Moral Superiority of Islamists

UI – Part 527 – Moral Superiority of Islamists

Samy Amimour, a terrorist active in the 2015 Paris attacks, in a video released after the horror, proclaimed as a criticism that those living in France who “claim to be Muslims” yet don’t fight risk their lives, just as a non-believer, is an infidel. He said, “We are being killed every day and you are sitting there idly, living among them, sleeping among them, eating with them, with these disbelievers, while it is within your ability to display some honor and spit in their faces – if you can’t find a weapon – or smash their heads with a rock, or run them over with your car and terrorize them.”


His voice is not a lone wolf among Muslims. Call those of the more extreme nature “Islamists;” they place themselves upon a high pedestal proclaiming the superiority of Muslims, as the Quran itself informs them all, yet they are a Muslim following the same Scripture and tenants of Islam as any other that claims they are a Muslim. The only difference is the rabid dog like nature of their hearts seeking blood to be spilled from the necks of their targets of hatred. The demands they make are as a snarling, teeth exposed, paws planted, and readied canine, incensed to defend their moral righteousness. They call upon their culturally caged cadres who ignore the directives of Muhammad, as a spokesman for the unseen, unknowable Allah, their god, and who are the most potential to be embarrassed, or shamed, the more Islamic means, into proving they are more Muslim than not.

As to the claim of superiority, “Fight those who believe not in Allah… until they…(are) in acknowledgement of superiority and they are in a state of subjection” (Sura 9:29).

Watch-Dogs of Islam

There are Islamic organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Student Association (MSA), C.A.I.R., ISNA, and the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) that are bodies of watch-dogs seeking cracks in the armor of the infidels to ply their wares to achieve a world all for Allah. They do so not even realizing themselves what they are doing. They are restricting the freedoms they enjoy to exist and to proselytize their ideology in non-Muslim locales. When they succeed the appeal made to the moral superiority of the political and cultural segments cause them to rise in their defense, not knowing what they are doing, just hyped by a sense of self-purpose as a social justice warrior, a defender of the oppressed, and as a protector of freedom of religion. These Islamic organizations succeed in caging the masses, even non-Muslims, to enable their militant, overt and surreptitious, methods to overlay common law with modifications that are progress for Islam itself.

Political Moral Superiority

Moral superiority is not only the province of the Islamist. It is inherent in the nature of many. We see it in the political world today, as Democrats resist anything that the target of their hatred, President Donald Trump, sought to achieve for the majority of the citizens of the United States. Trump’s imperfections, of which many who supported him agree he is flawed, cannot overshadow his positive achievements. But those who opposed see an ideology, label it ‘conservative,’ that offends their senses. Those that want more control over people, larger government, more centralized decisions (opposing State’s Rights), open borders (allowing increased numbers of non-citizens or illegals), and division find opportunity in the chaos to take control.

Biden, having defeated Trump in the 2020 election, acting as a moderate, is now, in a spiteful manner, his staff most complicit, making every effort to undo anything positive from the prior Administration. The Democrats act superior, yet they yell ‘racist’ at every turn while exhibiting naught but racism towards a black Senator, Tim Scott, who speaks articulately and truthfully. He gave the Republican rebuttal speech to Biden’s address to an empty vaccinated masked Congress on 4/26. But he was not sharing their tone of more and bigger government, power to the Democrats, increased spending wherever possible, and white supremacy as the greatest terror threat to America. “America is not a racist Nation,” he emphasized.

Borders today are as broken dams, and the President nor his VP Harris have ever visited to experience the chaos they created. Iran is as a light of Obama hope in the Middle East, the Biden Administration staff wanting to reignite the Obama Nuke 2015 deal, and give money to Iran. The Climate has moved to the top of Biden’s forehead, his Progressive base pushing hard for the Green New Deal. The rest of the world needs to be saved from all the pollution in spite of America’s accomplishments, at our tax-payers expense, a proper risk/reward analysis never considered. The Keystone pipeline closure already is an example of the Biden job losses from his fossil fuel ignorance.

If it is not said or done in the manner desired by the leftist cabal, and their MSM voices, then guilt to the caucasians, racist tendencies of conservatives, and economic disaster is the outcome told to WeThe People. Biden believes his Government is the Government of WeThe People and the taxes we pay are his Government’s Revenues to spend. It is not our money, but theirs. That is moral superiority by the left, the Democrats.

Co-ed dorms in colleges have led to a continued moral decay in our society. Protecting and defending illegal immigrants, particularly those who have committed crimes, calling them ‘dreamers,’ suggesting Americans are not ‘dreamers,’ at the expense of citizens, is simply disingenuous. Being against tax cuts that benefit everyone, while at the same time seeking increased government spending on pet projects, pork, akin to bribes for their votes, is self-serving (and costly). Killing babies in abortion mills at the expense of tax-payers is strictly political and a reflection of a stance against those who believe in the biblical God and the ethical and moral values put forward biblically that inhibit their practices and subject them to guilt.

God is under attack, because God reminds people of their sinful moral nature, which they do not like hearing.

