UI – Part 162 – Hypocrisy Within the Walls of Islam

UI – Part 162 – Hypocrisy Within the Walls of Islam

Hypocrisy within the Walls of Islam

The Quran contains a very eye-opening statement – this from Allah via Gabriel to Muhammad and then Companions.  Verse 59:14 views hypocrisy within the walls of Islam; it exists.

Unity of a nation of Muslims, one Islam for all, is questioned, thus so too is the potential for peace.

“Thou wouldst think them united, but their hearts are divided.  That is because they are people who have no sense.”

Jews at the time of Muhammad were deceived by ‘hypocrites’, so the Quranic Scripture states (59:11).

Even Allah expressed concern for differing thoughts as to Islam by Muslims. Who then is the hypocrite?

The picture I paint in my mind is a half-dozen Muslims all facing each other pointing one to another and calling out, “Hypocrite!”.

What is the ‘true’ Islam; that question that may never be answered.  While the attempt continues to discover the Truth many more will die who differ with each other.  They may need to rediscover the Book of the People as the source for all that is true.  It is, after all, the Word of God.

Grace and Peace


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