UI – Part 157 – Death Penalty for Insulting Allah or Muhammad

UI – Part 157 – Death Penalty for Insulting Allah or Muhammad

Free Speech

Islam does not condone free speech.  In fact freedom is a threat.  Freedom can introduce pagan influences that can tempt the Muslim.  It is to be avoided.  Why?  Because Muslims are sinners.  Give them the opportunity and they will sin.  Even though they deny Original Sin there must be a source of the sin nature that is in all Muslims.  It was not Satan that was cast out of the Garden, it was Adam, representing man, because he disobeyed God.  Show me one Muslim that does not disobey Allah; even Muhammad disobeyed Allah.

In the extreme is the call for death to anyone who disagrees with Allah or Muhammad.  What made Muhammad righteous in God’s eyes?  He made the law that applied to him as he went along.  That did not make it God’s or Allah’s law.  He may be the example to many, but Muhammad was not perfect.  Yet Isa, Jesus, was, and is so noted as perfect in the Quran.

Here is an example of the call for death to those who doubt or suggest Muhammad is not the person the Islamist authorities and ulema want everyone to think he is. It also calls for death to those who doubt, openly so, Allah.   This came from Kuwait, but the legislation called for is not uncommon in Muslim controlled areas.

From Robert Spencer’s Website

From the website www.jihadwatch.com, and the pen of Robert Spencer:

“Kuwait: Parliamentary committee unanimously approves death penalty for insulting Allah or Muhammad”

“Sharia Alert from Kuwait. There is no form of Sharia that does not contain the death penalty for blasphemy — yet in the West the Islamic supremacist opponents of anti-Sharia laws insist that Sharia is fully compatible with Western free societies.”

“Nod to death for blasphemy … PhenomenaCenterEyed…. AUK event raised,” by Nihal Sharaf for Arab Times, April 9 (thanks to David)(you can read the entire article by using the Hyperlink):

…Al-Dallal added the legal committee also unanimously approved amendments to the Penal Code pertaining to blasphemy. The amendments stipulate the death penalty for those who publicly insult God Almighty (Divine Entity) or Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) or his wives. He said the committee discussed the matter with representatives from the Awqaf Ministry and fatwa experts and the bill will be on the agenda of the next session….”

The Beat Continues

And the beat goes on.  The barrier to commentary (freedom of speech) as to a supernatural figure (Allah) and a mortal (Muhammad) is the death penalty in a majority controlled Islamist Country is made even clearer.   They even have fatwa experts to turn to for direction.  This is not an expert on the law, a lawyer necessarily, but a religious scholar, limited to the Quran and Hadith’s only (their opinion expressed) in arriving at decisions.

Let the numbers of Muslims grow in your area, the ghosts of extremism will haunt them until they comply, and then the tongue of the infidels will be suppressed, reason curbed and as for free speech – forget it.

Grace and Peace,

2 thoughts on “UI – Part 157 – Death Penalty for Insulting Allah or Muhammad

  1. Read the books. Thanks. I like the study and note how only the Quran is used to determine actions taken towards apostates. There is no call for death. The article in the blog discusses an instance in Kuwait – current events. I can only assume you condemn what the Kuwait Parliamentary committee is suggesting.

    In my writing, which at times I assume from your Twitter commentary you see as hateful, my concerns towards Islamists are similar to that of the Ahmadi’s towards the logic (or lack thereof) of Maududi. The focus of the books you recommended are a discourse in the writings of Maududi, the political influence on Pakistan Muslims, and that of the Ahmadi’s, who in turn are viewed as kafirs and reside not in Pakistan but Great Britain. The Ahmadi’s look to the Quran and not Hadiths, which were influenced by Caliph’s and ulema post Muhammad and their personal interpretation of “What Would Muhammad Do? Are you saying that only the Ahmadi version of Islam is correct – all others are kafirs?

    Mizra Tahir Ahmad even states his book “shows how Islam is being exploited by the Mullahs and presented to the world as a medieval theocracy.” (pg vi)

    I recall a Tweet from you suggesting Christians as mass murderers, the religion of those of the KKK, Hiitler and others involved in the Spanish and French Inquisitions, yet your own scholar, Ahmad, writes, “Religion itself is not the real cause of mass murder.” (pg 11/158 – Murder in the Name of….). Your bias is showing. Ahmad goes on to say, “The real truth is that God…does not allow the followers of any religion to oppress His people.”

    Where I took exception, and was quite surprised to read, was Ahmad pointing to America as a conspirator encouraging death for apostasy within Islam. It read as follows, “Today Islam is in danger from within the world of Islam. This is the most horrific conspiracy that is being led by the American ‘colonization.’ The countries under the influence and domination of USA are pushing forward the death penalty for apostasy. These oppressors aim for Muslims to destroy each other rather than divert their attention to them. They are fully aware that the weak (Muslims) Governments which are totally dependent on their aid, are fed by them, get their weapons from them, and would not ever dare to kill any Hindu, Christian, or Jew. Indeed if their wrath was to descend on anyone it would descend on the fellow Muslim. If they were to destroy anyone it would be Muslim alone…”(it continues)

    Are we that diabolic. Most Americans are not aware of the ideology of Islam, let alone prepared to have a plan to disrupt the whole of Islam. It seems bizarre.

    I learned from the books and again appreciate your suggestion I add them to my library.

    You now also need to do some reading. One of my objections to Islam is Muhammad’s claim that Christ’s death on the Cross was faked. 600 years after the death of Christ, his burial and resurrection, witnessed by hundreds and never denied in contemporary articles written near the time of this ultimate human sacrifice for all mankind, Muhammad says it is not true. How would he know. He was not there, and those that were, not one, ever denied the event. History when substantially vetted as indeed the Bible has been, cannot be refuted without significant proof. There is support of Christ’s saving Grace and that changed how all of us should live. We live for God, to honor him knowing we are saved. We volunteer for God, never to fear a sword or condemnation for what we believe, as only God will be our judge. We repent for our sins, we atone and we know we are forgiven. The New Testament is the New Covenant for all. The wrath of God displayed in the Old Testament no longer applies to those who truly believe.

    Grace and Peace.


  2. Every allegation brought up here has already been repudiated time and time again. For a detailed understanding of what Islam actually teaches about apostasy, blasphemy, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and freedom of conscience, the following two books are must reads. They are both free as well. Both books are written by an Islamic scholar, and provide authentic sources and references for all claims, so everything is verifiable and valid. These books also debunk the myths articles like this one incorrectly espouse about Islam.

    Murder in the Name of Allah: http://www.alislam.org/library/books/mna/index.html

    The Truth About the Alleged Punishment for Apostasy in Islam: http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Apostasy-in-Islam.pdf


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