Morphing Societies – A Drift Left – Political Left


UI – Part 563 – Morphing Societies – A Drift Left – Political Left

A Drift Left

Where is society trending?  A question you need ask yourself.  Do your prefer conservative views? Or do you prefer liberal views?


To me conservatives are more calm and peace oriented.  They are more reflective of a love of neighbor. They are objective and open to conversation, even discussion and debate. They are less contentious. They tend to be loyal and patriotic. Nationalism, in terms of love of country, is important. Reason and logic are embraced.  Christian values are important and many appear to accept the Christian faith, or more accurately believe that Christ died for the sins of mankind, and at least that there is a God as creator.  They are workers and will compete to succeed, thus achievement orientation is part of a conservatives’ DNA. And certainly you have all read or are aware of conservative views that prefer smaller governments and less regulation, allowing and trusting people and businesses to do what is right and be more creative when less constrained.

To the conservative the middle class is essential. From this base productive workers are created and able to support their families and not depend on government for handouts. They want their children educated, seek financial security, have respect for others, acknowledge America as a Country of opportunity and do what they can to take advantage of the freedom they have to better their lives, their lifestyles and the future for their offspring. They believe in family, unity, and teamwork. They are willing to serve and apply themselves; feeling good about their independence. From the middle class are persons who are recognized and promoted for their contribution, hard work, dedication, and intellect. This is an avenue to achieve the American Dream. There are break-out opportunities, taking a chance, to reach higher and far exceed expectations.

Conservatives for the most part recognize biological sexual identities. They remain tolerant to the LGBTQ community, yet believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Many moderates are more objective towards sexual orientation, even ideological faiths, while embracing smaller government and practicing fiscal responsibility.

The family unit is an essential too.  A study of the more successful business persons will find strength of family, from their backgrounds and personal history to their current lives, a factor in their development.  Children are important although dedication to work can distract many from a devotion to their children’s upbringing, while the unit as a whole, the cooperation of the spouses, serves to provide love and care that maintains that unity of purpose and the values inherent in a loving family. Juggling priorities can be a dilemma, but manageable when the whole fo the family is given consideration in making important impactful decisions.


Certainly liberals, from what they say seems more accepting of others, but love, well, that is debatable from visuals we have all seen as they seek to avoid hearing opposing views, even having a debate. They are the monkey that covers its ears. It is not “hear no evil” they avoid, but hear no disagreement. To them disagreement is evil. They are subjective as to their own ideological orientation, and closed to other viewpoints. Simply, liberals, Democrats, operate with a closed door policy. This is not a cause for peace but chaos. Secularism or no God is a left leaning concept. They stress tolerability yet are the most intolerable when criticism or disagreement confronts them.

Reason and logic are the art form of philosophers and thinkers, but liberals only accept those with whom they agree and oppose, even ignore or discredit, those whose views make them uncomfortable or take umbrage with their positions. They object to the person (‘those’) as well as the rhetoric.  In many cases the person takes precedent over the rhetoric, words spoken that are never heard. 

The period of Enlightenment which emerged with the advent of the printing press and a Bible, in German and English (already in Latin), provided access by scholars who altered how God was a part of everyone’s lives.  Reason, open debate, and many available writings disputing much of what the Catholic Church claimed, made way for independent thinking and freedom of thought. Freedom was acknowledged as a persons’ right, within the bounds of full consideration given to the common good.  

Christian ethics and morals are an obstacle for many liberals, barriers they prefer to avoid instead of overcome, as it puts stops in the way of their preferences, even addictions. It appears as a circle, an ‘O,’ crossed through by a diagonal line, as on a cigarette or road sign, a ‘do-not’ caution. Liberals do not like hearing the word ‘no,’ They remain as the petulant child that does not get their way, falls to the floor, stiffens their back and screams, and pouts continuously. Sin is anathema, as they do as they do and want to do as long as they are not harming others, so they believe. That in itself is a debate question. Are there actions one can take that do not impact others?

ID Politics and Racism

We are living today where the tendency appears to cater to positions identified as ‘left’ or ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal.’ A female can identify herself as a male on her driver’s license, a white woman can identify as a black, a man can use a woman’s bathroom when he feels his feminine side, use of the locker room of your choice is permitted, men are running races as women, and sex is no longer male and female. Identity politics is the label. It appears to be focused mostly on sex. However there is more.

“Racism” has become a liberal buzz word. In many respects we are all racist, a label readily applied to having a preference for something over another. Examples would include hotels, restaurants or the type of restaurant, neighborhoods, automobiles, sports teams, clothing, hair styles, places of worship, and more. “Racism” is not just a color or ethnicity issue, even a political issue. It is a term that applies to everyone. Users of this term must be careful as most simply reflect their own prejudices or biases when they pander to their base. By calling out ‘racism’ they are taking an elitist posture and effectively claiming they themselves are not ‘racist.’ But, they are. The ID as racism is universal.

I believe Obama claimed, Racism “is part of our DNA.”

