UI – Part 158 – Muslims Wired to Hate

UI – Part 158 – Muslims Wired to Hate


Hatred is a vile, disgusting, human and destructive emotion.  It clouds judgment, rational and right thinking.  It causes actions taken that afterwards might be regretted, and often include collateral damage, harm to innocents.   It is contrasted with Love as an opposite.  Love implies great potential for ‘peace.’  Hatred implies barriers, obstacles to ‘peace’, possibly no prospect for peace as the eyes of those filled with enmity are blind to the truth, or even a want for a settlement, especially if compromise is suggested.

Why is there so much hatred on the part of Muslims?  An associate, Muslim, female, objective, accepting, and welcoming of other faiths and religions shared her contention that it is not Islam that expresses hatred, but Muslims.  Not all Muslims; it is the individual, not the religion of Islam.  I ask how many individuals?  How many within Muslim controlled areas? How many outside Muslim controlled areas?  How many harbor resentment towards non-Muslims, regardless of outward appearances?

In an exchange on Twitter to a daily posting by a Hadith comment site, which read, “The strong isn’t the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is one who controls himself while in anger.” (Bukhari).

I asked, then, “How was that demonstrated in Afghanistan?” referring to the outrage and hatred demonstrated in Afghanistan after the accidental burning of desecrated Qurans (desecrated by Muslims).

A third-party wrote (THS), “They’re not ambassadors for the entire Muslim population.”

To which my response, “Who (then) are the Muslim Ambassadors speaking out against the hate being spewed?  Are they the majority?“,

Followed by her answer, “Actually sir, with all due respect, it is the majority.  Open your eyes.  May Allah guide you.” 

Again I had to ask, “With eyes wide open I see the Muslim Brotherhood gaining in Arab Spring areas, a Saudi Mullah calling for destruction of churches…. Guide me with reports supportive of what you claim and all would prefer to see.  Blessings.”

The exchange thus far suggests I am being handled with a form of ‘kitman.’  Kitman is answering a question without answering the question; a form of obfuscation or avoidance.  It is not taqiyya, or lying, but simply not providing a direct answer.

The Word of God

In writing about Muhammad, Allah, the writing of the Quran and those Hadiths made popular for use in establishing Islamic Law, I came across this comment, “Quranic Law and the final word of Allah revealed by the Prophet Muhammad.”  The final word of Allah contrasts with the Word of God.  From the Bible the Word of God is Jesus.   This concept may have been problematic for Muhammad.  Blogs 146, 150, and 153, respectively, Muhammad vs. Jesus – Let’s Compare (146), Muhammad and Monotheism (150), and False Teaching (153) provide some background as to my analysis and conclusions.

Referencing the book of John:  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning.”  (John 1:1)  The use of the pronoun ‘He’ is directed to Jesus.  (1:10). “He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him.”  This speaks of God.  He spoke with and spent time with prophets and people he called chosen, yet they did not fully receive God.  Those that did, from John 1:12. “…he gave the right to become children of God….”  Monumental, however, was the birth and life of Jesus, as noted in John 1:14. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” God intended to make himself and his saving Grace fully known.  (1:17). “For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”  What any reader must discern is that the Word, Jesus Christ, is TRUTH.  They are all the same.  Now you know what truth is.


In Medina Arab Jews that at first accepted Muhammad, and from whom Muhammad actually adopted certain traditions and ceremonies, at the same time focused on Jerusalem as the direction to be faced during prayer, turned against his approach to monotheism.  Muhammad was not peaceful.  Attacking caravans and taking women and children as spoils was not acceptable to them.  Nor was Muhammad’s intent acceptable – his forceful approach and demanding nature that everyone convert to his form of belief, his monotheistic practices.  When these Jews resisted, Muhammad condemned them with vile statements of hatred that has led to a fatwa that continues today.  They became enemies of Muhammad and his belief system.

Muhammad even altered the focus of his belief, requiring prayer in the direction of Mecca, impressing the Quraysh, and lessening the focus on ceremonial days more associated with Jewish tradition.

Sura 60:4 is a call to hate Jews, and Christians, until all the world is for Allah (including Jews and Christians as converts, or by elimination – or a tax, a payment for protection).  Non-believers (even Muslims) as judged by men, locals in a given Muslim area, to include Jews and Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and Mormons, are all infidels by those who so decide; their standards are their own.  The Quran, Hadiths and reference to Allah are their defense for positions taken, judgments made; even when the judgments are morally wrong.

There is a history in Muslim dominated areas of eradication of sects, tribes, Christians and Jews that do not agree with the overseers of that Muslim area and their advisory Islamic scholars.  This is hatred exemplified.  It is not an attempt to be peaceful in a pluralistic society.  Even among Muslims there is no common denominator, as Allah is not viewed in the same way everywhere.

Yet God is.

