UI – Part 652 – Salvation

God is the only one that decides your salvation.  It is not the commander of your army, or your autocratic leader, scholars, theocrats or monarchs.  The God I refer to is not Allah, but the biblical God.  God is sovereign.  No matter how a Muslim fights, who they defeat, or whenever they eliminate a non-believer, no pathway to an eternal life is provided, is gifted, guaranteed, or is automatic.  What they are told is bunk, or call it blasphemy.   Only by God’s Grace is salvation possible.  Christ died, while we were still sinners, taking the punishment we deserve, and saved us. That is my belief. Muslims, those who herald themselves as Islamists and jihadists in particular, have been indoctrinated to believe they are superior.  They have no humility.  Islam does not believe in original sin, thus they think they are not sinners.  Without humility entry into his holy kingdom is more difficult than a rich person going through the eye of a needle.  


Apostasy Laws make it impossible for Muslims to leave their ideological prison.  To do so subjects them to ‘severe chastisement.’  Death for apostasy is common in Islamaland. This is no way to keep the faith.  It is a way to maintain a bunch of trained lemmings.  Brainwashing is not the ideal for a follower of the almighty.  God understands there are and will be doubters.  The doors to his home is always open.  The prodigal son can return.  The tax-collector will find refuge.  The woman at the well will find comfort.  The poor woman will find riches. Christ was born, lived a perfect life, and died to save the sinners. 

Grace and Peace

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