‘Racist’ has become a label applied against those who disagree with views, ideology, and commentary of minorities, having nothing to do with color, as if it is forbidden to oppose persons or races or a defined class. When combined with gender, principally the female gender (non-biological assumed appellations also), the letters of the word can be in bold, even capitalized and bold (RACIST). If we were all blind this term would be used infrequently.

Liberals have used what I refer to as ‘cubbie’ politics.  If a group can be created and given a ‘cubbie,’ separating one group from another, like postal letter box ‘cubbies,’ the liberal party can then develop a specific agenda for the ‘cubbie.’ Every class has its box. Critics of a given box are ‘racists.’  This is identity politics.  At the same time liberals object to the use of Identity Cards for voting, but want them for drivers licenses, entry into Democratic campaign events, airport screening, and to visit the offices of House and Senate Representatives.  They are called ‘victims’ for a reason.  The liberals have made them victims.  

Drifting Towards Victimhood

‘Victims’ of the left have a tendency to seek entitlements. We have an ever expanding welfare system. Established by President Johnson (LBJ), the War on Poverty focused on those in need. The statistics at the time used to justify legislation, oddly enough, have not changed. The poverty level remains around 17%, while over $15 trillion (CATO Institute data) has been spent. Before LBJ’s actions poverty levels were actually decreasing rapidly on their own (1959-1964). The family unit was an important component of this decline. The family unit today is in trouble, especially among the more impoverished.

The victim group remains the same size; it has actually grown. The effect of the legislation was to lessen personal incentive, make potentially productive persons less so, mitigate the need for a father in the home to provide for his family, and lead to a greater separation of the poor and the wealthy, thus reducing the size of a much needed middle class. Bill Clinton in 1996 made changes to a cash only welfare system enacting the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, intending in his words, “to end welfare as we know it.” The nature of the benefits has changed, but the system is still not effective, and the middle class and number of family units are smaller.

The Entitlement Class and the leftist liberals have appeared to organize along ‘socialist’ lines and come to believe the Entitlements they campaign to provide everyone that is not wealthy are ‘Rights.’ They apply our Constitution and the term ‘Rights’ loosely. They also define ‘wealthy’ loosely as just about anyone that is productive and making money.

Many see the efforts of the Left more as bribes for votes from a dependent class, the poor, the lazy, the underachievers, non-achievers, the addicted, et al (possibly illegals too). They use this class to grow their base to gain political power, doing little to change their status. Thus incentive is reduced and the American Dream, as an objective, is but a slogan, not possible, and taken off the table for their base. They express disgust, in fact, with America, what our Nation has achieved, dwelling on history, the ashes from which significant progress has been made and continues, as if nothing has changed, as if the fires still burn. More ‘bribes’ are proclaimed as ‘reparations,’ ‘forgiveness of college debts’ (ignoring those meeting their obligations), ‘living wage,’ ‘Medicare for ALL,’ illegal immigrants granted similar benefits (even more), and further additions on top of what our generous Country already provides (to the detriment of a balanced budget).

They believe the larger a base of needy, greedy and lazy they can create, with the aide of social justice warriors in the Media and on college and university campuses, the more the controls of the American machine can be theirs. That should worry any objective, responsible, hard-working, family-oriented American.

A small middle class plays into the hands of the liberal left as their victim base can increase. The liberals use their base(s) as a platform for power, yet promises made are seldom kept. Obama is a great example of the leadership that used racism, sex, and identity politics to expand the liberal base, shifting it further left, more towards socialism and the transference of wealth. BHO caused more division in our nation at a time when unity was and is needed. He had the opportunity to build on progress made, but dwelled on the past; his wife did/does also. The middle class remains on the sidelines.

The liberal socialist leftist visible and vocal Democrat media darlings want illegals in their base too. Open Borders is a perversion of the ‘tolerance’ they claim, but it is not tolerance they demonstrate. By attacking they have succeeded in making ‘white’ a race which they refuse to admit reveals they, ‘the Squad’ by example, are being the most ‘racist’ of all.

Promises on the left have not historically been translated into promises kept, improved lifestyles, and better living conditions for those whose votes they manage to attract. Statistics have shown that cities where crime is the highest and poverty the lowest, historically, are areas where year after year Democratic mayors and representatives have been elected.

The network, the Party organization, favors its own and conducts business in such a way to insure it maintains power, using its victims, making promises and overtures, to keep them voting, even stuffing ballots, as many suspect. It is the liberal voice of resistance that speaks loudest when citizens only want citizens, and citizens with ID’s, to vote. That is not an objective to help non-citizens, but a want for all kinds of votes to maintain control. Control includes access to the purse of government, local taxes, state taxes and national taxes to spend on pet projects, to cater to donors from business and media, and to have it their way. Think Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters of CA. She requires ID’s to enter her campaign rallies, but not to vote.

Taking sides

Whose side are you on? Whose side would your prefer? Have you thought about peace versus chaos. Have you thought about safe cities for citizens or safe cities for illegals? Are you willing to take unknown, non-citizens, illegals into your home and pay for them to live? Does not the same apply to America’s Borders and those that illegally cross them? Who pays for the illegals? Are we wanting of a united nation or a divided one? Who really is a racist? Are your doors and America’s doors to be open and accommodating of ideologies that do not seek to embrace our culture or adopt our ways, but strive to increase in numbers to then impose their will on us all?

