Ideas of Islam are Rubbish

UI – Part 402 – The Ideas of Islam are Rubbish. 


Take jihad. There are Muslims that refer to jihad as a way of life, an activity that gives you life. Jihad kills people. The activity is one of hatred towards non-Muslims.  It is violent.  It is wrong.  Anyone with a heart for others, anyone who cares, will not commit jihad and feel good.  If they do it is because they are brainwashed. 

Jihad against Christians began days after Muhammad was murdered, yes murdered, by the 1st Caliph, Abu Bakr.  It continues, as a crusade by Islamists, to this day. The treasuries of Muslim Empires are filled with the spoils of war, not earnings from the productivity of its people (unless you refer to raids, pillaging villages, productive). Mosques, the Great ones, are adorned with marble, precious stones, jewels and gold taken as plunder from Christian churches destroyed or reused around the Mediterranean, Mesopotamia, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Territories of the Byzantine Empire 


Sex slaves is another. Raids involved raping and the taking of captives, at times over 100,000. Permitted by the Scripture of Islam is having sex slaves. They are to be non-Muslim.  Marriage to a Muslim, or more than one, is just fine. But having another woman on the side, referring to her as a slave, is permitted. This is rubbish.  It is an abuse of woman.  It is a component of sex trafficking.  It is permitted by the Scripture of Islam.  It makes one think something is wrong with the Scripture or those who created it.  

Indeed the Quran is not ‘uncreated,’ no matter what an Islamist or cleric of Islam tells you. Caliphs after Muhammad’s death needed to convince those whom they invaded that the Almighty was on their side.  It was not the Almighty, God, as the conquered knew him, but as contrived and put forth is the manufactured Scripture of the militant generals of armies conscripted for their battles.  They used this almighty characterization to create a win-win for warriors, jihadists. In victory rewards and blessings, in defeat as a martyr the pleasures of paradise as promised by the mortal, Muhammad. This includes virgins at the ready. 

Having slaves, non-muslims, is permitted.  Rubbish.

Oddly, many of the children of the Moslem conquerors were of Christian women the Muslims cherished for their beauty and fair skin. They were as slaves, the word slave derived from the taking of Slavic women (Slavs), Europeans. The Caliph or Sultan or Muslim leader was to be provided the finest of those taken as possessions of the barbaric Islamists. 


The inequality of women is an issue that is just bewildering. Let the moderate Muslims speak to this. Why is there any difference as to how women or men are treated? Why should the voice of one be valued at twice that of the other? A woman needs up to 4 witnesses in the case of rape. That is insane. There is no logic in Islam. Islam is a male bastion, as a Club established to satisfy, cater to and justify the desires of males.  It oppresses those considered lesser, and women are but chattel.  The Quran makes this so. 

Islamists fear women; they can be outspoken and when they speak of inhumane treatment, and are heard, it is an offense to the male nature.  At the same time it is but a light to those who seek to be free of the shackles of Islam and their treatment as women.  Why any woman remains a Muslim is a conundrum.  But apostasy laws prevalent in Islam, along with volunteer and employed Islamic police, as well as Islamists wanting strongly to create Islamic States, wholly constrained by Sharia Law, act as bars on cages in which Muslim women are kept. 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an example of a woman who awoke one day to realize the prison in which Islam kept her (read more). 


Education is a problem for Islamists.  It encourages students to think.  In many areas women are not allowed to attend school and are punished for doing so.  The fear of the Islamist is that those who study, learn and think, may realize the demonic nature of Islam and how they have been duped.  They also realize that it’s a reflection of Muhammad in the 7th Century. Minimal education keeps Islam in the age of ignorance.  It is not a practical approach to establishing world peace. 

The educated seek freedom to include that of independent thought. The educated, if not part of the elite and enjoying the benefits of the autocracy, if they are young, find the conflict between Islam and the real world rubbish.  They then become, potentially, dissidents. Dissidents are anti-theocracies, in general, and if too outspoken are rooted out and removed from society. They lean towards a separation of the mosque and governance.  They also prefer secular governance.  In many cases they find a different religious path to follow.


Where much of the Muslim world appeared to modernize, such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and countries in the Maghreb, when western dress was common, before World War II and into the 70’s, the fundamentalists now seek to control and cage the free and return them to an ancient and archaic past. 

It was in the 70’s that the Iranian Revolution took place (1979) and the Khomeini’s religious intolerance blanketed the free.  Russia invaded Afghanistan and from the resistance the Taliban emerged.  As they did women were then told to cover up and no longer permitted an education.  Applying 7th century practices of the example Muhammad and finding justification in the interpretations of various Islamic texts by the 18th century Abdul Wahhab, Wahhabism, with financial support from the Saudi oil largesse, the minds of the Islamists, the political Islamists, to include the Taliban, have been filled with a literal characterization of what is Islam. As Al Qaeda and ISIS grew so did the reversal of any reforms for females.  It is a pile of rubbish and no way any person, or persons, no woman, should be treated.  Freedom is being denied, a basic right of everyone. 

