Islam is Demonic

UI – Part 654 – Islam is Demonic

Life under Sharia.  No equality. No mercy. No rights. And this is especially true when it applies to women. 

In America Muslims live in freedom.  In Muslim majority nations Christians do not live in freedom.  Leaving Islam is an affront to this ideology, in America or a Muslim Majority nation,  and those who teach it, preach it, control it, and punish in its name.  In Iran recently 8 persons  converted to Christianity. They are to be executed. From, “Iran’s Intelligence Ministry raided the homes of eight Iranian converts to Christianity on July 1, in the southern city of Bushehr (Iran), carting them off to solitary confinement.” Apostasy is the means by which Islam keeps the faith.  Using violence and fear tactics once a Muslim, always a Muslim or death will follow you.  In American a convert is safe, except possibly from peers, family members, or strident Islamic members of a Muslim community in which they live. 

In the UK there is a Muslim TV channel.  On it Islamists can say just about anything, to include a recent comment claiming, “Gay people are worse than pigs.”  This channel (Sky Islamic) faces being banned, however it is doubtful that will actually happen.

It is not uncommon for a Muslim man to marry a young girl, even as young as 8 or 9. Islamic preachers and teachers claim this is permitted by the Messenger of Allah, that is Muhammad.  Imam’s do it, so others can do it – men only.  This is demeaning towards women and a degradation of any civil society.  To me there are too many instances when the term IMAM, the person so labeled, using the proclamations of Islam to justify actions considered by any sane person evil, or deviant, stands for I’M A Monster, or I’M A Madman, or simply I’M A Muslim.

Under Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia there is no freedom of speech or religion. Between people that are non-Muslim and Muslims, there is not even a hint of equality. Equal rights between men and women are non-existent. State politics and religion are one and the same. As for marriage, there is child marriage, and forced marriage. polygamy is permitted, weekend brides. Also allowed is honor killing (for causing shame to a parent or superior), acid attacks to punish, flogging, stoning and of course, beheadings.  A leading Saudi author said, “Women in the East marry dogs and donkeys.”  And the donkey reference is not Democrats.  

Even in Canada Islam is being given a wide berth.  From the Prime Minister to leading Islamists restrictions on church and God are imposed while Islam is left alone. There are calls by Imam’s there to implement Sharia and force conversions of non-Muslims. 

A woman imprisoned in Iran, even young girls, can be raped.  

Slavery in the Muslim world remains a common practice. A Kuwaiti cleric, again from, proclaimed, “only infidels may be enslaved…people who do not worship Allah must convert to Islam, pay the jizya poll tax, be forced into slavery, or be fought against and killed.”   This is more the devils ideal than any sensible human being. (See the post:  Knowing Islam is to Know Evil)

Where Islam has invaded the UK and Europe, from Sweden to France, Germany to the Netherlands, cultural hurdles have experienced rape of non-Muslims, hateful rhetoric from immigrant Muslims towards citizens of their host countries, and requests for more and more welfare.  The lifestyle of these mostly male invaders from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran and the Middle East is at variance to the clean, more well-kept and respectful civilized nature of the current residents. 

I could go on, and have in prior blogs.  Be sure to do some additional reading.  Feel free to comment as well.  When I consider Islam and the oppressed nature and way of life most living under the thumb of Imams, the Ayatollah, Islamic clerics and Muslim monarchs, I consider myself most fortunate to have been born in America and live in America.  It is not just the Nation, but the freedom and the love of God, and the guiding principles that provide for human rights for all, regardless of sex, color or ethnicity.   Not a perfect place, but more perfect than just about any other country I can think of. 

Ben Shapiro, his recent book, How To Destroy America in Three Easy Steps, writes, “American history is far more light than dark….while America has participated in evils common to all humanity, America has brought to humanity immense good that is entirely unique…..Without America, the notion of multiethnic democracy would have collapsed long ago.”  Such a concept does not even exist in the Islamic world.   Great progress has been made in this great nation of ours.  Those that dwell in the past do so to gain an advantage, to garner recognition, to exploit a political career, to cry for more inequity in their direction, such as reparations, and to just ignore reality so their voice can be heard.  Too often rhetoric condemning the past fails to consider progress, and the present, as opportunities for all, regardless of sex, color or ethnicity, indeed exist.  These past-dwellers are blind to the existence of disparities, or maybe not, but attack them as if they represent discrimination.  We may all start the race on the same line, but the outcomes are different.  There are winners and losers.  The losers do not lose because of discrimination, but the disparity that exists between abilities, strength, intellect, enthusiasm, determination, even encouragement, training, education, motivation, and desire.  In Islam there is not such progress nor opportunity.

The United States is a Nation under God.  Islamic domains are controlled by those on the rungs of a ladder leading to a heaven in which they place Allah.  Allah, of the Quran, and God, of the Bible, are not the same, their philosophies differ and their approach to the whole of mankind is in direct conflict.   Freedom may be the largest variable, existing in the bible and not in the Quran.  Humility is another, where Christians do not claim they are superior to all others; they recognize they have a sin nature and must dedicate themselves, guided by the inspired Word of God to follow their savior and the Holy Spirit of the Lord that is indwelling in those who believe in Jesus life, death and sacrifice.  Islam claims they are not born with a sin nature, that they are a superior race and must cause, using fear and violence, a world all for Allah, controlled by the likes of the IMAM’s mentioned prior.  

Since the days of Adam and Even in the Garden, the presence of the evil of sin has altered man’s thinking, habits and way of life.  God made possible a correction in the path humanity took by living among us so we could know Him better.  For the sins of mankind he then took the punishment we deserve, sacrificing in our stead His son (Jesus). Those who know Him, are thankful for His Grace and accept Jesus, find their lives changed for the good, no longer fearing death, knowing they are saved; their salvation assured.  Allah is more representative of Satan, as he speaks of salvation, as the serpent spoke to Eve that she would surely not die upon eating the fruit of the forbidden tree. Allah uses rhetoric and severe chastisement as a mechanism to create a following and maintain a community of Islamists, speaking about salvation, but never giving any assurances.  It is always up to Allah, or in the case of Satan, up to the devil himself.

Islam is demonic.

Psalm 73:7, “From their callous hearts comes iniquity; the evil conceits of their minds know no limits.” 

Psalm 37:9, “For evil men will be cut-off, but those who hope in the Lord (Biblical God) will inherit the land.”

Grace and Peace

by Thomas W. Balderston

Author and blogger.

The book:  Damascus Quran, a novel, is readily (now) available at Amazon on Kindle.  

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