UI – Part 171 – OPEC-Islam-America-World

UI –  Part 171 – OPEC-Islam-America-World


Oil was discovered in the Middle East 1908, in Iran, by the British.   It was the beginning of BP, a name  established in 2000.  By today’s estimates world oil reserves are greatest in Saudi Arabia, followed by Canada, the next 4 are in the Middle East followed by Venezuela (07) and Russia (08).  The USA ranks 12th.  (2007 study)

The search for oil in Saudi Arabia began in 1933 after an agreement with SOCAL.  Saudi Arabia has 25% of the world’s crude oil reserves.  Payments of cash (in dollars) for the resources to supply our Country began soon thereafter.  The oil supplies and production were nationalized in 1988.

Revenues for Saudi Arabia prior to oil were derived mostly from money paid for the Pilgrimages to Medina and Mecca.

Oil Independence

America for many, many years did not focus on independence from oil imports.  Middle East oil provided a positive impact on American manufacturing.  Our money flows to foreign countries, we use the oil, but they use the money to purchase America’s and other countries wares and services.  This was good; the economics compelling.  Local and world economies improved.  America’s manufacturing was better for the exchange.  There was little concern over the many years, even awareness, of the use of funds to support hatred towards the West and expand Islam.  As long as there was peace and harmony there was no problem or reason to not buy middle-east oil.  It was cheap too.

Had it not been for the growth of Islam and the actions of the most militant fundamentalist Islamists against free nations, apostates and non-believers in Islam, there may even remain little concern for the export of dollars for the import of oil.  When the dollars are turned into swords, more so bombs, and propaganda that promotes hatred towards freedom and the West, the concerns, objections, resistance and want to be independent of foreign oil  are understandable.

The riches of the Middle-East cover the oil stains of the desert that gave them wealth for little effort.  Work is not part of the culture.  An entitlement to the flow of funds for oil is. The hierarchy however enriched themselves first and in egregiously disproportionate measures as parvenu to unexpected mega-lottery winnings, while the distribution of financial resources to raise the poor out of poverty, regardless of the call of the Quran, came in dribs and drabs.   Education for the wealthiest and in some cases the more politically connected and intelligent is possible.  Faith was the outlet and food for the masses.  Control using the theocracy of Islam incorporated into governance was the mechanism to corral the growing population whose primary entertainment was copulation.  In this male dominated culture behind doors hide the luxury we saw in Osama Bin Laden’s estate in Pakistan.  It is lacking except in the palaces and harems of the ruling class.  Woman and children walk the corridors while the men watch TV and recite the Quran.  Then the idea of killing the apostates, taking their hatred to the streets, taking on the entire world for Allah gave them an objective much more exciting and enticing than gathering on the corners of Riyadh, Taif, and elsewhere.[i]

The Islamists

The Islamists have shown their heart and it is evil.  There is little consistency or agreement among the clans, tribes, scholars and areas of Islamic influence.  There can be no peace with the infidels, but there is clearly the uncertainty of any peace among the Sunni, Shia and other cultural divisions that all refer to themselves as Muslim.   Islam lacks respect for freedom, human rights, especially for women, and pluralism, along with a host of additional grievances with the world.  Its Quran directive making it clear Muslims are superior to any who do not believe in Allah is now known.  This is a secret few could believe which has been revealed.  They are not equal; they are the better.  The Islamists themselves have made it known.   The world is waking-up, the alarm has been sounded.  There is no humility.

The Threat of the Ideological Islam

Will the USA, the UK, Europe and democracies begin to openly discuss the threat.  Will they pass legislation to restrict the imposition of Sharia and curb their penchant for Political Correctness run amok and honestly address the concerns of God fearing citizens?  Why should God fearers fear the Allah worshippers?

Oil is not the root of the problem.  It is Islam.  But buying oil from Countries that foster hatred towards the West provides financial resources to indoctrinate, educate and brainwash citizens in the ideology of Islam.  The financial resources are used to create military forces, palace guards, to protect the autocracies and contain the populace.  The money is used to feed the poor and keep them poor, eliminating any incentive to work, be productive or enhance their lives.  There are exceptions for the likes of the Mujahidin, political players, con artists, Islamic scholars, soldiers, possibly bankers, and few others.  The money is used to build schools, Madrassas, Islamic religious institutions with teaching limited to memorizing the Quran and instilling enmity towards the Christian, the Jew, the Infidel, freedom and the West.  This begins with the children at ages most impressionable. Where the funding is from the Saudi’s Wahhabism is taught.  Wahhabism is the most austere and rigorous interpretation of the Quran.  In many such schools (possibly most – I can only suspect) the education is not so much concerned about scholarship as making war on infidels.

Everyone has viewed on TV, in magazines and newspapers pictures of Muslim youth with rifles. Some are handed guns to fire wantonly in celebration of just about anything at very early ages.  Mostly in defiance of those most hated.  In the pictures it appears the residents of the Muslim areas have little else to do but wage war.  It is in their history, in their nature and in their blood.  The Hatfield and McCoys have nothing on Arab tribal differences and how they are handled.

Curtail Funding of Terrorism

We must stop funding the source for terrorism, stop funding the equipment, munitions, travel and training of those who would kill Americans, Christians, Jews, Copts, British, media persons critical of Islam and so on.   If peace is to be achieved, hatred must be curbed.  We must Understand Islam, its lack of history, its résistance to inquiries and concerns, its ready objection to doubts and criticism, even the thin skin nature, more insecurity, that calls out ‘persecution’ at the least provocation.

We must stop feeding the snake so that the poison of Sharia cannot victimize innocent people.  We must provide hope  for the multitudes jailed in their Islamic policed culture.  There are many Muslims in name only that anxiously await the opportunity to embrace living anywhere else but where they now live.  That is unless they can have an Arab Spring that removes them from the tyranny of Islamic Law.

Grace and Peace.

[i] This was not just occurring in Saudi Arabia, the example used most evident.

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