Understanding Islam – Part 57 – Imam The Destroyer

 Imam The Destroyer – Cordoba House  Park51 Mosque, Mega-Mosque, Ground-Zero Mosque) – 911

 The Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has done more to destroy bridges between Americans and Muslims than build them. He claims his life’s work is building bridges. This Imam needs a push.  Not from a bridge he is claiming is needed in America, but towards locations in the world where such structures, improved communications and tolerance are needed.   He may have failed in locating an area needing the spans he wants to build.  His insensitivity and threats regarding moving Cordoba House are more terrorist that realist.  They are not reflective of the love of God, or the love of neighbor (a cause he champion’s in his book). Does Allah love?  Is this religious leader using reason, or is he caught in the web of the ideology of Islam.  When he is done with his proclamations we may need to refurbish bridges already in place in our religious tolerant nation due to his undermining efforts, his resultant destructive polices and desires.

Having no respect for those sensitive to the location there have been news reports that, “The cleric (Imam Rauf) behind the lower Manhattan mosque thinks the idea that the site is sacred because it’s near Ground Zero is a bunch of baloney.” – NY Daily News .com   This is arrogance – un-American also.

Where the Imam made his mistake was beginning the Cordoba House, mega-Mosque, WTC Muslim shrine, project in the first place.  He already lives in a Country (America) where pluralism, tolerance of religions, exists.  What was his need to build bridges?   What theoretical areas were his bridges to join?  What people were to be connected by his bridge engineering efforts?  There are over 2000 mosques in the USA.  If each is a bridge, then we already have 2000.  More will be built – with no problem.  But then in the name of whatever he suggests, he wants bridges built as his life’s work between A and B, a problematic locale due to egregious acts of terrorism by Muslim, Islamic, radicals (whose focus is a literal translation of the Quran).  A is America and B is the Base of Muslim idealist’s greatest strike against capitalism – the tearing down of the WTC, attacking Western achievement and non-believers.  The area of greatest need, however, has been overlooked. 

He wants to build, having selected a safe place (America) for his personal aggrandizement. This is for him, not for America or Muslims; his ego is at stake.   As to bridges, the bridges were built-in America when the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution.  There are bridges in America of his desire, built without him, built by visionaries seeking freedom, including freedom of religion and freedom from oppressive laws that may be more theocratic than civil.  The joining structures already exist in this Country, but not in the Muslim world.  Is he lost, or hiding, in the safety and security of this Nation?  It appears so.

He is admirably loyal to Islam and Muslims.  Does he truly feel as loyal to non-Muslims?  His statement that by not constructing Cordoba House in the location he proposed there would be increased attacks on Americans by Islamists.  How is this to be interpreted?  Is it a threat?  Is it a call to action by the independent free-wheeling Islamist who might be compelled to act in the name of Allah to prove the Imam correct?  There are millions of Muslims that may be ready, prepared, suicidal, to commit acts of aggression; they need only the slightest excuse, reason, suggestion, feeling of persecution, or word suggesting they take on the mantel of the Allah-like and fight for the cause of Islam; the cause is that all the world be for Allah.  The Imam is calling others to do his bidding; but that is as Muhammad would do.  In fact Muhammad did so in Medina when upset with Jews.  They may have asked his Mecca adversaries to help them defend their city against Muhammad, knowing people of Mecca were concerned with his new religion and its impact on trade and the lifestyle in is home city (that he left feeling persecuted). He then declared a fatwa against the Jews.  The fatwa was like a contract to kill all Jews, a billboard posting to anyone who responds to kill Jews.  It remains in effect to this day.  Why?  It was enmity for infidels – Jews and Christians.

This dichotomy of loyalty to Muslims and enmity for infidels — which, incidentally, corresponds well with Islamic law’s division of the world into the abode of war (deserving of enmity) and the abode of Islam (deserving of loyalty) — is founded on a Muslim doctrine called wala’ wa bara’ (best translated as “loyalty and enmity”).” – source: (Middle East Forum – September 13, 2010 http://www.meforum.org/2746/muslim-disloyalty-america

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a coward who lacks a clear vision for confronting his objectives – which are most needed in the Muslim world.  By dealing with a trumped-up need for appeasement of religious groups in America he is revealing his own need for recognition and a heightened pedestal upon which to have his voice heard and his face projected.  He has been exposed for what he is, and now scrambles to defend his weak position.  Is his a dawa method, more subversive than honest, to allow Islam to grow and take hold with theocratic and ideological implications as the numbers, the Muslim population, increase?

His true objective is a bridge from the Constitution of America to Sharia Law and he needs a prominent base upon which to begin.  He is tunneling in the dark more than constructing in the open.  He wants to stand at the center of the span created and continue his call for Muslim Brotherhood.  He would want a minaret at the center of the span having a call to worship blaring 5 times a day.

His Cordoba House has done more to destroy bridges, to burn bridges, especially the many that have already been built-in America.  He is an enemy of the sanctity of life already achieved for Muslims in this Country.  He is fooling no one with his admonition that if Cordoba House is not built there will be consequences.  The radical Muslims will ignite more flames to throw at the West.  Their arrows are already lit.  There swords are at their sides. They have the Quran to support their fight against non-believers in Islam.  As I understand over 35 verses in the Quran suggest using the sword, committing violent acts, against non-believers.   They just want blood.  What is any different?  The radicals will find any crumb of an excuse to add fuel to the fires they have already built.  They exist with burning hatred in their hearts.  This hatred is not just for Jews, Christians and the West, but also moderate Muslims who totally disagree with the Imam, his lack of sensitivity, and his building bridges to a place where they are not needed.  He has dug his own chasm over which we may now need a bridge, however he will not be the engineer with the knowhow to make it work.  He has already failed.

