UI – Part 173 – Terrified of Exposure

UI – Part 173 – Terrified of Exposure

Ready for War

So often, too often, we see, hear, read of Muslims, Islamists, crying out they are being persecuted.  A cartoon depicting Muhammad, even if the image is only a toy-like bear named Muhammad, has engendered reactions a space journey from the pale of reason.

Within Muslim dominated areas, the Islamic police or Islamist rats have located Twitter Tweets considered blasphemous toward Allah or the messenger.  They have an appetite for such Tweets like crumbs to be savored by the most rigid fundamentalists.  The Islamic crumb eaters are on the ready with keys to the prison cells set aside for apostates.  Authors, historians, critics and commentators are screened for words to be ambushed by the CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, ISNA and similar Islam-watch-hounds ululating ‘foul’.  What seems an unusual practice to most is common among the more politically sensitive.  There has existed historically and remains to this day a warrior mentality on the part of the Arabs who seem always ready to do battle.

Most recently a film seen by very few, especially few Muslims, has stirred violent reactions in much of the Muslim dominated areas of the world.  Even President Obama. foolishly, got in on the condemnation of this poorly made personal movie using it as an excuse for not protecting the Ambassador in Libya from a reaction on the first 911 after his many pronouncements of killing UBL  Such response to opinions expressed, even when viewed with distain, are uncalled for.  It is a reflection of a weak character than must ‘fight’ using weapons, not words, when their feelings are hurt.

But now I understand.  And now I share with my readers why the Islamists act and do as they do.  Many do realize – Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel, Arthur Jeffery, Nonie Darwish, George W. Braswell,  Ergun Caner and Emir Fethi Caner, all are cognizant of the nature of the Brothers (and sisters) of Ishmael.  Now you will also understand.


Naked is complete exposure.  There remains nothing to hide.  No secrets.  All blemishes, scars, tattoos, pimples and deformities are visible.  Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden until ….  Yes, when and why did they feel it necessary to cover themselves and hide?  The story informs us of their disobedience to God when consuming the fruit of the taboo tree.  God visited and they were ashamed; they suddenly realized their nakedness.  They were aware of their error, their sin, their inability to avoid temptation.  They were resistant to being so closely scrutinized and exposed.

Original Sin Denied

In Islam the concept of ‘original sin’ is denied.  Muslims are without original sin. Hard to accept. Yet when tempted they succumb.  Muhammad was not an exception.  Isa, only Isa (Jesus), was and remained perfect.  Just as Adam and Eve before the fall.  Daily Muslims violate the conditions required to remain without blemish.  Knowing that, they now hide, hide from the truth of their sin.

Terrified of the Right Door

Terrified of being exposed for the many falisies of the claims of Islam and the Messenger, Muslims are commanded, ordered and compelled to fight.  The door to the actual Kingdom of God is closed to keep the door to Allah’s kingdom proclaimed by a self-named prophet open.

There are two doors.  You can choose.  Except the Islamists have placed barriers in front of the entrance to the true eternal kingdom.  Attempts to expose the fact that behind Allah’s door darkness remains is cause for concern.  Such disclosure would only upset and stop the largess of the Imams, Mullahs, Khomeini’s, aristocrats, autocrats and military commanders.  The role of CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood and other organizations would be eliminated and the flow of funds would cease.  This would be tragic to their selfish nature.

The history of Islam lacks foundation and extensive study, review and answers to critical inquiries.

Who was Muhammad and what are the facts?  Why did it take a couple hundred years for Islam to take hold as a religion/ideology?  How did it evolve?  The popular Hadiths were written many decades after Muhammad by people who never knew him.  Knowing someone who knew someone who knew someone, who knew someone, who knew someone, and so on, who knew Muhammad does not give great comfort as to what is fact.

The Light of the World

The Islamists are hiding how naked they really are and becoming more so as the world’s beacon has now fallen on Islam and is ready to totally expose them all.

The truth can be hidden temporarily.  Success at avoiding exposure can lead to networks to be used to continue the deceit.  But not forever.  As there are tears in the cover on the Kaaba that must be repaired, in time the curtain will fail completely.

Resistance to exposure has become the fight of Islam.  Call it Satan, the Anti-Christ that is being seen for what he is, the jinn fizzing to the top.  Islam will be as the vampire exposed by daylight.


