UI – Part 155 – The War on Terror is Over

UI – Part 155 – The War on Terror is Over

The Obama Administration has made the claim that the war on terrorism is over.  I am skeptical of that.  The commentary suggested that those now entering or joining Al Qaeda are not doing so to be a terrorist, to fight in the name of Allah as a warrior with designs to destroy the West, but religious persons, Islamists to be, doing so for a religious conviction and desire to associate with others of like beliefs.

The quote from the State Department spokesperson was, “Now that we have killed most Al Qaeda, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone to Al Qaeda see an opportunity for legitimate Islamism.”

Now the question is what is ‘legitimate Islamism’?

Legitimate Islamism

From the many blogs on this internet site that answer (to what is ‘legitimate Islamism’?) is neither readily available nor does whatever concept of Islamism that fills the mind suggest peaceful existence with non-Muslims.  It may be peaceful when the Muslims represent a significant minority, but as their numbers and concentrations grow the specter of peace changes. Churches are destroyed. Infidels are eliminated.

In summary what is ‘legitimate’ is 1) non-existent, and 2) not peaceful.

From the Blaze website respondents suggest others as myself skeptical of the Obama Administrations position.  One comment (from Disenlightened on 4/25/2012)) expressed himself, “The war on terror is over. The economy is rebounding. I’m as happy as a young Barry Soetoro with a bowl of warm, tasty gravy and litter of puppies.”   You gotta love irony. That is not an outright suggestion of belief in what the Administration is saying.  Is the statement a campaign tactic? If so it is indeed disingenuous and self-serving.

Remain On-Guard

We must remain on-guard to this world-wide threat to freedom and the principles of democracy we enjoy.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a growing organization intent on building the ideology from within the free nations by becoming citizens, active participants in government and by garnering a voting bloc to then overturn those Constitutional constraints to the expansion of Islam, and the Constitutional protection towards the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression and equal rights for all.  Civil Law that has the common good of all citizens as a focus is not the direction they take.  It is the theocracy of Islam, the imposition of Islamic Law (Sharia) and the establishment of a Caliphate that is their objective.  They have patience.  They are not alone in achieving their goals.  There are many other Islamic organizations that have been mentioned on this site that have the same target, aiming their weapons of hatred, their cries of persecution, calling for hate speech laws when their feelings are hurt, and targeting with explosive devices those that are not of the same mind, or the same religion.

The War on Terror is not over

The War on Terror is not over. Rhetoric from Obama’s henchmen does not eliminate the threat.  If America needs to get rid of Obama to keep Islam, the Islamists and their terror tactics front and center, then so be it.  The battle of ideologies cannot be mitigated – defend freedom or defend Sharia.  Islam cannot be equated with faiths that accept others; it is not pluralistic in design or intent.  How could it be when the Scripture of Islam will not allow new churches in their occupied areas?   A focus must remain on Islam; the light needs to shine to discover in the shadows the sword of the Islamist aimed at the heads, the necks of the infidel.  By definition, from actions exhibited repeatedly in history, the ‘infidel’ is anyone who opposes Islam in any form. The Islamist, the one with the sword, is the one who defines.

There is a Presidential election this November 2012.  Not only Obama but any who are as soft on creeping Islam, creeping Sharia, can be ousted with the vote of the majority.  Cast your ballot accordingly. Protect America.  Stand up for freedom.  May God remain on the side of those who love all mankind, as does God.

Grace and Peace,




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