Understanding Islam – Part 56 – Ideology vs. Religion – 3

 Life Itself

 The website WhyIslam.org has answers to many questions concerning Muslims.  In one on the subject of ‘Terrorism’ they say, “Could it be possible that Islam, whose light ended the Dark Ages in Europe, now propound the advent of an age of terror? Could a faith that has over 1.2 billion followers the world over, and over 7 million in America, actually advocate the killing and maiming of innocent people? Could Islam, whose name itself stands for “peace” and “submission to God”, encourage its adherents to work for death and destruction?”

 I like what the site says about ‘life’ itself, its importance:

 “Sanctity of Human Life

The Glorious Qur’an says:

“…take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.”
[Al-Qur’an 6:151]

Islam considers all life forms as sacred. However, the sanctity of human life is accorded a special place. The first and the foremost basic right of a human being is the right to live. The Glorious Qur’an says:

“…if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”
[Al-Qur’an 5:32]

Such is the value of a single human life, that the Qur’an equates the taking of even one human life unjustly, with killing all of humanity. Thus, the Qur’an prohibits homicide in clear terms. The taking of a criminal’s life by the state in order to administer justice is required to uphold the rule of law, and the peace and security of the society. Only a proper and competent court can decide whether an individual has forfeited his right to life by disregarding the right to life and peace of other human beings.”

 Concerns raised by those that see the Muslim world from afar, as to the Sanctity of Life, include:

  • Suppression of woman
  • The questionable posture towards woman rights
  • The inequality of the witness of a woman vs. that of a man
  • Sharia Law
  • Openly stoning adulterers, in addition to whipping, but the stoning is to the death.
  • Theocracy as a form of governance, with men declaring the punishment of God, even though they themselves are sinners little qualified to judge.
  • An overly active nature of sensitivity towards the slightest specter of concern towards actions, writings, the history of Islam, Allah or Muhammad.
  • Fatwa’s issued to kill Jews, cartoonists, authors and others.
  • The non-existence of freedom of religion in Muslim dominated areas.  Where they may be churches or synagogues they cannot be repaired or replaced.  Worshippers cannot do so in the open or in a way to influence Muslims to consider another faith.
  • Education in madrassas to hate Jews and the West.
  • Funding of terrorist actions from sources such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, funding to kill Americans, destroy military equipment, or commit suicidal acts in the name of Allah regardless of the killing, collateral damage, of innocent lives (even the Innocents that as defined which are Muslims). 
  • Active acts of killing of Jews and Christians in Muslim Countries
  • Intolerance towards other faiths or those that do not believe in Allah.
  • Resistance to criticism, including violent acts towards verbal abuse.
  • The claim of Islamaphobia when any objections are raised to positions taken by Muslims.
  • Making claims of ‘racism’ or ‘hate’ when anything in opposition to actions of Muslims are put forward.  Even if such actions have significant validity in reality.  Why not simply debate the issues.
  • Quranic paragraphs that tell Muslims to lie or deceive non-Muslims to advance their cause. (8:30 tells the reader ‘Allah is the best of deceivers.’  Who can believe a God that lies, deceives, when God is to most people the essence of Truth?) 
  • Quranic passages that instruct Muslims to behead or otherwise harm disbelievers – (such as 8:12-13, “12When the Lord revealed to the angels, I am with you, so make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.  So smite above the necks and smite every finger-tip of them. 13This is because they opposed Allah and His Messenger – then surely Allah is severe in requiting.”
  • A statement of hatred forever expressed in Quran 60:4, “We disbelieve in you (Jews and Christians) and there has arisen enmity and hatred between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone…”
  • There are passages, like 2:193, that tell Muslims to ‘fight until there is no persecution’ and most importantly until the religion of the world, ‘is only for Allah’ that suggest an imperialistic type movement throughout the world to insist on Islam.  Methods to be employed include a patient, carefully crafted infiltration of non-Muslim areas, and an insistence in Muslim dominated areas of absolute dedication to only Islam.
  • The beauty of Allah, the forgiveness, mercy and compassion of Allah, loved by Muslims, and yet the intolerance of those that should live as Allah would have them do so, in peace with others and in total submission to God.  But the human element, the sinful nature of man, the totalitarian control, seems to dictate under the banner of Muhammad and Allah, and is exhibited to the world from the offices of the government of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the list goes on.  Where is the love of Allah exemplified?  It is the hatred of Muhammad against Jews and non-believers that most obvious.
  • Examples of the leaders and the scholars of Muslim lands making exceptions for themselves in the way they live their lives, treat others, marry, or discipline.
  • Evidence of chaos in Countries that are 100% or approaching 100% Islam.  Even when that is the case differences between tribes, clans, scholars, Imam’s, Abdullah’s, Mullah’s, government officers suggest when all is for Allah, all is not peaceful.  When is progress possible?