When the Arab Spring sprung in Tunisia and then Eqypt the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization with designs on restoring an Islamist Caliphate, emerged.  A political Islamist, Morsi, was elected and if not for the people speaking out anew and General al-Sisi taking over, Egypt may have become a theocratic Islamist terrorist State as Iran.  Even President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton missed the reality and were uncertain of where their support should have been directed.  They still do not label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Although Trump is considering doing so.  If he does he needs to similarly label C.A.I.R., ISNA, the MSA, and other Islamist organizations operating in the USA.

Whether it is a hijab, a burka, abaya, jilbab, kurti, or tunic, women in Islamic states are to be covered in public.  This is supposed to protect the women from being provocative and stirring the sexual desires of the male.  The men have no control and the women are thus at fault. This is rubbish.  Let the women wear and dress as they want, certainly within proper standards of decency and morality.  Woman have rights which the Islamics clearly deny.  

Human rights are to be equal.  Where they are not, as in Islam, there is no freedom.  This is not God’s design, but that of males, humans, whose selfish desires are reflected in the power and control they seek.  They impose there will, hide their transgressions and eliminate those who question or oppose their methods. 


Forced marriages are not right either.  What about 9 year old girls forced to marry elderly gentlemen.  These children have not properly matured and are forced to have sex with a deviant who is justified by the Scripture of Islam and a male oriented society whose libido established Islamic Laws favorable to the male.  Such Laws define for their convenience what may or may  not be criminal, let alone inhumane, acts.

Homosexuality is not condoned in Islam; punishment includes execution.  Yet male children are used as sex toys, condoned.  This is rubbish and needs to be, as trash, removed. 

To prevent the sexual pleasure of a woman in areas such as northern Africa, and many other Muslim areas, genital mutilation is common.  How bizarre!  In proper relationships God intended the male and the female enjoy the pleasure of sex, in a loving fashion. What Muslim mind conceived the thought that a woman’s pleasure should be physically impaired? This is a reflection of an ideology that is neither a religion nor inspired by God, but a male dominated culture intended for the wants and desires of one sex. Control and domination are obvious elements as well. 

Women are not permitted to go outdoors without a male escort.  Why such restrictions on the freedom of movement by a female?  Is it the male’s lack of control, again, that wants such laws and the enforcement thereof?  In some areas women cannot even drive.  Are they not capable?  


Multiple wives is worth discussion. Why? Many men find satisfying just one woman a struggle, let alone multiple women and the accompanying mother-in-laws. There is some humor in that. In the USA it has become a convenience, even not married, to collect added welfare money. This is an abuse, but diabolical in how it takes advantage of our welfare system, and our system allows it to continue.

In the past the wars conducted by the Muslim warriors left many men dead and their wives without a husband. So Muhammad allowed the warriors to take on additional wives, to care for them and provide for them, as well as to procreate to gain more Muslims as earners, farmers, and warriors. This ancient practice is no longer necessary and should not be permitted, not as a welfare objective anyway.


The Islamists sees the receipt of welfare checks as payment, jizya, by the infidel to the superior Islamist, enabling them to devote their day time hours to prayer and reflection on Allah. Such time spent also plants more deeply a hatred towards infidels. Work is not part of that agenda. 


Consider homosexuality.  If having such tendencies, know as a Muslim, if revealed, death is the punishment.  In the Middle East homosexuals have been thrown from the tops of buildings as those below watched and cheered.  We are all sinners, one way or another, should all then be subjected to similar punishments?  Who is willing to throw the first stone?  This is the epitome of chutzpah. 


If a Muslim blasphemes their Allah or the Prophet, punishment is called for, and so also for the apostate.  Make a choice other than Islam and expect a fatwa for your death to be issued.  You may have the option to recant and return to Islam, but that might be to save your life, not because you believe.  It is a form of Islamophobia, a Muslim fearing their own people, caused by their religion and the fact they were born into a Muslim family.  This is rubbish.  There is no basis to believe if born a Jew you die a Jew, if born a Christian you die a Christian, or if born a Muslim you die a Muslim.  People have options. 

If a non-Muslim blasphemes Allah or the Prophet, punishment is called for, as Muslims feel persecuted and must respond.  Those so critical of any aspect of Islam are viewed as aggressors.  Towards the aggressor the Islamist is then justified to fight, commit acts of violence, in defense of their ideology.  


All of the aforementioned items and those that follow are forms of oppression.  They are efforts to maintain Muslims in the cage of their ideology.  They cannot get off the boat or they will drown, drown at the hand of a peer, an Islamic cop, or from among the many that follow the vigilante system of Islam.  

