UI – Part 156 – The Media Enabling Terrorism

UI – Part 156 – The Media Enabling Terrorism

Is It Time to Leave Islam

If you have not seen the advertisement[i] placed in the NY Times with the headline reading, essentially, It’s Time to Consider Quitting The Catholic Church, you may not be fully aware of the controversy that has since arisen.  Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs prepared a similar advertisement, using the same Template, the headline reading, It’s Time to Quit Islam.  The NY Times refused to run her full-page ad, which was to cost $39,000.

This is an example of the role many in the Media, the NY Times very much at fault, have played avoiding confrontation with fundamentalist Islamists who threatened harm towards any written or verbal criticism of Islam.  The Times mentioned their concern for retribution by Muslims. (Cowards!)  This is as the Islamists prefer, allowing them to continue with their hate filled venom and acts of terrorism against non-Islamic-believers or to allow any opposing truths be told.   By such refusal to act or to respond to the nature of Islam using fear tactics and deceitful ploys, while doing unto others that which they do not want done to them, the NY Times and others are helping the Muslim, Islamist, Muslim Brotherhood, C.A.I.R. and other Islamic organizations objectives – a World All for Allah.

The Obama Administration is doing much of the same.  Egypt, an example, where the Muslim Brotherhood, even a leader once in the USA working for C.A.I.R., is now running for President of Egypt, and is calling for less democracy and more Sharia. Egypt has expelled the ambassador from Israel and calls Israel an enemy.  What does Obama do? He reinstated aid to Egypt’s military.  This while Coptic Christians are being killed, their churches attacked and their religion vilified, with little resistance from the local police or legal action taken against the criminals.  Where is the outcry from the Administration?  Where was America’s Obama Administration when Christians were being attacked and driven out of Iraq?  Where was America’s support for Iran’s dissidents against the regime in Iran actively abusing human rights?

America Stand-up for We The People

The America I know stands up for the rights of all people.  The America I know resists those who would destroy others or threaten others or express intentions to harm.  Outcomes from cartoons in Danish and Swedish newspapers, Facebook postings for Draw Muhammad Day, a fatwa against the author of the book The Satanic Verses (Sura 53:19-22) by Iran’s Khomeini, only a few examples, all demonstrate the enmity Muslims have towards anything they perceive as persecution or criticism of Islam, its self-professed Prophet Muhammad or their god, Allah.  In the UK and Europe the political system has been compromised to adopt legislation calling for ‘hate laws’, where opinions expressed, questions asked, concerns raised towards religion, the religion of Islam the focal point, have been passed.  Free Speech is under attack, all to avoid confrontation with the evil and dark hearts of Islamists.

Christians Secure as to their Faith

Why do the Catholics, the Protestants, the Christians not arm themselves and commit violent attacks upon perpetrators who burn the Bible or desecrate the cross or images of Jesus hanging on the cross, and more?  Where was the physical protest by the Catholics in front of the NY Times with placards and threats, even Molotov cocktails at the ready to be hoisted against those accepting of the advertisements, the entry way to the building housing the executives of this newspaper?  Is it that they are more mature, more comfortable, more knowledgeable, and more secure in what they believe.  It is not words that harm them; for they know the truth and need not use fear tactics to convince third-parties otherwise?   Tolerance by Christians is part of their make-up, the instruction from the Lord.  In the Bible they were told they would be persecuted, doubted, questioned because there are those that will refuse to believe.  They were not told to use force as offense or defense.  They are told to continue to love God and their neighbor.  They are instructed to be disciples to all.

Proclaim The Error of the Ways of Islam

The world, those who might raise questions about the Quran, the prophet Muhammad, even Allah, those that are concerned by violent, even murderous, reactions by Muslims to events that take place to which Muslims object, even those with plausible explanations, must proclaim the errors of the ways and thinking of Muslims. They lack tolerance, understanding, or forbearance.  Moderation is not part of their demeanor.  Is it a lack of sophistication or, as I would claim, a lack of security and confidence that Islam is the right path, a true religion more than an ideology.  Unfortunately too many within the walls of Islam cannot find a way out, or are wary that an open door of escape may be met on the other side with a band of Muslim Brothers on the ready with weapons of mass destruction.  The ‘mass’ to be destroyed are those that would proclaim a faith other than Islam.

Muslims have been destroying other Muslims for centuries.  The reason, those destroyed are not true to Islam, as seen by the destroyers, the stronger, better armed, and more oriented towards violence to achieve their aims.  There are those that have escaped walls of totally constrained Islamic States. America is one peaceful ground to which they emigrate.  But when they then declare they are ‘moderate’ Muslims, the flame of the fire of hatred arises by Islamists towards them claiming they are ignorant, they are not Muslims; they are apostates.  The Islamists use scare tactics and are prepared to kill; the moderates told they must prepare to die. Moderates do not come out in great numbers to defend their positions.  Why not? America must defend those who have escaped.  Our Laws, our Constitution is designed to offer the needed protection.  Yet compromise is occurring.  The Media is a step in an adverse direction.