Insecurity, a lack of confidence that Islam is the righteous path, is becoming paramount.  The ulema are doing all they can to control the masses.  Exposure, either through cartoons, questions raised, city councils denying a mosque, blogs or books written in an attempt at understanding Islam, and more, to them is persecution.  It must be avoided, curtailed, restrained and stopped.

The Islamists are terrified of God, the true God, the Biblical God who has revealed himself, made himself visible in Isa, in Christ.  They are terrified God will expel them from the garden of their choosing.

An Assistant

I am trying as hard as I can to be a servant to God and aid in expelling the infected babies of Rosemary from occupying the lands and hearts of over a billion people now labeled Muslim.

May God open their hearts so they themselves can come forth and find the other door, open it and see the light.

Be Ready

Anyone not ready to receive the Saving Grace of God will be concerned, afraid, to the extent that when they do see the light it will not be as expected (or desired).  They will instead be exposed as faithless and disobedient. They should be terrified.

Exposure is not a problem for any who have true understanding and faith.   Persecution will be expected, but their sword will be the Spirit of God that indwells in them.  Scrutiny will be welcomed.  Wisdom will be the characterization of comfort and security that overcomes the threats.

R.C. Sproul noted, “(God’s) scrutiny is directed towards the care of the souls under his supervision.[i]

A follower of God is always ready to stand and open his arms wide looking to the heavens and say ‘Here I am.  Look at me.  Find in me and my heart who I am.  Know me.  Let others know me and my love for you dear Lord.  I am open to any who wish to disagree.  I am not ashamed of the Gospel.’

  • “Because it is the Power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” (Romans 1:16)
  • “Let the Lord put curses on your enemies who hate and persecute you” (Deut. 30:7)
  • Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, (Matt 5:11)
  • He causes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on the good and the wicked
  • In Christ, persecution, even imprisonment, enables us to be “witnesses to them” (Luke 21:13)
  • All men will hate you because of me.  But not a hair on our head will perish.  By standing firm you will gain life. ( Luke 21:17-18 )
  • He who hates me hates my Father as well. (John 15:23)
  • They hated me without reason. (John 15:25)

Who Suffered More

Christians have suffered the greatest persecution of all when Jesus was killed, the Righteous One taken away.

Muhammad was not alone by being confused about the Christian doctrine of salvation.  He could only accept that deeds, good, positive deeds would find favor with Allah.  Faith alone was insufficient.

Human goodness – by nature – denies the fall – the concept of ‘original sin’. We all sin.  We have all been tempted and have failed to resist.  Physically and mentally we have had thoughts words and committed deeds in disobedience to the Creator.


“Bad doctrine (teaching) and moral corruption are intertwined”[ii]  First noted in Biblical Scripture – sound faith is determined by our fidelity to Scripture.  Muslims employ this concept. Consider where it was learned.  Muslims are founded in their faith in the Bible.  As to the Quran correcting the Book of the People proper study and research will make known the error in their conclusions.  The actions of man have attempted to trump the commands of God.  Satan has made inroads into the hearts of over a billion people.  The majority, in my opinion, desire and seek the truth but remain incarcerated in a cultural prison established by the Quranic scholars.  Access to the key to Reason and Wisdom is denied.  Their superiority would be undermined, as was the situation for the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees that were jealous of a potential loss of power to godly men.

The Islamists are terrified of exposure to the truth.  The key can be found by opening the pages of the Bible.  In most Muslim dominated areas access to the Bible is denied, the key kept at bay, the truth removed from the rational mind of humans. Where there may be access it is controlled.   By denying unfettered access to the Bible or any keys to thinking and considering reason and the logic of the ideology and demands of Islam, the authorities maintain a base for the exploitation of their wrongful pursuits.

Salvation will be denied for those who do not believe in the Saving Grace of our Lord and Savior. Fear the Lord indeed.  If that became a known fact to and potentially understood  by  the Muslim population as a whole the heavens would rejoice and the angels would sing.  God’s grace and glory is there for All.  The key: The Word of God, the Word is Christ, will set you free.

The Muslims, even the moderates are an obdurate lot.

Grace and Peace

[i] Tabletalk, July 2012, The Bishop of our Souls, pg. 5

[ii] Tabletalk,  July 2012, pg. 9.  Drawing the Line – Why Doctrine Matters, by R. Scott Clark

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