UI – Part 159 – The Masque of the Red Death

UI – Part 159 – The Masque of the Red Death

The Masque of The Red Death

Edgar Allen Poe in his story, The Masque of the Red Death, about the Bubonic Plague, may have been describing an ideal Muslim State.  It is as a walled city attempting to preclude outside influences from coming over, under or thru the wall.   It is Iran or Saudi Arabia creating barriers, the Quran, Allah and ulema as the Wall builders, to keep other religions, faiths, the unclean, the homosexuals, the pagans away.  Prospero is the Khomeini, but instead of the story keeping at bay the inevitability of death, it attempts to keep at bay the inevitability of God saving those who wish to follow a different path, the true path to the Eternal Kingdom.  It is almost Satanic.  God is being kept at bay from the people, overtly, in an attempt to preserve a false teaching.

Blinders are required for the Muslim to avoid seeing anything as they move forward in life but the dictates of the Islamic scholars, their brainwashed culture developed over hundreds of years of hardship and denial, peers that have memorized and been excluded from other books, parents that love them and know the outcome for their children should they resist Islam, and a government that prefers no dissent and maintaining the corral of containment.

God will prevail.  Man will resist.  When the Word of God reaches your ears, when you hear of the suffering servant that came to make the believing man right with God, not through works but as the ultimate sacrifice, and you understand, then your path to the eternal kingdom will appear before you.  You will be able to leave the walled city and discover the only solution to the problems that plague society.  Light will appear in the darkness.

In the case of Islam the Walled city is keeping the disease inside, the eternal kingdom outside. The light that shines is controlled. It is not God’s natural illumination.  Leaders are feeding those contained with pills and drugs to control the mind, body and souls of the residents for the benefit of the authority.  They are as falsely imprisoned by their own sinful nature but refuse to know any better.

Grace and Peace to those who have been freed by the Grace of God.

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