Scorched Earth Tactics of Islam

UI – Part 578 – Scorched Earth Tactics of Islam


Invading areas and forcing conversion of residents to Islam is well reflected in the history of Islam. From the time Muhammad was murdered by the cabal of his wife Aisha, her father, Abu Bakr, and other close Companions, armies formed by militant leaders assuming the position of Caliph (Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman), hiding behind the black banner of Allah & The Prophet, invaded areas beyond the scope of Muhammad to raid, to pillage and to control.

In the 16th Century, for instance, Muslim armies with Ottoman support and arms marched into Ethiopia from the east (an area that is better known today as Somaliland) employing scorched earth tactics and slaughtered any Ethiopian that refused to convert from Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity to Islam. According to Wikipedia, “hundreds of churches were destroyed during the invasion, and an estimated 80% of the manuscripts in the country were destroyed in the process.”

In 2015, if you recall, members of ISIS in Libya lined up dozens of Ethiopian orthodox Christians on the beaches and shot and beheaded them, burying their bodies.  The hatred and instilled nature of Islamist thinking resulting in horrendous ungodly acts against innocents, children of God, is what one would expect of Satan.  

Muhammad’s death was announced in 632, 62 years after his birth.  He was a leader and attracted a following, referred to as Companions, that accepted his ideology of one god, Allah, while at the same time enjoying the spoils of marauding caravans and communities for personal gain, financial and physical (women and children as slaves).  This self-proclaimed Prophet had a small core leadership team that could reach out to other tribes to collaborate, joining forces, for a raid. Muhammad sought a treasury to provide payment to militants that he engaged to seek revenge, for persecution he felt, on his family tribe in Mecca that dismissed him years before due to his fanatical preaching of a god to be the only god for everyone.  His family home housed the Kaaba, a cube structure honoring over 360 idols, to include that of Jesus, the one many believe is the only savior of mankind. Muhammad never had a unified army under his command. That happened after his death as those who assumed the mantle of the head of his many adherents, to include those paid when part of a raiding party, were asked to become part of a more permanent force to take advantage of unsuspecting citizens in areas beyond the Arabian Peninsula which was Muhammad’s domain.  


An army was formed by Abu Bakr, the first Caliph.  Members, once a part, were never to leave, subject to death for abolishing their allegiance to Muhammadanism. They charged into new territories, pillaging, raping, burning and occupying, declaring they had Muhammad’s god, Allah, on their side.  They blasphemed God for their personal gain, which continues to this day in the name of Islam. Once tasting the blood of their manmade enemy, the non-believer, those who do not agree with the political Islamists, the killers band together as a pack of wolves seeking even more blood.  Political Islamists are in it for themselves, the benefits, wealth and power they enjoy. Muslims who espouse their faith, as a religion and love for god, Allah, have been deceived from the beginning.  They are unsuspecting pawns of the political machine that is Islam.  

Scorched earth tactics were in play from the time of the first Caliph, the first successor to Muhammad (more a military junta resulting from the murder of the Prophet).  It is called Jihad.

Chess Board Politics

In Arabia raiding each others villages was as a game of chess, but the players were real persons.  Lives were taken and lost.  Terrorism and fear of one’s neighbor has been part of the Arab mentality since who knows when. If an oasis dried up, another needed to be found, and if already occupied, then fighting took place to gain or maintain control.  This thinking pervades that of the political Islamists born of the ideology Muhammad proclaimed, but assumed and converted by self interests and opportunities to move the pieces onto a greater, broader, bigger and wider board than the traditional 8 x 8 of chess.   The early Caliphs had an image, a claim, and a useful god to perpetrate their invasions and imperialism.  Soon after Muhammad’s demise Abu led his forces north into Israel and Jerusalem.  It was an easy conquest. 


They soon discovered residents relied on their scripture (the Bible, and some the Torah). This new Muhammadanism needed a scripture, thus the call for a Quran.  The process began with words Muhammad had used. The Caliph and his evil generals felt, “We need a book to make our claim of a god on our side more believable to those we capture. They all have and believe in god. Our god will tell them how they must live and obey.  It has been predicted by our Prophet and Messenger of Allah. We can build on what he had so many of us memorize.  We can add to that what is necessary to control people, the laws and the way of living. We will create a story, a history.”  By the time of the third Caliph, Uthman, the scripture of Islam, the Quran,  was assembled.  A final was chosen.  The rest were burned, destroyed.  Muhammadanism had its Scripture.  It had more credibility, so they themselves believed and insisted everyone else so believe, OR ELSE!  Killing those that did not accept or had a different scripture was justified, it was their scorched earth policy to insure the way of Muhammadanism was the only way.  Those invaded, captured and occupied had to submit.  Submission, submission, submission, the demand of the Muhammadanism-ists.  The word in Arabic is ‘Islam.’  The word for those that submit to Muhammadanism, the submitter, is ‘Muslim.’  Included in this Scripture was the concept of Takiyya, the permission to lie, to deceive, if in so doing the cause of the Islamists was advanced.  How convenient!