Question the fundamentals of your faith as a Muslim, or the ideology of Islam as a student seeking knowledge, and be confronted by the voices of many Islamic organizations acting as watchdogs for the progression of Islam as a whole. There is no allowance for even a speck of concern or doubt about Islam.  It is not to be questioned or violence will result.  Beware.  They are constantly warning of the punishment, referred to as ‘severe chastisement,’  to be inflicted by any who resist the continued forward movement of Islam into existing or new territories for Allah. 

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her book Heretic noted, “the connection between violence and Islam is too clear to be ignored.”  Muslims know this and those who have doubts are Islamophobes.  The liberal left elites, many throughout the world, tend to ignore there is a significant and problematic difference between Islam and the common worldview. Islam is not, as a religion, a force for good.  That is the general thinking with regard to the idea of a religion, but not so when it comes to Islam. 


Muslims are taught and reminded to have an apocalyptic view. They are told the afterlife matters more than a life here on earth. This has promoted the concept of suicide bombings in the name of Allah with the precursor words spoken, ‘Allahu Akbar.’ I believe you praise God by living, living a life as God intends with the hope and joy that comes by doing so, not to die killing innocents thinking dark eyed beauties will receive you and exhaust you daily in your sexual fantasies.

This abomination of a concept was created by Arafat and now used to convince uneducated and brainwashed Muslim victims to cut short a life on earth, while the leaders continue to enjoy their passions. This is rubbish personified. This is a distortion, a deception, first encouraged (suicide bombing) and employed by Arafat (1983 Lebanon bombing of US Marine barracks) and used, even justified, since. Not even Allah will provide salvation for those deceived into dying for the cause of Islamist terrorists. Those that think they are headed for paradise as a result of such self destruction, while murdering others, are in for a rude awakening. If they do awake in the afterlife it will not be surrounded by virgins, more likely they, along with other men and women so falsely convinced, will be given a shovel and either a pile of coal to begin and continue throwing to keep the fires of Hell burning, or a pile of excrement to extract and experience the ordure of the ideology in which they succumbed.


One law, Sharia, to encompass both the spiritual world and the temporal world, is offensive to those who have no desire to be or become a Muslim. Yet the Islamists insist on it and the political Islamists want it to spread and find roots in Europe and the West.  They insist assimilation is wrong and maintenance of a closed Islamic system the only way to establish a basis for the continued and future spread of Islam.  Those that become moderates relative to the Islamist’s viewpoint, even secularists, are condemned and seen in the same fashion as an infidel.  The Islamists today attack the Muslim world that has adopted secular governance.  To them the secularists are avoiding the truth of Islam, the political truth that it is to be the only form of government, a theocracy, and the freedoms accorded those in a secular environment, even when the State’s religion is Islam, oppose and thus blaspheme Islam.

Police State

Trained and conditioned to be a vigilante for Islam is wrong.  Every Muslim is called upon to ‘rat’ on those who deviate from the Laws, who have private lives, if revealed, counter to the system of Islam, or who do not meet the ritual obligations which can lead to punishment so that such thinking or actions are not performed in the future.  

Holy War

Holy War may be a theme for a movie, but not for real life.  We are all to be citizens of the world.  Believe as you want to believe, but do not impose your belief on another as a requirement.  Proselytize, sure, but let everyone share their faith. Why should one religion condemn another religion for sharing their belief, referring to it as persecution or hatred, when they do the same thing?  There is to be one common standard and that is freedom to think, to ask, to write, and to speak openly, objectively, and without recourse unless physical harm, not the sticks-and-stones variety, is caused.   

Ideological Trash

The structure of Islam is antiquated.  It is misogynistic.  It is twisted in its logic.  Methods employed are more akin to brainwashing than objective reasoning.  The leaders of the political Islamist movements, those at the head of the snakes of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, the likes of the Iranian Khomeini, are, as Hillary Clinton recently referred to herself, ‘short circuited,’ and lying to the populace they oversee and are responsible for.  This is wrong.  They are dumping Islam upon them as if it is a fleet of trash vehicles stuffed with the detritus delivering their load to the garbage heaps they wish to continue to spread throughout the world.   Its objective for a world All for Allah is irrational as even today there are so many sects within the Islamic world that do not agree one with the other, thus there will never be peace.

There will always be war and the hatred Islam oozes, by one faction or another, will continue the violence of Islam.  It is a religion of violence.  There is no peace in Islam.  Islam is rubbish. 

Faith in Christ

From Philippians 3:8-16 [English Standard Version (ESV)]:  “Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish, in order that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith— that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, that by any means possible I may attain the resurrection from the dead.” Straining Toward the Goal – “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you.  Only let us hold true to what we have attained.

This is a call to Muslims to cast aside that which is Islam, the make-up of which is inconsistent with the human heart.  Put in the past the rubbish of your life and rejoice in Christ’s love and sacrifice so you may be saved by faith. The door is open, all you need do is knock. 

No longer a slave to fear, become a child of God. 

Grace and Peace

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