We are the Champions

UI – Part 377 – We are the Champions


Inspirational messages in verse or song provide a shout out to join the chorus.  Be a champion.  A recent ad by Australian golfer Jason Day speaks of the mantel of champion, or being one of the greatest or the best.  Such a label must be earned and once earned, maintained.  It takes dedication, discipline, training, practice, practice, practice, and avoiding distractions that might otherwise diminish one’s abilities.  Once attained the work ethic may even be more compelling, more necessary, to not let down any who now look up to those who have achieved.  You become a target.  So many would prefer to see the great ones fall, or at least await the moment when their star shines less brightly. 

The rock band Queen wrote a song, We Are The Champions, heard at most every sporting event. I love that song. It is used to herald those on the field who strive for victory. Not by name, but as a generality, those victorious are the winners, the champs. But when another takes the field and defeats the opposition, they become the new Champs. It is ever changing.

That is not the case for the Christian, as a believer in Christ’s sacrifice, accepting the punishment we deserve for our sins, his divine forgiveness, we are reborn as Champions. We are to lead the charge purposed by God in all that we do. [(For fun, listen to the song) You can skip the ad – it is a video from YouTube.] Picture 1977 Freddie Mercury in New Haven.Freddie_Mercury_performing_in_New_Haven,_CT,_November_1977

Who Are They?

Who are the champions of righteousness? Is it Christian or Muslim?  Representing the world’s most populace religions a choice is provided.  Which would you chose?  Before you do, though, be sure to understand each.  Understand Christianity.  Understand Islam.  Look at the examples for each, Jesus and Muhammad, respectively, and tell yourself who is the example you would follow? How did they live, how did they treat others, and who was the more peaceful?  Read the scripture of each, the Bible and the Quran.  What inspiration do they provide you, what answers, and which guides you towards salvation?  How is salvation provided for the Christian, for the Muslim?  Can you be assured you are saved if you follow the guides you select?  

Be a Champion today. Be a champion for God, for Love and for Peace. 

Grace and Peace

Note: Understand that Islam is founded on lies, male dominance, oppression of women and blasphemy. Read last week’s post (link here).

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