This man is a disgrace to the correct picture of all Muslims in America.  If his intentions were ever more ‘good’ than ‘evil’ he has done sufficient damage that whatever credibility he earned has been diminished greatly.  He missed the mark with his own extremist views, disguised, but now obvious.  He has made a mockery of the moderate Muslims that find freedom refreshing, and worth embracing.  There are a majority of Muslims, silent for the most part, that would tell the Imam how wrong he is, how insensitive he is, how callous and divisive he is. They question his motives. His rhetoric is a self-protectionist means to deny the wrong he committed in his desire to construct a temple of Muslim terrorism’s success at the heart of American capitalism.

I received a note from a moderate Muslim (living in a Muslim Country not in America), a religious Muslim without the same ideological focus as radicals.  What that Muslim (living in a 100% Muslim culture) wrote about 911 and Cordoba House follows:

“I just watched Larry king live “Where were you on 9/11?” It’s horrible and just thinking about those people on board seeing death before their eyes as the airplanes crashed the buildings…, it feels like we live in a cruel dangerous world that has no guarantee for one’s safety! How can someone take a life of another and consider this as fighting for the cause of God! I believe such people have nothing to live for and that’s why their lives become meaningless and by committing suicide attacks they seek for a meaning for doing so! They are tools in others’ hands whose minds are sick.
          Still remember that day. There were different reactions from people. Some were extremely happy and considered that as a victory on USA which they considered the force of evil. Others related the attacks to Israel and that was a planned trick to launch war on Islam. I myself felt shocked and couldn’t figure out how people would do such thing! Wars if (they) have to exist should not take the lives of innocent people. No excuse for such (an) act, even if USA was the force of evil and … responsible for others’ deaths in other countries. You don’t copy others’ acts just because they act this or that way!
         Those victims could be our own children and families! What happened to them could happen to us (in the correspondent’s home land) too.
          I don’t blame others for their hatred toward Islam if that (is) what they see and get from Islam.
          I don’t blame them if they refuse the construction of a mosque on the area that had such a horrible scene. It makes no sense to choose such a place for constructing a mosque there. A mosque can be constructed on any other site as God doesn’t demand a specific spot!
          What would happen if the construction was canceled?! Would Muslims there protest?! I don’t understand the situation there! How come they demand a specific site when they live in a non-Muslim country! They are lucky to be allowed to practice their religion and have other mosques to go to.
          Is it an individual’s issue related to Imam Rauf or an attitude by a group of Muslims?!
           Do you expect a new trend and vision Muslims would have in the few coming years or would they just stay as they are misunderstanding the real mission of their religion which is peace, tolerance and bringing life not taking it away?”

Many extremists celebrated in the streets when the towers fell.  Many will celebrate again when this Mosque-tower is built.  The Imam knows this is truth.  He wants to deny the truth as a political gesture to continue his lie, and avoid any possible embarrassment.  Or he really wants this symbol of radical Islam’s success rising with significant oversight of the World Trade Center disaster. It is one or the other, and neither is Godlike.   He is unable to admit the egregious error he has committed.  He is not showing any love of Allah, and then again Allah is not described in the Quran as loving, so he is exhibiting what he believes.  And there are no bridges being built-in America by this Imam.  This is an act of terrorism; he is negatively impacting what has already been built.  This action is as a reminder to the moderates they may not be as Muslim as they should be in his view. It is a call to moderates, or a command, that ‘They MUST support the cause of Islam, and the Imam’s, to make American more Islamic.’   They are not prepared for his Sharia compliant system; that is the reason they are in America in the first place.   He is taking advantage of the freedom he enjoys in this country, using it against democracy, to grow the world for Allah.

He does not have the courage to do what is right.  He is afraid of Muslims, of Islamists, when he should be representing the moderates in their fight to have their religion live as neighbors with other nations.  Most of the Muslim world, their governing leadership anyway, prefers walls around their society to avoid other religions from entering.  It is like the plague, as if Christianity and Judaism are a disease that might invade their world.  The many leaders of the Muslim world have entrenched themselves in concerns over their faith, with fatwa’s to other religions, and spent more time focusing on issues tantamount to a continuing religious war, and thus progress has stopped.  In many cases progress (or a lack thereof) reverted back to the 6 and 7th century.  Well, progress cannot be kept at bay forever. 

If the Imam desires plurality, it is not in downtown New York City that he must do his work.  It is elsewhere.  Go Imam where you can live your life’s work.  It is not in America, and we will thank you for your efforts and success. 

Consideration is now being given to some accommodation. Will the Mosque, this cultural center, be relocated? We await the outcome.  I pray that it will.   However this Imam has exposed his intentions and needs to be watched carefully.  His every word will be analyzed and how he plans to continue the Islamization of America will be studied, understood and hopefully curtailed when Ideology overshadows Religion.

I pray the Imam and his supporters agree to moving the planned mosque.  I will commend them for such a decision.  Unfortunately he has already done much damage and made America more aware of Islam and the goal of the radical Islamists.  They suspect too that he is with the radicals more than the moderates.  May a separate voice from the moderate contingent come forward and help to repair the bridge that Imam Rauf has damaged.

God Bless America.  Help us all keep freedom in the forefront and our love of God, and God’s love, in focus. 

Grace and Peace,

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