UI – Part 160 – Extirpation and Expiation

UI – Part 160 – Extirpation and Expiation

Which Way Should It Be?

It should not be ‘extirpation’ but ‘expiation’ that is prevalent in the hearts of all people.

Extirpate – to completely get rid of, kill off, or destroy somebody or something considered undesirable

Expiate – to make amends, show remorse, or suffer punishment for wrongdoing

For the Muslim extirpation is called for against the apostate and the infidel.  The goal is a world All for Allah.  That would require everyone living under Sharia Law.  Freedom would not be allowed; ‘under control’, ‘contained’ would be the dominant way of living.

If only the Muslim could expiate, ‘make up’ with the Jew and the Christian, the West and those desiring freedom.  Even apologize for the hatred expressed in Sura 60:4, possibly erase that clause, and have the scholars, the ulema, teach acceptance and a willingness to live among others of different persuasions. Even allow other religions to proselytize in their areas, allowing for freedom of expression, thought and speech.

The World Can Be Better

The world can be a better place.

Allow all the books to be available and read by all the people – that includes the Bible.  May we study what we wish, be exposed to all possible, and then decide on the truth that should guide our lives.  Allow our independence see the light of objectivity shine on the world, the knowledge and the resources available.   Have everyone share their path to knowledge, understanding and wisdom without resistance by others.  If our minds are shut, if out minds are made up, our minds can never see God or have a relationship and experience that far exceeds what is available in the world as it now exists.

Go in Peace.  Pray for Peace.  Love your Neighbor.  Seek the Truth.  Forgive.  Expiate.

July 4

Enjoy the freedom that is celebrated on July 4, 2012.  Never forget where we came from, how we were established and the God that oversees this great Nation. America is the Land of the Free.  Let not our foundation be eroded.

Grace and Peace,


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