Is Islam to be given free reign to conduct its practices and impose its own laws, Islamic Law or Sharia Law, without objection? Are we to be a place for anyone that wants to move to America, of which there are hundreds of millions, and provide for their welfare? Where do you stand? How do your view events? Are you conservative or liberal, possible moderate? Are you to the Right or to the Left? Do you want socialism, a transfer of your hard earnings to others, others who need not do the same work, or work as hard or achieve as much as you do? Are you willing to pay your debts, and also the debts of others who avoid their responsibilities? Are you a Nationalist, a Patriot or a Globalist?

Cha-cha-cha Changes

Our society, our culture is changing. It will continue to do so, as history has demonstrated, But it needs time to properly assimilate. Progress will and should be oriented towards a unity and love of nation that provides for everyone in a like fashion (equality or opportunity, not outcomes or earning), with laws that protect equally. Conservatives are not in a rush, as liberals are. We need a society that is willing to fight to the death for our freedoms and way of life. Many liberals will fight for their way of life, but not for the Nation’s preservation, or your way of life. Their fights are often demonstrated by protests, but then their love for their surroundings is often dismissed by the trash, the detritus, they leave in their wake.

What liberal today would be willing to go to war, even serve our nation, if called (conscription)? The outcry would be at deafening decibel levels.

Petulant, demanding, ignorant, wanting, selfish, egoistic, and blind to reality and a balanced society, the liberals, the current picture of the Democratic Party, zooming towards Socialist, have created a desperate class demanding benefits that can only destroy a free society.

Progress moves slowly, but it moves.  The reason, to avoid mistakes, to not alter our foundations, which would include our values and Constitution.  

Rule of Law is not just respecting the laws, but adhering to and maintaining them. Conservatives seek justice to conform to our system of laws, while liberals want to be proactive in re-writing laws to suit their desires. They seek to seat activist judges. They claim conservatives will do likewise, yet that is not true. Conservatives want judges that do not legislate from the bench, but insure laws as written are met. The desires of the liberal left, and this can be misconstrued I know, are to allow ‘choice,’ a word they love, to be ubiquitous in all we do. Choose your sex, your sex partner, your drug, to have a baby or not, your dress, or a no clothing option, how you live, your politics (if liberal), and your right to protest anywhere at any time, violently or not. The choice is to be heard regardless of the choice of others to not hear you. It is permissible to disturb people wanting to eat peacefully in a restaurant or in their homes.

The hypocrisy of the liberal ‘choice’ is their choice, not yours. What about a balanced choice, one everyone can agree on? Answer – not good enough for the liberal.


Today the imbalance in our society is downright problematic.  It makes everyone nervous.  Politicians see each other as corrupt, trying to cheat the system.  They trust no one. The victim then, is We The People.  We are the ones that must restore order.  And if those that control the voting booths will not allow that to happen, as the mechanism available to us is the voting booth, we cannot survive.  We are seeing a great increase in hatred, acts against others simply because the ones perpetrating mischief ‘hate.”  Hate is the extreme of taking a stand, or position is disagreement.  There is no tolerance in the hearts of those that hate.  

Islam teaches hatred and provides an example to which we in America must never aspire. From mosques and madrassas children, teens and adults are filled with enmity towards those not in compliance with their ideology.  A violent dislike for opposing views is encouraged.  Let the practices of political Islamists and jihadists never be an example to Americans.  Muhammad is not an example to follow, nor are the Caliphs that immediately followed Muhammad after his death (he was poisoned by those that succeeded him).   Yet the playbook for Islam has morphed into the Alinsky Rules for Liberals, into practices of the Democratic Party’s most left (and trending) groups funded by liberal crazed billionaires.  ‘Hate’ is being funded.  That is a problem for us all.  

Why We Vote

The drift left is not like a snow drift to be shoveled away.  It is born out of our education system and its liberal elitist educators that have become the vast majority that teach our young ones.  That is wrong too.  Democrats have adopted the liberal stance to find their base for power from the many they can identify as having needs to which the politicians can appeal.  Delivering on their sermons of concern, keeping promises, is not the objective.  It is gaining a seat in the tower of power from which they, as newly born elitists, can enrich themselves and their cadres.  

Where do we go from here?  The pendulum usually swings one way and then back.  But it may be sticking on the left far too long.  We need representatives that want to work together to get things done; not elected officials that resist for resistance’s sake, simply because they oppose the other side.  Our Nation has many needs.  Our safety and security is basic. We cannot be the oases that serves all mankind.  We can lead others to learn from what we have as a nation accomplished, and theoretically can continue to accomplish. We can teach and share, but we cannot accommodate the world’s billions that do now live in America. 

Let’s watch what each side of the aisle of the House and Senate do, and then take action accordingly the next time we have the great opportunity, as we do, to vote.  The vote is our shovel, the tool we have to clear the pathway that stands between us, our freedoms, our futures and that of our families and offspring.  

Grace and Peace


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