Major World Changes – Invasions – Islam – 21st Century War

UI – Part 569 – Major World Changes – Invasions – Islam – 21st Century War

Allah’s Will

The plight of the Muslim is the Will of Allah. If rich, it is the Will of Allah.  If poor, it is the Will of Allah.  If successful in battle, it is the Will of Allah.  I am convinced, however, that to be a Christian or Jew, to the political and scholarly Imams, is not the Will off Allah; but ask, why not?  Yet Allah’s Will is often in the hands of the military or militants, humans, who are deciding themselves, punishing accordingly, Allah’s Will. To insure Allah’s Will is applied area leaders in Islamaland protect themselves with private armies.  If Allah’s Will his that they be the leaders for the people, why do they need protection?  It may be Allah’s Will that made it possible for a Sheikh to be driven while seated in the luxury of the rear seat of a Rolls Royce not made by the hands of any Muslim. But is it Allah’s Will that equips Muslim citizens for war against non-Muslim people, or decides whose head or hand is to be severed as punishment for petty crimes or verbal abuse towards an overly insensitive, intolerant, Islamist? Is it Allah’s Will that the poor are poor and the rich are rich, and that Jews are Jews and Christians are Christians? There is much to question as to Allah’s Will and the heresy of many political Islamists and jihadists.  Wars have raged in Islamaland since Muhammad and his revelations, all to impose, I guess, Allah’s Will on the loser. 


In areas outside of Islamaland (Muslim majorities) political Islamists have discovered invasion through infiltration.  No weapons needed.  Just hatred to be maintained in the hearts and minds of emigrants towards those who in any fashion are critical of Islam.  The critics are persecuting Muslims, and the label “Islamophobe’ has become a convenient word to target dissidents of what they consider an adverse ideology, and forced way of life, as haters.  But it is not their hate, but that of the pitiful Islamists that is their weapon, along with mass invasions when the time is right.  Overwhelm nations with people, and the need for weapons to conquer another country is eliminated.  Weapons would only engender leaders of the foreign nations being invaded to react, as in war.  This method is surreptitious and effective.  It is dawa in action.  For those happy in free host countries, Allah’s Will having enabled a relocation, discover after a while pressure from imported Imam’s and ulema that they are potential heretics, unless they turn against the temptations of freedom and re-establish themselves as true-hearts for Allah and Muhammad. They are told that Allah’s Will is for them to fight for Islam.

The oxymoron is the political Islamic organizations as C.A.I.R., hate filled Allah card carriers, call any who question their acts and Islam ‘Islamophobes,’ while they have many phobias, hatred, enmity, towards Christians, Jews, gays, non-Muslims and bacon eaters. 

As an aside – think about it – If Muslims want to run away from a Muslim country, does that mean they’re Islamophobic?

Douglas Murray wrote (The Strange Death of Europe, Immigration, Identity, Islam, pg 4747 of 6815, Kindle), “people are different, that different people (Muslims) believe different things, and that our own values (European) may not in fact be universal values.” This sets the platform for prejudice and attitudes towards others of color, race, sexual identity, ideological beliefs, and religion. It is nothing new and in fact as reality it may never result in a completely peaceful plurality in one nation. Tolerance may not be equal as large numbers may agree joining in opposition to a sect, faction, or minority. That is the purpose of common law.  

From Islamaland – Be Forewarned

“You will not be safe from a deluge of… asylum seekers,” Rouhani, President of Iran, said in a speech carried live on state television on December 8, 2018.  It is a form of war, occupation by invasion, possible today. Many liberals, the multiculturalists, globalists and open border Soros cadres, have their arms held wide to greet the invaders. Is it guilt from the past they are attempting to expunge with their newly discovered tolerance and want for diversity to a chaotic extreme?  To the political Islamist it is Allah’s Will enabling them to march forward into areas heretofore protected from a Muslim, political Islamist, incursion.  

Less God

When Europe was Christian, as a daily habit for the vast majority, they were aware of Islamic aggression that transformed North Africa along the Mediterranean, Jerusalem and Spain. They did not want these marauders taking their land, raping their women, depleting their treasuries and turning under the success of progress into 7th Century standards. They did not want to be forced into becoming a Muslim, or die. Allah’s Will was thwarted. What has changed? One change is a reduced love and devotion to God.  It is God’s Will versus Allah’s Will, the Biblical God versus Muhammad’s Quranic Allah, whose Will would you prefer?  