Increase Resistance Towards Islamists

More resistance to Islamists and their terrorist tactics, their fear-mongering, their lying and claims of persecution is needed.  Multiculturalism is a cause for concern allowing insular communities to rise-up, some into which not even local police will enter.  This is wrong.  The United States must stand united indeed against acts of tyranny towards we as a People and a Nation.

There is hypocrisy within the Walls of Islam.

The American System

Our system, capitalism, whether in favor or not, can only be judged by its success.  We represent less than 5% of the world population, yet we are the greatest economy; we have encouraged other Nations to grow and allow someday for a larger population base than our own to become an even stronger economy that ours.  We have been on the ready to aid in world disasters, without a cry for thanks.  We just do it.  Our system is changing in a negative fashion, the incentives in our system, the American Dream, are being diluted. America has not been socialistic.  We are compassionate and caring, charity a greater outlet and expression of our grace than the Government.  Capitalism has enabled Americans to succeed with new ideas, inventions, programs, business, and creativity.  We have the financial system to help developing enterprises grow.  Apple Computer is an example of the ability for an American company to create products for people who didn’t even know they could not live without.  Our genius was/is built into the Constitution by our Founders.  Let no Administration compromise America’s standards.

The Threat of Islam

We can and must resist the threats of Islam, the imposition of Sharia Law, the undermining of our Constitution from without and within and the infiltration of our system of justice and democracy that in any way might alter the landscape of America to one of a weaker Nation.  The Media is apologizing as is Obama for who and what we are.  There is no need for that.  We can be proud of all we accomplished and the human rights we enjoy.  We are not perfect, but we are getting better. Compared to most Nations, we are the standard of freedom and human rights all should embrace.

Do not allow the influence of Islam and that of Islamic Law that allows for honor killing, calls of death to infidels, the wrapping of women in garb that demeans their human rights, even the treatment of women that casts them on less than an equal footing with men.  The toll of the bells of freedom must never be quieted or overshadowed by the Adhan.  Pray forAmerica’s greatness to never be reduced.  Let not Entitlements drug our children into a stupor than makes them any less productive, creative, or wanting of a greater life, lifestyle and future. America can never reduce itself to a society of ‘me’ children whose desire for ‘free stuff’, which they know is not possible, is catered to, and accepted, as the correct pathway to greatness.  Government Officials that use dispensing free candy, or ‘stuff’, are not leaders; they are egoists wanting the power of office to justify their personal existence.  When at the highest level it is abusive to all citizens and the future of our children.

Resist Ideology’s that tear at the foundation of freedom, not just in America, but in Europe, the United Kingdom, and everywhere in the world.  Where the youth, the workers, and those seeking a better life can see the light of freedom beaming on the pathway to be taken to achieve success there will be growth, happiness, freedom and joy.  There will be Islamists that observe a want for freedom in their countries, labeling it dissent, and then using water cannons, machine guns, tanks and other mechanisms of force, will do all possible to  impede progress.

Ahmad al-Baghdadi, a Kuwaiti and respected scholar of Islam, a liberal (died 2010), referenced in a commentary on Islam a comment by Muhammad, reported in the Hadith, “Verily, Islam started as something strange and it will again revert to being strange just as it began, and it will recede between the two mosques (Mecca and Medina) just as the serpent slithers back into its hole.” (Sahih Muslim 1:271).  He did not see Islam, he was a Muslim, as a religion, but more an Ideology.  A Criticism of the Muslim World by One of Its Own.  (Goto Hyperlink for more)

Media Must Change its Ways

The Media needs to change its ways.  It cannot hide behind desks, doors, and walls.  It cannot seek likeability, associations with celebrities, political influence or personal safely above the truth.  As Americans fought to secure the opportunities that present themselves here, the Press must speak up for all people.  Be honest about socialism.  Be honest about capitalism.  Be honest about Islam.  Be honest about the separation of Church and State.  Be thankful for their education and jobs. Do not harbor a protective environment, one in which any resistance is avoided.  Be brave and forthcoming with columnists who will say what needs to be said, do what needs to be done, take chances, and not do what they do for an Award, Recognition, or the next Pulitzer.  Writers, columnists must do what they do to tell the truth.  Do not make news political.


Where there is Truth there will always be resistance.  Muslims are so defensive because the truth is known to them, even though they do not accept it.  It hurts their programs, reveals and awakens their insecurities and destroys their mechanism of control over society.  Muhammad knew the Truth and chose a different direction for personal success. It has been the methods since his day to use deception, force and fear to achieve the objectives of his monotheism.

To the NY Times – Run Pamela Geller’s full-page advertisement.  Stop making excuses that lessen your credibility.  Stop being an enabler.

Grace and Peace.

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