Christian Persecution – Armenian Genocide – Islamist Atrocities

UI – Part 679 – Christian Persecution – Armenian Genocide

Recently in the news was an announcement by President Biden acknowledging the genocide by Ottoman Turks of Armenians in 2015-2018 (Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day).  Referred to as the Armenian Genocide, and denied by many.  

According to the Associated Press, Historically, “the White House had avoided using the term genocide for decades for fear of alienating Turkey, a NATO ally and important power in the Middle East. Biden followed through on a campaign promise to make human rights a central guidepost of his foreign policy. He argued last year that failing to call the atrocities against the Armenian people a genocide would pave the way for future mass atrocities.”

This was not an attack on a gene-pool of Armenians.  At the same time there was Greens, Assyrians and Maronites also slaughtered.  It was not for their biological strain either.  Those caught in the fire of the wrath of the Ottomans were all Christians.  This was a scheme by Muslims to eradicate Christians.  The attempts was to take the biblical God off the landscape upon which the Quranic Allah was praised.   Now if that does not suggest there is a difference between God and Allah, then why would a Muslim an Islamist, kill a Christian?

Much has been written on this blog and in many publications about the efforts since Muhammad died to eradicate the immediate locations around the area of the foundation of Islam of any Christian, and Jew, for that matter. Search back on this blog, its annals, and you will find a great deal about the marauding barbaric Muslims, the time of the Crusades, the Berber pirates of the Mediterranean, and the extermination and devastation of peoples and lands along the North African coast and into Spain in the first 100 years after Muhammads murder. Extreme then, someone contained to what is today the Middle East, it nevertheless continues.  

The Armenian Genocide was a reawakening of the world to the atrocities committed by Islamics, an ideology clothed in a dark cape as a religion, against non-Muslims and Christians, ethnicity aside. It should never be forgotten.  

The Turkish President Erdogan does not want this act to eradicate a nation of Christians to be noted as a historical fact.  He has complained about comments from Biden.  In anticipation the United States closed its Ankara embassy and the consulate in Istanbul and two other cities for citizen and visa services as a precaution for Monday 4/26 and Tuesday 4/27. They deny it ever happened as a form of ethic or otherwise cleansing. They claim deaths were the result of their battle with the Russians at the time, and turks died too.  But any study will suggest the truth lies in an overt act by the Muslims to kill the Christians.  Many try to deny the Holocaust.  That too happened, as did this, at the hands of hate-fueled Allah worshipping murderers. 

We need to remember this to make the world aware of how Muslims lie, yet perpetrate criminal acts to serve their purpose.  This was not an Allah thing, it was a man made act of control and vengeance against a competing, a truthful, an ideology with historical events that actually happened, evidenced by history, architecture, ruins, recorded historical events and eye witnesses.  Christianity is counter to Islam and thus does not serve the purposes of Islam well.  God and Allah, in their view, cannot co-exist.  

We see in the pattern of the historical atrocities, the aggressive nature of Islam, that of the Antifa, BLM, supportive Progressives and MSM today when it comes to their interpretation of Democracy and America.  They prefer God be taken out of the equation, Churches closed, even Bible Studies in homes halted (as was the attempt by CA Governor Newsom, that needed to be litigated up to the Supreme court, where the Christians won), and conservative voices, any voice that suggests a proper way of life as noted biblically, be quieted. 

Objectivity does not live in the heart of possessive peoples.  Power blinds those who seek it, want it, and need it, at the expense of those in their path that are displaced, harmed, or extirpated.

It was the time of The Great War (WWI). The Ottoman Empire was in decline, but they still occupied and controlled the areas of today’s Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The homes and communities of Christian Armenians, Greeks, Syrians and Lebanese were on ground the Ottomans consider theirs, and for their Allah only. They lost Egypt by then to Napoleon.   TransJordan comprised locales as Palestine and Jordan and were a focus of the French, British and Italians. The Ottoman’s sided with Germany and lost.  But they still controlled turf, and wanted it just for themselves.

Armenian Americans march in Los Angeles on April 24 during an annual commemoration of the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians under the Ottoman Empire.

Never forget the past, for by doing so, it will be repeated.  Remember that. So keep the truth alive even if it is a discussion of the killing fields created and laid bare by Muslims.  They are not good people when in power.  And all they want is power, over their citizens, and their women.  It is a male dominated warrior society that began under the sword of Muhammad and spread under the armies of Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and the Caliphs that followed.  

The Turks hated the Armenians.  But not just them, the Greeks, the Assyrians and the Maronites (Lebanese) – all Christians. To their credit the Armenians in the 4th Century were the first to declare Christianity as their State Religion. This Genocide included Armenians (1,500,000), Greeks (750,000), Assyrians (300,000) and Maronites (250,000).  And the term Genocide is not appropriate when you understand the reason for these deaths.  If you are born of an ethnic group you have a biological marker, genes, that identify you.  These are unchangeable.  It is in your ‘genes’, thus gene-o-cide.  But this was not death to an ethnic group.  It was killing people for their faith in God.  All Christians, an ideology.  And as for a set of ideas, man can change his thinking, but not his gene.  Just ask and see if a study of your DNA reveals your faith.  It is only your origins that you will learn. 

A government ruled by Islamists killed these Christians.  Muslims are taught to hate Christians, and if they do to so hate, then they are not Islamic enough. This is expressed in the 9th Sura of the Quran. 

Grace and Peace


Thomas W. Balderston

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