BHO – Mr. Chaos.

If the Government health care plan passes as the BHO Admin and the Liberal cadre wishes what will be the impact on Government Revenue?  Here’s my thought.  If the Plan maintains the Public Option as Pelosi and Reed would like, then the number of private Health Insurers will decline, their potential to make profits will be eliminated, and the tax revenues from those sources will be non-existant.  What will the Public Option government Plan provide in terms of tax revenues?  It will be a Government Cost Center – another one of many.  The ans. – nothing.  The Plan may not add to the liability directly (as BHO now claims), but it will cause a reduction in tax revenues, thus adding to the deficit. 

Any action by the Feds to curb the profits of the productive sector of this Country will hurt the Governments revenue needs.  Any actions by the Government to curb the incentives of the productive sector of this Country will hurt Government revenues.  And it is clear this Government – any BHO plan – needs revenues to pay.  No revenues – no pay for Plans of BHO.  This can create Chaos.  BHO may be Mr. Chaos. 

HR 3200 still contains language, even recently added, that includes payments for Abortions – that is in spite of the Democrats talking heads denying such.  Are we being lied to by our leader?  Can that be?  And if not by our leader, then by his surrogates – so he can claim “it wasn’t me!” 

Are there too many lawyers in this Nation and in Washington to prevent any form of Tort Reform?  Can We the People impact the change that is really needed?  So far we were not successful in the 2008 elections.  Can we be more successful in causing Change  in the 2010 and the 2012 elections?  We can only Trust the President that is in office – since he is the only one we have, but if we must (and that seems the case) then We The People are the only solution to the dilemma and Chaos BHO is creating.  We must pray for guidance and a person to emerge that we can Trust, and believe we can Trust, in the 2012 Election.  Plan ahead.

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