Islam/Muslim Perception of America (1 of 3)

UI – Part 606 – Islam/Muslim Perception of America  (1 of 3)

From the Top

The United States every 8 years, in some case 4 years, changes who runs the Country.  The Presidents change, their highest ranking administrative staff changes, and policies can change too.  Thousands, however, general service staff members, remain, career government employees that make departments and agencies work.  This applies to areas focused on domestic and foreign activities, with the new leadership providing their preferred directives.  The military is also beholden to the directives of the hierarchy.  Politics plays a part, however, more at the department or agency level than the military.  Career service workers have their prejudices, their own agenda, and over the years the majority of said employees, asked to leave their politics at the door, have unfortunately brought a liberal bias into the workplace.  This is evident when leaks occur all too often in opposition to the directives of the Administration. 

As a side-note the depth of liberal thinking in Washington has patience, not tolerance but patience to do little while the opposition is in power until their Party can take the helm anew..  When the Party in power is not of their liking they can delay, they can resist, they can feign cooperation, just, in reality, biding their time, waiting and knowing the regime will change.  They can also cause discord via leaks, whistleblowers (spies) and the use of deception (and lies) with the cooperation of the Main Stream Media.  It may take 4 years or 8, but change will come.  Their only hope and design is the new office holder at the highest level will represent their Party and their ideology. Attempts to drain the swamp will be resisted.

When the Presidency changes a dramatic impact on relationships with other world leaders often results.  Our focus herein is on the Middle East.  We have touched on this topic in the past, more on the direct impact of Presidents by name, from Truman to Obama. Trump’s history is still being recorded. 

Here are two you can goto and read if you so desire.

We begin by remembering the past.  From a prior blog.  UI – Part 444, “The past are those times in places like Afghanistan, Iran, Libya where women were educated, able to work, drive, go about uncovered, and associate with the opposite sex, in public too.  The past are those times when electricity was available throughout, fresh water was common, hospitals, schools, highways, bridges, and transportation systems made travel readily available, comfortable and safe.  Opportunities for men and women to work, to improve their lives, to speak out and seek positive changes was not uncommon then, but not common now.  Christians were able to live among the populace without fearing for their lives.”

View of America From ME Terrorists

“The chief planner of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, testified under oath that a primary purpose of that criminal assault on the United States was to focus “the American people . . . on the atrocities that America is committing by supporting Israel against the Palestinian people . . . . The occupation and attempted pacification of other Muslim lands like Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the shocking hate speech about Islam that now pervades American politics lend credence to deepening Muslim perception of an escalating U.S. crusade against Islam and its believers.” 

Even before Khalid, there was Osama Bin Laden. His manifesto (1996), the central complaint noted, (America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History, by Andrew J. Bacevich, 2016, Random House, NY, NY, pg. 3862/9123, ebook)(‘America’s War in ME’), “the people of Islam had suffered from aggression, iniquity and injustice’ at the hands of a ‘Zionist-Crusader alliance’…US forces needed to be expelled from Saudi Arabia where they protected an ‘oppressive and illegitimate’ royal family… ‘There is no more important duty than pushing the American enemy out of the holy land.’”

We have even experienced the view of an American Congresswomen from the 5th District in Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, when presenting to a C.A.I.R. dinner audience (March 23, 2019), about 9/11, saying, “Some people did something.”  The Daily Caller refers to her district as the Islamic recruiting center in America. (Read article).  So the Sheik is not alone in his thinking. Her comment was controversial. She was wrong too in saying C.A.I.R. was formed after 9/11 (it was founded in 1994). She has since attempted to defend her comments.

Other Views About the ME

Lawrence Pintak writes and provides frequent podcasts about the Middle East.  In June of this year (2019) he said, “…just 12 percent of Arabs said they had a positive view of Donald Trump, far below Vladimir Putin at 28 percent and Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan at 51 percent. In fact, Trump’s policies came in dead last in every one of the ten countries surveyed” [“The US isn’t winning any popularity contests among Arabs” (TRT World) June 26, 2019].  That is just Muslim majority nations surveyed.  

Free nations have a much higher regard for Trump, his Nationalism, patriotism, and independence.  He is willing to speak with them and challenge them in doing their part, especially with respect to financial obligations militarily and with respect to the UN.

…to be continue in two days.  We will discuss many of the errors and the Commanders-in-Chief at the time.

Grace and Peace


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