UI – Part 172 – Egypt

UI – Part 172 – Egypt

Islamic State of Egypt

On Sunday August 19, 2012, new President Mohamed Morsi completed Egypt ‘s transformation into an Islamist state. In the space of one week, Morsi sacked the commanders of the Egyptian military and replaced them with Muslim Brotherhood loyalists.  He fired all the editors of the state-owned media and replaced them with Muslim Brotherhood loyalists. This from an article in the Jerusalem Post on Aug 20, 2012 By Caroline Glick entitled ‘Who Lost Egypt’, she notes also Morsi, “… implemented a policy of intimidation, censorship and closure of independently owned media organizations that dare to publish criticism of him. (He) revoked the military’s constitutional role in setting the foreign and military policies of Egypt. But he maintained the junta’s court-backed decision to disband the parliament. In so doing, Morsi gave himself full control….”

All this taking place while America looked the other way. 

On September 11, Obama not properly preparing US Embassies for this eventful day, the first remembrance post the death of UBL, Morsi did not prevent, nor did the Egyptian Army, an attack on the American Embassy in Cairo.  It was a planned attack, an expression of hatred towards America.  Was this the Muslim Brotherhood’s way of giving Obama the finger.  It was a defiant and disgraceful act.

As an excuse a stupid, poorly made, hateful film depicting Muhammad made by an American, only excerpts shown, was the reason the thin-skinned Islamists needed to justify rage.  Minds twisted by history, according to Bernard Lewis, have engendered a Holy War inherent warlike nature dating back to the birth of Islam.  The result, he suggests, is an inferiority complex brought out by Western ignorance and freedom of speech by those tired of the whining by Muslims throughout the world they are being persecuted.  How would you feel as a Christian in a Muslim Country?

 Result of Morsi’s Actions

Summarizing Glick’s opinion Morsi’s actions have

  • Disbanded the parliament.
  • Gave himself full control over Egypt ‘s new constitution
  • Transformed Egypt from a military dictatorship into an Islamist dictatorship.
  • Impacted Egypt ‘s foreign policy.
    • Morsi is considering revising the peace accord with Israel .
    • Morsi intends to “ensure Egypt ‘s full sovereignty and control over every inch of Sinai.” (Mohamed Gadallah)
    • Morsi intends to remilitarize Sinai and render the Egyptian military a clear and present threat to Israel ‘s security.
    • Egypt has already breached the peace accord and deployed forces and heavy weaponry to Sinai without Israeli permission.
    • The rapidity of Morsi’s moves has surprised most observers.

Morsi, others have said, is now a greater dictator that Mubarak ever was; more Islamic too!

America Watched – Or Obama Sat On His Hands

And the Obama Administration and Secretary of State stood aside, doing little, as deer in headlights, while this transition, a threat to freedom, human rights, Israel, and independent minded people took place.  Foreign aid continued to flow besides. Quoting Caroline Glich, “Obama administration’s officials have behaved as though nothing has happened, or even as though Morsi’s moves are positive developments….The US ‘s astounding sanguinity in the face of Morsi’s completion of the Islamization of Egypt is an illustration of everything that is wrong and dangerous about US Middle East policy today.”

Parallels are made to the 1949 Communist takeover of China, but then the Islamists were not the ones taking control. We have more to fear, to be concerned about, from Islam, in my opinion, than from Communism.  I am not discounting the negatives of communists, even socialist or progressive ideologies, such as that of Obama, but the use of Allah, a godly or religious element, clouds the thinking of many observers that what Islam is doing is serving a higher power.

The concern according to Glick, “Morsi’s Islamism, like Mao’s Communism, is inherently hostile to the US and its allies and interests in the Middle East . Consequently, Morsi’s strategic repositioning of Egypt as an Islamist country means that Egypt – which has served as the anchor of the US alliance system in the Arab world for 30 years – is setting aside its alliance with the US and looking toward reassuming the role of regional bully. Egypt is on the fast track to reinstating its war against Israel and threatening international shipping in the Suez Canal . And as an Islamist state, Egypt will certainly seek to export its Islamic revolution to other countries.”

