How Does BHO spell Competition?

“Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people – not even Jimmy Carter.” said by Gerald Warner, Telegraph (UK paper).  He feels the President (whom he calls a ‘Pantywaist’) is more ready to fight Republicans than Terrorists. 

The speech on Wednesday had some elements that raised eyebrows.  Obama will “out” those who disagree with HIM.  Was there anything new?  Town Hall protestors are the enemy – yet they are thoughtful Americans with questions, those questions about policy, that even Obama said he wants to hear (really?).  And there was more Social Engineering – he said just how Health Insurers were to operate – the government way.  What about free enterprise?  Do we really want the government to be in competition with free enterprise.  As to Social Engineering we now have the Banks and the Obama-Motors, the current health care provider network ( a paperwork maze with slow pay and too many people over-regulating based on the errors of a few – adding considerable costs to the current health care system), and the government itself.    How can we have a known, suspect, inefficient organization (The Federal Government) running anything.  Regulate and legislate – yes, Operate – no. 

If Billions are to be saved from Medicare and Medicaid, why is it not happening NOW?  BHO suggested $622 Billion in fraud and inefficiencies can be saved.  When it comes to Fraud and Inefficiencies the Government seems to run on them.  There’s Rangle, Pelosi, and Czars, and Pork – Mr. Chaos, should we go on – do you need more names.  What about $’s going to ACORN or to Planned Parenthood?  When it comes to the Government operating businesses just consider 1.) the Post Office, 2.) Medicare and Medicaid (BHO even mentioned it is fraught with fraud and abuse), 3.) the VA system, 3.) Social Security and more.  Let’s see the savings first – a demonstration program showing us the Government can save Billions.  Again – what about oink, oink – Pork? 

What brain trust Czar has suggested to Obama squeezing businesses potential for profits to the point that less taxes will be paid.  Wow – that’s good social policy – NOT.  The Government runs on Revenues (not income), and without a Productive economy Revenues will go down and the only outcome can be Higher Taxes.  Yes – Higher Taxes.  Be Prepared. 

Mr. President, Mr. BHO, Mr. Chaos, here are suggestions – You wanted them right?

  • Tort Reform should not be an experiment – it should be now.  The Trial Lawyers must be dealt with by Obama, but he has no b…s.  Too much financial support for the candidates by one of the greatest expense areas of Health Care.  How selfish can our President and his Liberal supporters be – or how Obvious? 
  • Insurance across State lines – give Alabamans a choice (he referred to the State of Mr. Gibb as having one insurer for 90% of the people – open it up to others – just like car insurance).  Result – choice and competition with Uncle BHO.
  • Joint Insurance Programs – allow for pools of individuals to form and negotiate for Health Insurance Coverage.
  • Require access for all – YES!
  • Incentives for Wellcare – YES!

Did BHO make a few untruths in his speech – like end of life decisions, no abortions, illegal aliens, gov. health care to be cheaper than pvt. Insurance (certainly with all the ordered burdens – some good ideas but costly) thus establishing thru the back door a public option, and tax increases?  Oh my – if the Fraud and Inefficiencies to which BHO admitted (of his Administration) cannot be cut, our pocketbooks will be – His Administration’s hands will be deep in all our pockets to cover Their programs. 

Dear Lord, save us from this Government Option and grant us with the Wisdom to come up with Private options that finally provide some reform.  I agreed – there is a need for Reform.  Indeed BHO has given us the Incentive and green light (sorta).

Letting off steam – BHO has opened every vent.  By the way to ans. the question about Competition – BHO spells Competition – “the Government Way – a Government Monopoly and little consideration for the other side of the isle”.  BHO has not shown himself to be a bi-partisan sort; he only uses the others as fodder for his personal and avengful attacks. 

Health Care Reform – Is this something the People should be given the Right to Vote on?  If not directly, then at least in 2010 and 2012 be prepared to vote what you feel and believe is right for America.  If you believe it is BHO and the Liberals, so be it.  If you believe it is a more objective, productive, conservative, practical, conscientious, and considerate person or group, then vote accordingly.

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