The term ‘extirpation’ describes the removal or total destruction of a thing or a people, to eliminate anything unwanted.  Muhammad became concerned by those tribes in Medina, “enemies who were bent upon extirpating Islam” (ref. to The Holy Quran, Maulana Muhammad Ali translation into English, Chpt 60, opening comments, pg. 1081).  Except for ‘hatred’, “Muslims were required to be fair in their dealings with disbelievers.”  Reference is made to Abraham’s concern for the ‘truth.’  If third parties “were bent upon uprooting the truth, even Abraham could not maintain relations of friendship with them.” (pg. 1083, Ali’s translation of The Holy Quran).


What it all boils down to is ‘What is Truth?’  There is a second question also, “Whose Truth?”

If anyone cannot accept the Quran as ‘truth’, then they are to be eliminated – extirpated.  Retribution would be in the hands of the Muslim, a believer and follower of Islam.   That is my reading.  A Christian or a Jew may be able to live with a Muslim, disagreeing with their religion, but by not accepting Islamic scripture as ‘truth’ they are condemned by the Muslim.

Neither the Christian nor the Jew condemns the Muslim; they disagree with them; they do not accept the Quran as truth; they pray for them and hope Muslims could see God in the true light. They may love them as a neighbor, as God commands, but that does not mean they accept their ideology. The Christian desires that everyone hear about Christ, be made aware of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, and know salvation is possible if they believe in Him.  It is the Christian prayer that all mankind knows God’s program for salvation, understands it and accepts it as the only Way.  Christians want everyone to be saved and to do so voluntarily; yet they must be exposed so they can volunteer.

If the Muslim is prone to do harm as their way of condemning those who do not believe as they do, then resistance is more than justified.  There is no love, only hatred for those that disagree with Islam.  There is no attempt by the Islamists to understand the Word, the Bible.  In fact there is pressure to avoid even exposure to the Word.  Christians may not proselytize in Muslim dominated areas – why – Muslims might hear and learn the truth and turn from Islam.  Where there is dissent, the sword of Islam is raised, with cries of Allahu Akbar.

Yet anyone by not seeing the ‘truth’ in the Quran, they are infidels, classified as such by the scholarly of Islam. They cannot even consider other possibilities of what may be true.  They instruct, teach, others to believe as they believe.  They teach hatred.  How can Christians or Jews be otherwise?  How can they promote what they believe? They are not allowed to even discuss what they believe, or suggest to a Muslim there is another path.  Those Muslims that engage in conversation with an unbeliever, reading or discussing the Bible, they are made to feel guilty unless they are doing so to discredit.

The Muslim is forbidden to doubt, or probably even hear what might be the ‘truth.’  Is there fear that the Truth is known, that Muhammad knew Biblical truth?  Truth is Biblical and Muhammad actually was aware, yet concealed it for his own belief system to be established (by force if and as necessary).

Muslims are not allowed discernment, only adherence to that which is revealed.  But who is the revealer?   Muslims are precluded from being independent.  If a Muslim claims they are independent, they are as much of an infidel as any other non-believer, to include the Christian and the Jew.

How can there ever be peace with a Muslim? Or in a Muslim dominated area?

Only One Truth

There is only one ‘truth.’  If mankind seeks truth in leading their lives, guided by moral and ethical values, the Bible is the root of Jesse that can only grow to establish a productive garden of plentiful fruits.  From love, joy, peace, kindness and patience, to gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control, man will find his moral compass.  The Word is the logos of understanding, compatibility, and the knowledge of God.  It is He who provides the pathway to Salvation and a life eternal with Him.  He provided the light from the Beginning.  It will endure until the Second Coming.  Then there will be judgment on those who choose to follow a false prophet, or false prophets, adopting gods, idols, that only lead to emptiness, and hatred.  Fallen and desperate there will be a desire to return to the home of the Father.  You will be welcomed and the banquet reception will be grand.  We are all exiles seeking a return home.  Do not be led in the wrong direction.

Dismiss Words of Hatred

Hate in your heart only tells you the path you have chosen is not the right path.  Hearing words to hate, being compelled to act on the vilest of emotions, being blindly driven to call out venomous invectives towards people who may disagree with you, to kill, maim or extirpate is not at God’s direction.  Your mind is being controlled as a robot by a force that denies God, that defies God, that refuses to hear the Word (or is kept at a distance from the Word), and that only makes you a lost sheep that may never be found.  You must find yourself.  You know where the Father is.

May the blinders on so many in this world be removed so that the light of the new covenant can beam down and allow them to bask in the rays of goodness and love.  Reach out and touch God’s cloak and you will arise and walk as never before. Your hatred will be replaced with a love for God and his children.  You will be one of his children too.  “I tell you that there is rejoicing in heaven in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.”  (Luke 15)

Grace and Peace.

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