Islam – A Weapon of Mass Murder

UI – Part 534 – Islam – A Weapon of Mass Murder

(first published October 8, 2018)

All for Allah

Fearing weapons of mass destruction is a justifiable concern, be they chemical, nuclear and somehow today, cyber. May I also include ideological. Such devices are capable of slaughtering great numbers at a single strike. The impact on local regions, local economies, can be grave. And so too at National levels that come to the aide of those fallen, assisting in addressing the restoration of lives, families, homes, communities and the associated infrastructure.  War is hell. And so too those that live for war, inhabited by demons seeking to expand their grasp on humanity. No greater ideological force has embarked openly proclaiming a worldwide objective more clearly stated than Islam. (Mein Kampf was Hilter’s declaration for a new world, but not as a religion, ideology, yes)

Ideological Mass Murder

The world has experienced ideological mass murderers in the past. What comes to mind readily is communism under Stalin, Naziism under Hitler, Fascism under Mussolini, Chinese and Japanese autocrats (Mao and Hirohito), communist and Shintoism, respectively, that culled societies of those unwanted, not able nor compatible with the goals of the culture they envisioned in the molding by their administrations. We see this today taking place in Turkey under the ego-maniacal President Erdogan. Their hands were always dirty as are the hands of the ceramist preparing a structure from a common mass, tossing that which is unneeded, until ready to be fired in a kiln. While under heat and pressure the human creator washes and prepares to welcome the finished product. A table is readied to display the piece or pieces, the result of the design of a master. A glazed unique vase or bowl may be art, that of a true artist, but the result of the ideological mass destroyers is a combination of trash, cremations, ashes and bodies of dissenters caged as by the devil himself. 

The Tools of Islam

Using Allah, and Muhammad the Messenger, an idealized example, a warrior, a murderer, and predator, Islam may be waving its red flag as if Satan himself were the Guidon Bearer. Islam restricts those born as a Muslim or having converted to Islam to only think or hear Islamic thoughts or messages. Anything else subjects these persons to the authority of their Islamaland and to the punishment they deserve according to the laws of their overlords. This is Islamic Law which uses Islamic clerics, educated or self-designated, as the one to carry out, as executioner, hooded or not, with Allah’s blessing, as Allah’s surrogate, punishment, to include death. 

The Fools of Islam

May the toll of the bell of freedom ring over the lands of those oppressed and suppressed.  Lives will be lost, have been and will continue to be, attempting to stop the imposition by self-styled mini-gods who abuse women and children, eradicate dissenters, and protect their cathedrals of governance from which they spew hatred, demands for loyalty to an unknown deity, insist everyone pursue as their example a mortal militant example as a purported messenger, and the voice of, a supernatural being.  The only way so many have been duped by this fallacy and contrived ideology, referred to and too often protected as a religion, is by total domination.  Minds have been molded, societies restricted, cultures defined, and allowances for alternatives denied.  

The Muslim Death Toll

Muslims killing Muslims over the interpretation and definition of True Islam has resulted since Muhammad had his vision of supremacy in deaths far exceeding the totality of those killed by  the despots of Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Italy and other nations that suffered under autocratic rulers intent on creating their own earthly kingdoms.  In Islam they have created the greatest barrier of protection known to mankind using god, and succeeding in convincing billions that this is an honest pathway to an eternal life of hope and joy, when it is but a ruse.  Communism, Naziism, fascism, Maoism, Shintoism is no different.  None were a religion.  They were all clamps tightened by insatiable appetites for power on innocent people.  The world must now define Islam for what it is, an ideology.  It is not a religion deserving of the protections offered where societies in their constitutions proclaim freedom of religion.  None of these societies proclaim freedom for an invading ideology to spread without concern. 

Stop the Foolishness

It is time for the world to wake-up to the facts.  Understand Islam, just as you understand socialism, communism, and other “-isms” that are man produced for selfish wants.  Tell the appeasers of Islam of the error in their logic. If we are to be a world of equals then an ideology declaring in their scripture they are ‘superior’ makes it official, their official view, that Jews, Christians, non-Muslims, even apostates and others are inferior, as a race or as a religion. I may be seen as a scaremonger, so too is Tommy Robinson, incarcerated in England for freely speaking his feelings about the scourge of Islamism being allowed to penetrate his great country, a country he loves and once believed in; as he may now be having his doubts. There has be an outcry to release Tommy which thankfully has been heeded; he has been released. He thought he lived in a nation where speech was protected. Let not the liberal leftists, the social justice warriors continue to attempt to blind others as they have blinded themselves.  There is a reality here that cannot be ignored. It was the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei that once had placards posted through the region of their base reading “Für Juden kein Zurtritt.”  Let that never happen again, but under Islam it continues.  


Islam is a weapon of mass murder.  The world can stop this ideological holocaust.  Do your part. Trash it. Speak out.  Let your views be known.  Feel free to share my views, my blogs. 

Grace and Peace.  


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger.

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