Obama and Hillary Clinton’s dealing with the 911 Embassy attack is embarrassing to Americans.  It is a show of weakness.  It exemplifies the lack of effectiveness of Obama and the Secretary of State’s foreign Policy decisions.  There are more Countires in the world wanting to increase their nuke inventory today than when Obama took office because he is an unknown and scary.

Understand Islam

If you Understand Islam, apply reason, logic independent thinking with an open mind discoveries will flow as Niagara Falls that this is a false ideology that allows for authoritarian dictatorial personalities to seize power.  Those powers then control the minds and actions of individuals, stopping dissent, saying no to questions or doubts, using god, their Allah, as the eternal authority that has granted them earthy authority.  Justification is taken and used via false teachers, the ulema, to brainwash and limit thinking to that of inhumane male oriented Quranic injustices, trapped in 7th Century conditions.  If the majority of Muslims disagree with the painting being displayed by the images of terrorist acts inside and outside Muslim Countries as not Islam, where are the scholars that are speaking out against the events taking place and the hatred displayed?

Read the entire article – Who Lost Egypt.


The ability to compel people to act as a tribute to Allah is and should be of concern.  The Biblical God is a loving caring, compassionate Being.  Allah only loves those that love Allah.  Leaders such as Morsi translate that to their own position of dominance.  As an intervening power between the people and Allah such leaders are to be as respected and submitted to as Allah. There is no separation of belief and power, religion and government.  The secular, temporal and spiritual are as one. They are gods, in their own mind, and want to be regarded and treated as such.  Was this Muhammad’s teaching?

God loves all unconditionally (not Allah as per the Quran) and welcomes their return to Him, to come home as a believer and find hope and comfort as a committed Believer.  Allah requires submission. Allah is prepared to kill the apostate as well as the infidel.  It is voluntary vs required that is a distinguishing characteristic that suggests the so-called religion of Islam is more an Imperialistic Ideology meant to take over the world using the term All for Allah, but meaning All for the Dictates of the strongest, most convincing and most controlling in commanding others to do for them and in so doing do for Allah and obtain the rewards the Ulema interpret will be available for them in heaven.  It may well be the anti-Christ, Satan invading the minds and bodies of too many millions using culture, poverty, male dominance, and purported religious scholarship to place these Muslims in a trance so difficult to escape.  It is the Cage of Islam.

Egypt Spring Revolt

The Economist, August 18, 2012, article ‘New broom in action tells also of the change in status of Egypt’s military.  “Morsi now has ‘Imperial Powers.’” The military still has great influence and “Morsi will still have to tread carefully around them and their economic empire.”  He will be dealing with new personnel.  But then there are the citizens of Egypt, not all in accord with the idea of an Islamic State.

Will there be another Arab – Egypt Spring, or Revolt, such that those who led the change we see today and are dissatisfied with the freedoms that resulted, or lack thereof, will come to Tahrir Square anew proclaiming, “Need We Do This All Over Again?”  Have the young been disenfranchised by the middle management and Muslim Brotherhood that sat in the wings of Mubarak waiting for their opportunity to grab the rings of power, not necessarily hearing the voices of the protestors, or caring for that matter, wanting only to advance their Islamic ideology on an unsuspecting population.   They are taking advantage today.  The minds of the people and Israel is their target.  But are they missing the point that they may now be making themselves the target of those living under a new regime that do not want it their way?

49% of the voters voted against Morsi.  What is next?

Will the bells of freedom ring again and the next time be heard?

Another article that may be of interest: http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?ID=282258  A quote, “While the world persists in looking for signs of pragmatism in the Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsy is quietly taking over all the power bases in the country.”

Morsi’s Visit to USA

Even prior to his visit Morsi has informed the President   “We will not be judged by American cultural standards.”  That takes any reference on our part to Freedom of Speech off the table as in a Muslim Country, in the area controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, Free Speech will not be allowed.  Humans will speak for Allah and neither Allah nor Muhammad are to be subject to questions, doubts or subject to criticism.  It is the way of the Quran, and the way the authorities will treat their subjects, and they will be thankful to Allah for it.  In Egypt Morsi, according to FoxNews, said Arabs like Americans want to live “free in their own land, according to their customs and values, in a fair and democratic fashion.”  That means there may be free elections, but the customs and values will be Islamic – and the Constitution will be basically the Quran.  No Free Speech.

