muhammad as a possible prophet visit Answering Islam.  We can be most thankful for the many who work diligently to share the truth.

[i] Read an informative article by Sa Shamoun from Answering Islam – http://www.answeringislam.net/Shamoun/qiblah.htm – Muhammad’s Changing of the Qiblah – telling how Muhammad at first adopted many of the practices of Jews and Christians. – http://www.call-to-monotheism.com/rebuttal_to_sam_shamoun_s_article__muhammad_s_changing_of_the_qiblah_

[ii] Against Marcion, Tertullian (160-225AD), pg 1925 of 5669, Amazon, Kindle Books.

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