BHO is Lost.

Let’s discuss Barack Hussein Obama (“BHO”).  

BHO is now a ready subject for criticism in just about everything he does, from vacationing in MV to speaking to children in public schools to constant campaigning to pushing for costly Bills in Congress this Nation can ill afford to making claims for which there is factual evidence that suggests he is not telling the whole truth, and more.  One last thing, BHO, with the likes of Valerie Jarret, Holder, Van Jones, and the past with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and so on, in his company for years, and once outed BHO then denies he knew anything about their past or their speeches or their positions; add to this then his cadre of Czars [what a joke that has become – and certainly an obvious means to circumvent Congressional approval of his choices (advisers mind you) because they too would be outed and many would probably not be persons wholly in sync with American thinking – like communist Van Jones]  and many would be persons with similar questionable backgrounds (or given their posts because they paid for them via campaign financial support).  One starts to question the credibility (I’m not as yet questioning his intelligence) of BHO.  And the really unfortunate part of this all is he is our President.  He has fallen in the polls and only appears to listen to Democrats. 

What happened to BHO’s claims that through friendly discussions and pursuasion he could solve world relations, BUT what about domestic relations. Everyone in Congress speaks English, but what friends has BHO made there? Where have we seen evidence of his friendship train taking us to places never before seen in the annals of across the isle political discourse and agreement.  NADA.  He is a failure at diplomacy.  Another area of apparent failure is Leadership. 

Timing is everything and given BHO’s now questionable abilities, with Valerie Jarret his handler and seemingly the one choosing the Czar/advisers, how can Americans not be skeptical of whatever the Administration Plans.  He is a failed President and will now, God Bless us All, continue his habitual campaigning and TelePrompter TV prime time and anytime diatribes.  Speaking to the kids in public schools, those who listen or even show-up, is practice for his speech to the joint session of Congress – he wants an intelligent audience, unbiased, actually totally uninformed and impressionable first, before he speaks to the lowest ever popular Congress. 

Americans are now worried and afraid.  Worried about and afraid of what the BHO, Oval, office might do, and what his crazy nuthouse of Czars might suggest he do.  This is all most polarizing and may possibly be setting back the years of accomplishments of  Martin Luther King and so many other great minority leaders.  We have come a long way, please do not allow BHO, or his cronies (doing their thing with BHO’s support, but not BHO’s understanding – so it seems) control what happens next in this great Country.  Is BHO a sycophant to Valerie and the Czars that he is paying off – in the political way?

Where do we go from here? Maybe, hopefully,  all Bills passed by the Democrats alone can be reversed when the House and Senate change in 2010 and change further in 2012.  We can only pray the damage done is not permanent and America can begin to encourage greater minds and more capable persons to run for office and replace the cesspool of talent now wandering the halls of Washington DC (just listen to many of the reps from CA as prime examples) and asking “how can the People serve us better” instead of “how can we serve the people. ”   Even BHO wanted AmeriCorps expanded so the People can Serve America better – also subversively continue the campaign for BHO and his Liberal constituency.  We elected our representatives to serve us.  The platter they carry only asks for our money to be placed on it for their use.  How sad.  Yes Mr. BHO we need Change, but you are obviously not the Change we were seeking – Yes, Mr, BHO we still need Change.

Praying for Change and guidance from our Lord and Savior (BHO is not the savior -even though at times it appears he thinks he is).

A concerned citizen of a country that has grown because of its people, not because of its government.

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