 The website under the heading – History of Tolerance notes:

 “Muslims ruled Spain for roughly 800 years. During this time, and up until they were finally forced out, the non-Muslims there were alive and flourishing. Additionally, Christian and Jewish minorities have survived in the Muslim lands of the Middle East for centuries. Countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan all have significant Christian and/or Jewish populations.”

 Today the above is a questionable statement.  Christians are being escorted to the borders of Morocco and asked to leave the Country.  Lebanon, once a majority Christian, is no longer.  Read Brigitte Gabriel’s book (Because They Hate) on her family’s experience as Christians in Lebanon, especially at the hands of Palestinians. Egypt was also a majority Christian nation during much of the 1900’s, but with the aide of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the eradication of many Coptic Christians (which continues) it is no longer.  The populations of Christians in the countries noted may have been significant, but efforts by Muslims of the more radical ideology are making every effort to have their significance reduced to next to nothing.  

 If the moderate Muslims are tolerant, are faithful, are accepting of other religions in their midst, welcome plurality and diversity, embrace the sanctity of all life (including non-Muslims), they need to speak up. I believe they are accepting people, they are the majority, yet they stay away from the issues that are important, are impacting all Muslims worldwide, and are less than Godlike.  They need to begin in the Muslim world to build bridges with all faiths.  But, they stand by in silence and allow this to occur.  Why?  Is it for fear of their own lives?  Is it for fear they will be labeled less than Muslim and treated just as non-Muslims? 

 Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, of Cordoba House fame, if his life’s work is to build bridges with all faiths, to embrace the plurality of religions, why is he in America and not presenting himself to all of the Muslim world, in the Muslim world, championing his cause, his objective, building bridges, and condemning the actions of the radical ideological elements of Islam, and encouraging the moderates to rise up and speak their mind.  Raise the arms of peace in the world where peace today is only if you are Muslim, and that is not for all at all.  Imam should be having Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco and other countries opening doors to churches and synagogues, and welcoming Muslims who wish to experience and see another religion to come and visit.  Without persecution, without any retribution, allow all Muslims to choose another path or stay the course of their Islam, accept plurality, expand their cultural pool of ideas and views, and see if they progress.  Allow members of other faiths to come to their Countries and speak, openly discuss, debate, and enjoy a new freedom.  That would be a bridge worth building.

If Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf listened to the moderate Muslims instead of the radical Muslims, religion would top ideology, and he would move the WTC Mosque to a more acceptable location, one more sensitive and respecting of the honor of the WTC site and area to Americans. 

 “Islam – The Great Unifier

Far from being a militant dogma, Islam is a way of life that transcends race and ethnicity. The Glorious Qur’an repeatedly reminds us of our common origin:

“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).”
[Al-Qur’an 49:13]”

  From the WhyIslam.org internet site the above (in Italics) is most questionable.  Where is the Truth in the statement made when religious tolerance is lacking in Muslim countries?  Where is the Truth in the statement made when in Muslim dominated areas:

  • The equality of men and women does not exist,
  • Independent thinking is questioned,
  • Doubts towards Islam are suppressed and forbidden,
  • Any change to a history of arranged marriages is repelled (by honor killing),
  • Personal freedom is resisted,
  • And only for Allah is the Theme. 

 How can a world “made into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other,” happen without plurality, a mix of religions, an open education system, and freedom.

       *      *      *      *      *      *

Ideology, the way-of-life, dictated by a Theocratic governance, whose leaders may be more sinful that the followers of their faith, is becoming the more apt label for Islam.  The religion of Islam is being hijacked by the Ideologists who want their own way and their own lifestyle and their own dictates to continue.  Doing what they do in the name of God, in the name of Allah, has become useful and helpful in enabling their diabolic dominance of large populations to survive.  They prefer the moderate, the more religious, remaining quiet, and focused on Allah as a God that is forgiving and merciful. so they can go to extremes.  But – where is the Love?

 Grace and Peace.

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