Omar the Fool

UI – Part 659 – Omar the Fool

There are many stories of the desert kingdoms with a leader named Omar taking his sword to conquest and achieve his desired ends.  Any romantic notion of a man wearing a long tunic flowing while riding a black steed beheading Christians in his path should be dashed immediately.  Knowing Islam is knowing evil.

Now the Congresswoman IIhan Omar (MN), a Muslim, an Islamist, may know the Quran, but the Bible is another issue.  The candidate for Senate in GA, Raphael Warnock, may or may not be a Muslim, but he is supported by Oman, as a Democrat to Democrat, I suspect.  He is a leftist and it appears opposes serving in the military.  He recently suggested, “You cannot serve God and the military (at the same time).”  This is quite a radical statement.  So are Christians to not serve in the military, or Muslims not serve either.  Only atheists?

Ilhan Omar

Coming to his defense, riding her high horse, being progressive I assume,  by responding to Marco Rubio (R – Senator – FL), who had tweeted Warnock’s comments on video,   Omar, using the liberal social platform, Twitter, tweeted, quoting the Bible, “Mathews [sic] 6:24 ‘No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and dmoney [sic].’ The lies and smears of the GOP have no boundaries, but this is a disgrace and shameful.”  She was critical of Rubio, suggesting what the bible said, having nothing to do with the military,’ as evidence for Warnock’s anti-military comment. She also misspelled Matthew, adding an ’s.’ Her research came short, but her posture remained long-winded. 

What are Oman’s and Warnock’s motives regarding our military?  I do not have the statistics, but I  would guess there are more God fearing individuals in the military than atheists.  And there are many atheists that once in the military become God-fearing.  We know Omar loves money paying her recent husband $2.4 million for services from her campaign coffers.  That is a bit much.  But then she divorced her Muslim husband, after divorcing her brother/husband, to marry an American political strategist.  If that is not a case of love of God, and money, hypocrisy, at best.  Cleary she has all the traits of a Progressive Democrat in it for herself and the money.  God has nothing to do with it. A final note, her husband’s E Street Group, struggling to survive before their relationship, now finds Omar as their biggest client. Campaign nepotism lives in broad daylight. 

Omar is quick, along with her Squad members, to use the word “oppression” frequently.  They have a litany of ID groups oppressed by actions of the government, agencies, even departments, to include the police (‘defund the police’), housing and neighborhoods (‘AFFH’), education (wanting college debt forgiven), health care (Obama/Biden-Care, and now Medicare for All), and wages (higher minimum wage, unions for all workers), open borders, welfare for illegal immigrants, equal outcomes, and certainly climate change).   It is all so ‘systematic,’ that is baked in the cake of government (of which she is now a part).  To quote her,  “We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or policing reform for that matter. We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system, we are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, in the air we breathe.” 

To Ilhan Omar our economy and political system need to be destroyed first and then rebuilt in the image of the Progressives. She is evil.  That would be Socialism.  Now, with Trump’s focus on Capitalism over Socialism out of the way, with Biden in office (and we can only pray he remains for four years, lives and is not ousted by Amendment 25), the Progressives can push their agenda and their rhetoric can continue and be heard and promoted by the Main Stream Media.  I wish it were not so.  It is all now in God’s hands.   

The voices of those that supported Trump, along with Trump himself, maybe even a Trump TV, is needed to keep the pressure on.  The alternatives to the cabal of the left, the MSM, Democrats, too many professors and other educators, the Unions, Bernie Bros, and Socialists, must be repeated as often as possible.  The silent majority has to be less silent, more ready to peacefully protest to continue to make America Great.   America cannot have Democrats continue to Federalize whatever they can to seek control of the whole of America, avoiding States Rights. They have already done that with Labor, Education, Energy, and the environment. Also, our Constitution in its original form must be preserved.  Beware. America, the majority many believe voted for Trump, must keep the dream alive. 

Grace and Peace

by Thomas W. Balderston, author and blogger.

Books:  The Gift at Christmas, The Damascus Quran, The Wonder of Terra, Wake Up Wake Up The Testimony of a Layman, The Proven God.  Available at

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