If the morally superior could eliminate ‘guilt,’ which is impossible, they would, and they try. Social Justice Warriors use rhetoric and protests, and violence and the media and higher stages of education to increase their numbers by making every effort to teach or convince the young in particular of their superiority. They are ignorant of the impact they are having on the freedoms of everyone, especially the freedom to be safe and secure in our homes, as citizens of America, and as independent, tolerant, and accepting individuals. Tolerance is only permitted if tolerating the agenda, in this case, of the left. Sound similar to Islam?

Judgment and Lies

Judgment suggests moral superiority over others. Intransigent practices of political factions making demands favoring only their narrative or agenda, seeking votes more than fulfilling promises, clearly and logically does not benefit the majority. Targeting a bloc group and identifying them as victims, finding a need or want the bloc desires, is useful in soliciting support, yet requires follow-through. Power is the objective, not filling the empty void created for their purpose. That is the situation relative to illegal immigrants, DACA, and ‘dreamers’ that are not citizens. That is the case of the poor, regardless of race, color or ethnicity. In power they are less inclined to protect their victims, those identified and encouraged with rhetoric, and campaign offers. Blinded by ego, a self-interest in keeping the office of control they have achieved, the truth when revealed makes clear the lie of ID politics. As in the Muslim world the use of takiyya, lying to achieve the objective, is permissible. The outcome, desired results, is justification for actions taken, words said, dissenters marginalized, even extirpated, the media compromised, and voices raised to be heard over that of their opposition.

Educating the masses from pre-k through college with a liberal ideology is not good, but it has been allowed. Today many Democrats, the Progressive Socialist, the Marxist ideologues, are suggesting that 1619 is the new 1776, and want it taught. The irony is most schools do a poor job teaching American history at all, so why now an altered false narrative. Because it favors a victim-ID-entity?

On lying, from the Quran, “…Allah is free from liability to the idolaters, and so is his Messenger…” (Sura 9:3).

Muslim Critics

Muslims, Islamists, are most critical of other Muslims who do not fight. You ask, “Who are they expected to fight?” Answer: Anyone, any organization, any group, any heretic (Muslim moderate), and any infidel who resists enabling Islam, Allah and his Messenger (dead but not forgotten) into their heads, their rooms, their environment. Those who believe in an ideological alternative or a religion that is not based on the Quran, the Quran as interpreted by the Islamist faction most superior, are the enemy, an aggressor against Islam. The label of ‘aggressor’ occurs the very moment anything negative, even doubtful commentary, towards Islam is suggested.

The Quran tells the Muslim, “ask not about things which if made known to you would give you trouble…. people before you asked such questions, then became disbelievers…. those who disbelieve fabricate a lie against Allah. And most of them understand not” (Sura 5:101-103). What is odd about these verses is the suggestion that when questions were asked of other religions by Muslims they left Islam. Thus the fear of the Islamist of losing their constituency from an understanding of that which is more logical or makes more sense to the person seeking answers.

Add the term ‘Islamophobia’ to those who question the ideology of Islam, not against the person, the Muslim, but the program, the dictates, the writings in the Quran and the supporting documents, the Hadiths. Expanding their opportunity field painted in the red disgust they inflict upon themselves to include the Islamophobic, the morally righteous Islamists increase the number and scope of the targets.

Justification from the Quran

And from those who seek to add to the killing fields of Islam they find justification in Scripture. Oh Muslim, “if you are in doubt as to my religion, (know that) I serve not those whom you serve besides Allah, but I serve Allah, Who causes you to die; and I am commanded to be of the believers” (Sura 10:104). The moral indignation of the Islamist who feels they can act for their god, Allah, and cause death is made clear in this verse.

It is only the ideology of Islam, which Islamists refer to as a religion, that is commanded by Scripture to act on Allah’s behalf, as a believer. Killing non-believers is placed in the hands of mortals, sanctioned and justified. Gardens in paradise are offered under the proper conditions to those die slaughtering as they call out “Allahu Akbar.” In what other religion or non-religion can you find a Supernatural Being granting humans the right to kill others? Is that not then assumed moral superiority of Islamists?

One reference to the previous commentary is Sura 8:39 commanding Muslims to, “…fight with them (non-believers, other religions) until there is no more persecution, and all religions are for Allah….” In Sura 8:41 the Quran even tells the Islamist how to divide up the spoils of their battles.And as further confirmation there is Sura 9:14-15, “Fight them; Allah will chastise them at your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and relieve the hearts of a believing people. And remove the rage of their hearts.…” This suggests that killing the non-believers, as those who doubt and persecute Islam, and are thus aggressors, will give comfort to the Muslim, making the Muslim feel better and relieve their hearts of the burden that they could be wrong, or that someone does not care for their ideology.


The Government is not heaven and Biden is not God.

No pedestal is higher than God’s.

No Islamist nor Mullah nor chaplain nor priest, nor self-proclaimed prophet nor theocrat nor autocrat is better than any they are to serve. To sum up; such a position is blasphemy.

Grace and Peace


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

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