‘Mandatory'(?) Classroom Presidential Speech – Bad Timing!

Sept 8 – the day following the Labor Day weekend an outline has been provided public schools by the Administration that would have all classes listen to an Obama speech.  It appears a requirement, but should that be.  What are the alternatives for the students if indeed this is a political speech masked as a study, a program, in civics?

A letter from the Secretary of Education – Arne Duncan, suggests that students are ‘encouraged’ to participate.  Here is an excerpt – “This is the first time an American president has spoken directly to the nation’s school children about persisting and succeeding in school. We encourage you to use this historic moment to help your students get focused and begin the school year strong. I encourage you, your teachers, and students to join me in watching the President deliver this address on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. It will be broadcast live on the White House website www.whitehouse.gov12:00 noon eastern standard time.”  Then there is an outline for students K-6, and 7-12, pre and post speech, plus a “a student video contest on education.” 

Whoopee – yes I am skeptical!  I know I shouldn’t be, but given all we have heard from the Oval office, the Czars, the lack of any true bi-partisan effort by Obama, the mantra of all the Obama and Democratic handlers, the constant blame the Dems. cast in the name of the ‘Bush’ era, the cadre of CA Representatives and their obvious political and socialist bias, who wouldn’t be?  And now invading the Classroom under the disguise of support for Education – Yes Mr. President I want to believe – but right know it is only God that convinces me.  And you are not God.  Where were you, Mr. Pres. Obama on National Prayer Day?  What students saw you standing up for the faith of the Founding Fathers of this Nation?  What kind of an example have you established for our kids?  Is your civics lesson all Democrats, all Socialists, all Obama, or what? 

At noon there is always Lunch. 

This is really a matter of ‘bad timing’ for Obama.  He has sunk in the polls and now appears he is doing all he can to garner support, having to get to the kids to get to the parents to get his agenda across.  What may be a good thing in civics in a bad thing, at this time, politically.  The headline term “Mandatory” is the impression.  This is another example of having an inexperienced President, having no history of being in a leadership position and thus no practical leadership activity, and having provided no evidence during his brief time in office of being a leader (a speech maker – yes, a telepromter reader – yes).  He seems to have been trying to have others stage his future thus all the Advisors and the Czars.  When does he take the wheel himself?  Maybe he just can’t drive this Nation as needed.  That seems to be what the polls are suggesting.

If so inclined take the day off – extend your Labor Day weekend if you have kids and do not want them exposed to more political grandstanding.  If Obama were a true Statesman I would be saying,  “Go – Listen – Learn”, but just can’t do it.  Not given the current National State of affairs and the lack of any practical focus on an Agenda in Washington with Priorities – the greatest of which should be – Can we afford it?  Not how are we going to pay for it – no, just how can we afford it?  Can we afford a public Health Care Option?  Can we afford more Welfare?  Can we afford any Pork?  Can we afford Cap and Trade?  Is there Global Warming and can we afford to be the one that stops it – and what if it is not true?  What can our Nation afford right now?  Has Obama even had that question enter his mind or even been suggested by one Democrat?  We can only Pray someone will ask the question and look to the Lord for guidance so our future has a well considered path before it.

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