Will The Biden Administration Cave to Iran

UI – Part 681 – Will The Biden Administration Cave to Iran

My concern is going to show here.  Biden, I sincerely believe, is a weak President.  He cannot arise early in the morning to attend Covid 19 meetings with Governors (missed them all at 11 am), has the wind blow him up the stairs of Airforce One (more than once), when it is not windy, panics to find his facemark while it is in his pocket all the while, and given the fact he has been vaccinated along with all his supporting staff, and lacks independence in selecting staff by using Obama retreads.  The latter is especially true when it comes to Iran.

A weak President with a weak staff can only mean a weaker overall Administration leading to a weaker America that our foreign peers will find to their advantage.  Iran is relishing having Biden load up on past Obama nuclear deal negotiators, members of the Obama staff that were not that kind to Israel either.  These include Robert Malley, Special Envoy to Iran, Reema Dodin, director White House Office of Legislative Affairs, Maher Bitar, Senior Director for Intelligence on the National Security Council, Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State, Hady Amr, Deputy Assistance Secretary of State for Israel-Palestine, and Colin Kahl, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. Part of the Obama nuclear Iran negotiations were Malley (chief), Sherman, and Kahl.  If you do a search on any of those listed you will see backgrounds of pro Palestine, anti-Israel, pro-jihad, pro Hamas and pro-Hizbullah. Their advice on the Middle East favored Iran over Israel.

Trump did more in calming the Middle East than Presidents before him.  Indeed he was not a fan of Iran.  He was not a fan of the nuclear deal.  Because Obama never had the 2015 nuke agreement approved by Congress, never even brought it to Congress, Trump was able to easily set it aside.  I feel correctly so. But the spiteful Biden Administration of lemmings with Obama ties appears to be making every effort to undo what good Trump did do. 

And then there is John ‘swiftboat’ Kerry.  Appointed to be the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy to Climate, whatever that is, who still has his finger in the Iran walls, which leak daily of their treacherous, terrorist leanings. It was Mike Pompeo who recently said, “Perhaps if John Kerry had not been consulting with the Iranians, the Trump administration could have reached a comprehensive peace agreement with the Iranian people as well. Instead, it seems that Biden administration will be pursuing a deal on Iran’s terms. The losers will be the American people and our allies.”  He may be a traitor, having provided Iran important information as to activities by Israel that he considered anti-Iran. This purple heart recipient (a small finger would, questionable at best) revealed classified information about Israel to Iran, so noted by Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, with him Kerry had frequent face-to-face visits. Zarif admitted on take that he had no knowledge of covert Israel military actions before former secretary of state (under Obama) told him. This was reported directly from tapes transcribed by The Washington Free Beacon.

Zarif even made note how favorable the Obama nuke deal was to Iran, his analogy was as if Iran was losing a soccer match 0 to 6 (due to sanctions primarily), and suddenly they scored 6 goals.  Biden, it seems, wants to be Iran’s next Obama-like favored son from the United States.  Will his Administration cave to Iran?  It is certainly showing signs of doing so.

Grace and Peace


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

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