The Film Snipets and the Reaction

I have had several exchanges with Muslims via Twitter.  It has been informative and helpful in understanding the Quran as well as their way of thinking.  Moderates are not outspoken against the Islamists, or the extremists or the terrrorists, whatever you might refer to them.  They regard them as a minority and are disappointed at how they represent Islam as a whole.  They defend the Quran and find it can be peaceful.  They call for a reading of its contents in “context’, but then the context itself can be controversial as much depends on thousands of pages of Hadiths written beginning 150 years or so after the death of Muhammad.

In one exchange all seemed to be proceeding with decorum when the individual, I sense an Ahmadi Muslim, brought up the controversial film about Muhammad that has been used politically in Muslim areas to attack the West.  He was prone to generalities and much of the dialog accepted humans acting on Allah’s behalf in making judgments and imparting punishment.  He denied the Quran emphasized war as much as it seemed to me, and also was quite firm that many verses referring to Muslims not taking non-believers as friends had to be read in context, as that is not their position.  We touched on Sura 60.4, not a favorite, as it calls for Muslims to have enmity and hatred for Christians and Jews until the world is All for Allah.   Suddenly the now infamous, stupid film, which few Muslims or Americans, for that matter, have seen, arose, the correspondent making the comment, “Just like the anti-Islam film was evidence of hate by Christians who tried to pin blame on Jews for its production.”  My reaction was made clear, upset as how he could generalize that a film by an individual was representative of the body of Christians as a whole. Also where he came up with blaming Jews had to be bias on his part.

And the Muslim world goes nuts blaming America.  And Obama, to my surprise, apologized.  for what, a stupid film, our freedom of speech.  Yes it was stupid and uncalled for, but who cares but insecure Muslims.  They haven’t the strength in their own ideology to not allow such mis-guided views, that of very few, to set them off.  They are brainwashed to react as Pavlov dogs to political announcements that Allah or Muhammad have been wronged verbally or in writing, so go kill an infidel, riot in the streets and kill each other, make a scene and blow things up to let the world know how you feel.

Oh how much they love Allah, but loving Allah is certainly not a love of neighbor or peace.   The comment was followed with another, “Are you not ashamed of your fellow Christians for making that film?  Very hateful, especially since all involved have bad moral characters.”

No I was not ashamed of fellow Christians, as they did not make this film.  An overly moved hateful person towards Muhammad made this film.  It was one man and his way of venting.  It was a mis-use of our freedom of speech, but also an example of how free we are.  And we can react to such a callous disregard for others, but not by murder.  Think Salman Rushdie. What was more disturbing and telling was the reaction by Muslims.  A few words spoken in poor taste is one thing, but killing infidels for sport is another.  Does opposition towards Islam, and I am now beginning to believe this whole heartedly, call for Muslims, voices heard from the pages of the Quran, to fight the Infidel. the non-believer, and not with words, but till the death (the sword of Islam), till they are all extirpated!

Sura 59.4 ‘Because they were opposed to Allah and His Messenger, and whoever is opposed to Allah, surely is Severe retribution.’   Sura 2.98 suggests recompense for those opposed to Islam.  Sura 2.190 suggests Muslims fight against those who fight against you, and it is implied such fighting against can be verbal, the response physical.  Sura 2.193 Fight them until there is no persecution and religion is only for  Allah (Holy War).  (Same in 8.39)  Sura 9.29 is simple enough – ‘Fight those who disbelieve.’  Sura 16.81 ‘Allah has provided armament to save you in fighting against infidels.’

How seriously do Muslims take these Suras?  As we can see by worldwide demonstrations, terrorists acts and the mis-informed reactions by many Muslims, also outspoken ones against Jews and Christians, these Suras are taken quite seriously.  However it is humans making judgments for Allah, when such judgments are Allah’s alone.

Egypt is but a first step.  Will the moderates take charge at some point and make us all believers they are peaceful.  So far there is little evidence of that.

Grace and Peace.

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