Invasions, Conquests, Battles

All tribes under Muhammad had to be unified, thus a disparate contingent under the Prophet was united for the power possible by Caliph #1. A united faction, an army, was used to expand Muhammadanism or Islam.  In forming this army many were coerced and then compelled to remain as it was apostasy to leave, for which death was the penalty.  Defending forces were defeated in Persia, and in the Byzantine Empire. Many of those invaded were totally unprepared for the Muhammadian hoard of murders. Present day Iraq was taken, and areas further east, into the Punjab (Pakistan today) and Central Asia. North of Israel, Syria, and west into Egypt and northern Africa, the conquests continued. At the closest point between Europe and North Africa, forces moved into Spain.  At the hundred year anniversary of the murder of Muhammad the dynasty on the throne of power of Islam, the Umayyads, attempted (732) to move into Europe, via France. Charles Martel stopped their progress at the Battle of Tours. 

Africa, the Middle East and Asia in less than one hundred years became an Empire under the laws of Islam. Christian villages, Byzantine centers, along the northern coast of Africa, places like Alexandria, Carthage, and Utica were invaded, the earth was scorched by the Muhammadians in all those domains.  Europe did not succumb. 

 Oddly enough, with all their success, within the powers of Islam, civil war and division was taking place within the first hundred years as well.  That too continues. This began after the 3rd Caliph, Uthman.  The first convert to Islam, was Ali (cousin of Muhammad, married to his daughter Fatima), who then assumed the role as the 4th Caliph.  The differences between the Sunni and the Shiites began.  Caliphs, their successors, their sons, were subject of assassinations.  Year after year, who was in charge was subject to brutal changed.  Dynasties were created, rose up to then be defeated, the Umayyads, the Abbasids, the Mughals (India), the Safaviehs (Iran), and the Ottoman (Anatolia or Turkey).  The coerced conversions to Islam continued, compelled and forced in many regions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Islam grew by killing the opposition.  Non-Muslims that lived paid a jizya, a tax for protection, a protection never guaranteed or assured, but the proceeds were useful to the Islamist elites.  The Ottoman Empire became the most aggressive of all the dynasties.  Greece and Bulgaria fell, Constantinople, a major Byzantine City, a center of Christianity, fell to the advance of Islam. Istanbul (not Constantinople) became the capital of this empire. 

It took a Holy Alliance to keep the Ottomans at bay from advancing into Europe; Vienna a targeted point of entry.

Islam Thwarted 

In the late 13th Century the center of Islam at the time, Baghdad, the heart of the Abbasid Empire, fell to Mongol and Tartar conquerors.  The Islamic community fell, only to recover by the 15th Century. 

The Ottomans were stopped at the siege of Vienna in 1683.  They suffered failed attempts thereafter. 

In the 18th and the 19th century and into the 20th century the colonists from Europe, the British and French, the Belgiums too, came to occupy and modernize many of the Muslim States.  The Islamic world was transitioning. Then came WWI and WWII and oil.  Much has changed since then, not to the benefit of Muslims living in nations, now independent of the colonists, that have as their government heads, political Islamists and the Laws of Islam, with oil wealth to support their avarice.  

After WWII

The story after World War II has brought dark clouds and storms over the people that live in Muslim nations, areas I refer to as Islamaland.  Saudi Arabia and Iran enjoy great wealth from oil.  While the areas have a valuable resource the opportunity for the residents in those lands have been non-existent as the leadership, monarchies, enjoyed the largesse, a greed far greater than necessary.  Some of the new found wealth was given to the people to placate them, family members were employed in an ever expanding and inefficient bureaucracy, cohorts and cronies in government too, as well as educated persons hired as needed to run the organizations of state.  The bulk of the potential was limited to those, the elites, closest to the throne of the State. Many areas benefitted also from foreign source payments, like the USA and Russia, offering funds for development and to maintain relationships. Unfortunately the governors, the elitists, treated many of the dollars or rubles received as their own, squandering funds or transferring them to personal and family accounts in off-shore banking venues. At the same time such funds were useful in providing order, the Islamic way, allowing hostilities to arise to the giver, as in ‘Death to America,”

Political Islam is growing.  The warning signs are evident.  Too many politicians, mostly liberal politicians, are catering to the financial influence the coalition of Arab Nations wields to insure Muslims that emigrate remain as Muslims, and avoid assimilating or adopting the freedoms offered as part of the constitutions of their new host countries.  The liberals bend readily, as appeasers, to critics calling those who question or object to Islam Islamophobes.  Too often they appear blind to the reality of the creeping of Islam, as sewage seeping threw the cracks of a septic system and infecting the good earth. 

You are forewarned.  Understand Islam.

The scorched earth tactics of Islam remains a major component of the plan of conquest of the political Islamist, the radicals and the jihadists. 

No longer a slave of fear when living as a child of God, saved by his Grace.

Grace and Peace.

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