Pledge or Pray for Change in 2010

Earlier this year there was a Celebrity Pledge to Obama.  Listen to the “I pledge to be a servant to Obama”, and see the Obama T-Shirt.  When do the politicians start serving We The People.  First pledge:  –  Only received two stars, and that was 100% more than what it deserved.  Sounds so good, until the HOOK becomes all too obvious.  “to the funk of funkadelica” – what?  Someone actually pledged to that.  Today hearing this causing stomach pains.

This Creepy Pledge has commentary that is liberating. –  It received 4 stars.  Shows who’s watching and rating.

The “My Muslim Fatih” comment by Obama – – (this may have been taken out of context – but not by me)

How do you feel the elderly would react to this sales pitch on ObamaCare.

American the Beautiful – Oh where have you gone?  Dear Lord please continue to allow the watchdogs develop their video reports of what is happening in America so we can judge for ourselves.  And give us guidance dear Lord to see more clearly the Truth and respond appropriately.

By the way – recent headline – Obama Will Address Joint Session of Congress on Sept.. 9   But he will be speaking with the children in Public School America first (Sept 8).  This may be to practice what he says to Congress – or to insure he has the opportunity to speak with an intelligent audience first.

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