Leaders in Islamaland (2 of 2)

UI – Part 483 – Leaders in Islamaland (2 of 2)

“Power isn’t control at all ~ power is strength, and giving that strength to others. A leader isn’t someone who forces others to make him stronger; a leader is someone willing to give his strength to others that they may have the strength to stand on their own.” ~ Beth Revis

Chaos in Islamaland

The Middle East, and most of the Muslim controlled countries, are lost in deep pools of their own bile born from the pages of the tenets of Islam. So conditioned are the children by their authorities, parents, teachers, government officials, they grow up filled with a cultural bias and penchant to promote Islam at all costs. The universal human rights that are documented and encouraged in the Bible are not learned nor a part of their conditioned upbringing. That then makes the possibility of raping non-Muslim women, pedophilia, child brides, and freedom from punishment for killing infidels and honor killing acceptable. The culture of Islamaland prevents the teaching of ideologies that vary from the laws and dictates of Allah, the Quran, the example of Muhammad and the Hadiths.

The authorities in Islamaland, the theocratic dictators, those in control, are the interpreters of the tenets for their purposes, not the people.

From the remnants of the fires on the torched landscape of the 7th century, from Mecca to Medina and beyond, into the Christian world of North Africa, set by the self-proclaimed prophet and the Caliphs, his murderers, that followed, the ashes find a cinder that still burns. The cinders exist in the tenets of Islam, in this ideological patchwork of imperialistic vengeance, avarice, and success through terrorism, using the Book of the People as a basis, mis-interpreted, to then refocus attention on a designated god, Allah.


The ladder of leadership and requirement for obedience flows from the top, where Allah is deposited, on down, with the one choice of those below to respect and honor those above, by design, education and force. It is not by choice, but dictated and required.

Living and running through the fires of Islam is a must for the Islamist. Failure to remain in line can result in removal from the streets of their homeland and into unknown prisons or graveyards. Failure to support Islam, obey the laws, and to commit jihad (Sura 9, Muhammad’s message, of the Quran) makes a Muslim an apostate. The punishment is death. Moderate Muslims are not close enough to the fire to be considered by the devout as keepers and promoters of “True Islam.” They adopt their own preferred ways, saying little, objecting little, when violence occurs attributed to Islam. They can only escape, or hide, though, until the forces of Muhammad discover they are apathetic. Then the moderates too, as heretics, will be treated as an infidel.


When the Muslims act as they do, call them Islamists or jihadists if you prefer, what they do is for their god, a result of their culturally conditioned response to the outside world.  It is a ruse, an excuse, a reflection of being brainwashed from birth. But the excuse can always be, “I did it for Allah,” or “Allahu Akbar,” or “Allah is Great,” as if god, or the biblical God, made them do it or enabled them to do what and as they do.  They could not be more wrong!  It is due to the environment in which they were raised and the instruction and conditioning they received, as well the ignorance encouraged towards the rest of the world and the religions that exist outside Islam. Libraries contain little of the outside world.  Instruction often includes false narratives of the history and religion of the others. Lies about Islam are dominant.  (See Islam is Rubbish) Muslims are being trained on teams lead by wrongheaded Islamized pre-conditioned coaches.

When Muslims, Islamists, fundamentalists or moderates, are removed from their constrained environment, such as the homeland of Syria and Somalia, from whence we experience the arrival of so many emigrants into the EU, UK, Canada and the USA, the conditioned culturally oriented immigrants from these and other Islamalands, totally foreign to the cultures of the West, the culture of modernized and civilized societies, become surrounded by all they have learned to despise. In the presence of the opposition they become as a pack of wild wolves. As Pavlov’s dogs they respond as only they know, as animals uncaged, unfed, exposed to what they were told is a sin-filled permissive society, to then fight or destroy (while the authorities enjoy the temptations privately).  These actions cannot be dismissed, excused or permitted.

What enables the Muslims ex-patriots, emigrants, of Islamaland to do as they do is not Allah, but the lack of exposure to the free world, a lack of independence, unable to make decisions for themselves. They were raised and contained in areas where the West is to be hated, not admired. They are subjected to the words of the Quran that tell them they cannot question the Quran, the dictates of their overlords, or the laws of Islam (Sharia). There is but one way of life, never to be exposed to another or Allah forbid, to adopt another. To do so would subject them to Hell, by the sword of the Muhammad self-designated executioner for any disloyal to the cause, the goal of the authorities and their theocratic mind control associates.

Islamists in free countries are culturally incompatible.

Even when outside the boundaries of today’s Muslim nations, living by chance or choice in the free world, Muslims are reminded, reminded of their ideology, their loyalties and the punishment for leaving Islam. They are told they must continue the fight. The source that aides them in remembering their roots are madrassas funded by Saudi Arabia and Iran, Mosques, similarly financed, community centers to bring Muslims together (even help them financially, strings attached), and mouthpiece organized groups like the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), C.A.I.R. and even on college and university campuses by the Muslim Student Association (MSA) (affiliated with the MB). There are many more such groups in existence. Teachers, Imams, are more often imported from Muslim areas, culturally ignorant of their new environments, as there are few Islamic scholars in the free world to fill the open slots. They can only teach what they know, and hate what they see.

Incentivizing by Force

It is this method of mind-control, of disciplinary actions against education of women in many Muslim dominated countries, of exposure of most people to only the words and sounds of Islam, of allowing poverty and oppression, providing minimally so people can exist (not live), and the reminder of the example of Muhammad. They are instructed, force fed that their existence is only and all for Allah. This enables the authorities to benefit, to focus and remain in charge by having all Muslims consider only the end game, the flag of Islam, the black flag of ISIS or the Taliban, the opportunity to expand Islam through terror, as did the Example. They are to fight, to commit jihad, for Allah, wherever they are. Their Quran, Sura 9, makes that perfectly clear.

The Islamist is only on the side of Islam.  Their team is the Jihadists.  Their opponent is the Infidels.  Once on the team should they leave to become a member of the opposition, those living in freedom, they are targeted with the same insane hatred they decided to distance themselves from. They are more subject to being killed for their apostasy than those that never were a Muslim, always just an infidel.

The Islamist chant today is that to be an infidel is to be a bigot, Islamophobic, and characterized as a hater. It is their cover, a lie, propaganda. That is the motto of the captains of the multitude of Muslim teams.  It is not the Muslim that hates, it is the Infidel that hates Islam.  By having differences with an ideology somehow the Islamist propagandists make those in opposition less than human.  One key error is the Muslim enmity, is taught, conditioned, encouraged, to hate the person, be they Christian, Jew or otherwise a non-believer in Islam (regardless of what the tenets say).  The infidel, atheist, Christian, Jew, gay or bi, meanwhile, fear the ideology of Islam and the violent character it often creates in the person that embraces Islam wholly. From the pages of the Quran, a study of Jihadist aggression, a basic review clearly engenders a concern for the minds of those who follow, as victims, and are trapped in policies and practices embraced in Islamaland. Being informed of the world is not permitted by the authorities of Islamaland.


In summary the Islamic leaders, those in authority, are heads of State, imperialists, elitists, theocrats, dictators, autocrats, Islamists, Jihadists, privileged, and globalists. Their actions are selfish, disingenuous, and where god is invoked, blasphemous.  They are the guardians of the prisons which Islamaland has created for its Muslim inhabitants.

Understand Islam, whether a Muslim or an infidel.

“Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.” ~ Orrin Woodward

Grace and Peace

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