God’s Grace

God’s Grace must never be forgotten or dismissed. There is evil in the world. Human’s have a sinful nature. Sin is an inherent defect everyone must fight every second. Allowed to bloom sin can turn persons into selfish bullies, liars and thieves, autocrats and monsters, addicts and abusers, users and takers, and more. Those lost fighting evil dictators in the 20th Century Wars were heros. They fought addicted sin fueled selfish tyrants to protect the innocent, the free and the God, and neighbor, loving. We all have a desire for peace. But not everyone can control their wanton ego-centric desire for power, recognition and control over others. Satan offers the pleasures and the prizes for those that transgress, but the tastes are short term, and when past only compel the seduced sinner to want a repeat or more. Never fully or properly satisfied they take themselves to the brink. Collateral damage means little. 

Satan knows this and enjoys it when his army of malcontents do battle with the Godly. The Godly fight their sin nature, having acknowledged they are sinners. We battle personal wars within ourselves, facing and resisting, fighting, temptation. The Godly are aware too, thankful, for God’s Grace. It is unfortunate the true price of war is paid in blood, the blood and suffering of those unknown or unseen, their family and friend’s. 

And when forced to fight for an evil monster even the Godly become victims, victims in their own home, persecuted, oppressed, compelled to do what their nature tells them is wrong.  They may be conditioned or brainwashed, made to believe what they are doing is correct.  However when fighting for freedom, for themselves and their offspring, for the future of society and their culture, it can be a righteous act of courage, a sacrifice for the benefit of mankind.  

The Holy Spirit impregnated Mary and she bore God’s son, Jesus. God only can do this, and did so to enable humans to know Him. There was no intermediary to share words in a cave to a person during a respite. God walked among us. He then took it upon himself to make us right with God and sacrificed the God-made-man as punishment we all deserve for our sins, forgiveness granted. Atonement to follow.  God-made-man died and was buried, but rose from his tomb, God-made-man-made-God, resurrected and appeared to hundreds upon hundreds, witnessed for a reason, as proof.  Salvation assured for those that have faith in the Risen Lord. The chains of sin can leave scars, a mark that remains when forgiven, transformed and aware of the sacrifice made for you and me. 

Restore Faith in God 

Take the time to properly consider your existence. It is not to acquire stuff. It is not to use others. Come up with your own list, but if God is not on it then know meaningless and emptiness, a vacuum, will ensue. God fills the void.  Having given up on God but wanting something, the pangs created by a hunger, turning to Allah is no answer. Returning to God is the answer. Europe and the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, all Nations, and the broken, subjected and caged in Islamaland, can be fulfilled and fed. They will find hope and joy in the process.  Study war and there will be good fighting evil. The good may not prevail in the short-run, but it will never stop fighting, then one day the light will shine as the darkness falls. Yet the good can never be complacent as with each newborn another sinner in need of saving grace will emerge. Families need to teach their children about God. The Godly are needed to fight those kept away from his Holiness and brainwashed into thinking there is a different or more than one righteous path. 

Yes, there is evil in the world. We are all sinners and when caught in the net of deceit, pleasure, addictive spirits and other devilish candies we can lose grasp of what is meaningful. Short-term highs, using a metaphor, can leave emptiness and troughs that cause a need for another infusion from the caldron of the father of lies. Strength, guidance, which is provided in the Word of God, provides direction and answers every question asked. Do not be afraid to open to a page and hear what God has to say. It is more than just the symphony of how to live a purpose filled life. 

Blessed are they who have his light to guide them, a light readily available, fully charged, anytime needed. 

Center of the Universe

No person is the center of the universe. Only God. Evil is everywhere; it happens when we disobey God. It happens when others disobey God and hurt their neighbors. We are sinful humans living among sinful humans. Wars are when the sinner is overwhelmingly powerful and along with joiners who succumb, together they express superiority as bullies with clubs. A point however arrives when the ‘deplorables,’ seemingly helpless, cannot take it any more. Lives will be lost, but the good, in time, will always prevail.  

Be aware there are organizations, fundamental Political forces resistant to God, striving to maintain an evil army to take territory, to assume control, to impose, enact and enforce their own laws, with a particular focus on dissidents, and to have a constituent base of their own, cleansed of persons considered inferior, weak, incompatible, heretical or resistant. Beware of Allah’s Will for human-sake. 

The Invasion

From primitive weapons of war to modern weapons, battles have been lost and won. Today there is a weapon-free war, with a religious mantle as a cloak and hoodie hiding the dark heart of a demon underneath. It is an invasion of people, immigrants in vast numbers, hoards of cultural miscreants seeking entitlements from weak, appeasing, progressive liberals and the governments they occupy, whose political correctness has blinded their eyes and muddled their brains to be tolerant of the intolerant, and welcoming of hate-filled and educated warriors for Allah.  Open borders are enabling the invasion that could never be in a Christian pluralist world. 

There is war. It is a religious war. Beware. It is the war of the 21st Century.  Let not the father of lies prevail. Restore your faith, your Christian heritage and find purpose in God’s light, the light of forgiveness, human rights and freedom. 

Grace and Peace.

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