Diversity is Not a Strength  (2 of 2)

UI – Part 558 – Diversity is Not a Strength  (2 of 2)

Diversity, much of which we experience today via illegal immigration, the invasion of Muslims and Islamists in free nations, and a vast array of sexual identities, is not good for our Nation.

Europe Changed

“Everything you love, even the greatest and most cultured civilizations in history, can be swept away by people who are unworthy of them.” “Europe lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy (The Strange Death of Europe, Immigration, Identity, Islam, by Douglas Murray,  299/6185).  Immigration by those who do not assimilate are altering the landscapes, the societies, of free host nations.  Political groups that wantonly support immigrants from non-compatible cultures, and do so for political reasons, show their ignorance and total disregard for the future for their offspring and the stable composition of their Country. Europe has seen significant alterations in their populations, in many cases making them less than what they once were or stood for.  National pride in what was once, is no longer as there is uncertainty as to what is now.

The greatest concern is for the Islamization of the world, one free nation at a time.

White Minorities

Will there come a point when white minorities become a victim and the constant raging as to an implied ‘superiority’ stops. Or even as a minority will whites show their comeuppance to become the superclass as forecast by Stephen Hawkins. It will not be, however, a ‘white’ class, but a distinct class of educated, successful, achievers and leaders, of all types and colors, made ‘white’ by the purity of their intent to unify in love and fairness.  Those that are prone to attack others, as victims seeking recognition or losers (of the Hillary variety), beware. You know not the beast you may be aggravating. As society attempts to abolish whites, is it to be expected they will remain silent as their demise becomes evident, or will they seek justice for their existence by becoming stronger, more resourceful and more aggressive. In this regard “white” is synonymous with “conservative,” regardless of color or race or religion.

Incompatible Immigration

Douglas Murray asks of Europe, and I suggest the same applies to America, “Has (Europe) lost sight of what it is? (376/6185).  He suggests ‘guilt’ is present and thus attitudes are open to invasion from poorer nations whose civilizations are less developed, the people are oppressed, and what a free nation offers is so much more.  By allowing them in, liberals in particular, can feel better about who they are, forgetting about the good fortune they have being born into in their free world Nation.  Ignorance to reality causes significant problems for the continued stability and future of their homelands. Murray also suggests, “that while the movement of millions of people from other cultures into a strong and assertive culture might have worked, the movement of millions of people into a guilty, jaded and dying culture cannot” (pg 377/6815). Douglas, critical of Europe, made clear his contention that, “Europe lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy” (301/6815).  If you love your country, you will fight to defend it.  If you do not love it, or take it for granted, even expecting more, ignorant of the magnitude of blessings you already have, then, Murray surmises, you may be “unworthy” of what you actually have.   

The tide of human progress you see streaming to shore may contain detritus that will leave your shores in ruin. Be thankful for your blessings, not in doubt. There may indeed be the need for a Wall. There are boundaries, and as Murray notes in that regard, “Europe was never…a continent of Islam.”

Do we accept change, progress, no matter the form?  Murray says, “The problem comes not with an acceptance of change, but with the knowledge that when those changes come too fast or are too different we become something else – including something we may never have wanted to be” (338/6815).

The Diversity We Seek May be an Undoing


A warning is being heard.  There are those deaf to the siren’s wail.  But it is being heard by the silent majority, the ‘deporables’ (Hillary Clinton’s term for Trump supporters), the ‘dregs of society’ (Joe Biden’s term for Trump supporters), and those who love America, have pride in what our Nation means to the world, who want to protect our future and our values, and who are willing to stand for our National Anthem and wave our Flag enthusiastically.  Let’s slow things down a little.  Consider the consequences.

Nationalism trumps globalism and multiculturalism every day of the week.

You gotta love America to save America. A united America is to be fought for.  Many have died to protect our freedoms.  Far too many have become complacent and take for granted what they should cherish and strive to insure is never changed. Ask yourself. Are you willing to go to war and face death for what you believe, for your Nation?  With that know that America’s Constitution is the finest document for a Nation ever written.

With too much diversity the effect may be too much divisiveness and chaos, just the opposite of unity.  Political Parties may be at odds with each other, losing any sense of respect, resistant simply for the want to resist whatever the other side supports.  The influx of poor, with families to follow adding to the number of poor, taking jobs from citizens at lower wages, may make corporations more profitable, shareholder values greater, and corporate CEO’s richer, but it also reduces the needed middle class.  A larger chasm between rich and poor is not a good thing.  A sizable middle class is essential for a democracy to work. The middle class grows from its own citizen base.

If a nation fills its sovereign land with non-productive and large segments of poor, they will become needy and at that level will seek more and more entitlements from government. They will represent an attractive voting bloc for a vote-hungry power-Party who will make promises that cannot be kept and burden a system until it implodes. The ‘guilt’ laden citizens will acquiesce in the name of ‘fairness,’ as doing what is right, as what citizens of wealthy free nations do.  It is but a lie, an excuse, as capacity issues, the rights of the legal immigrants and the rights of citizens must be addressed.

Invading hordes of immigrants that are poor and culturally incompatible can only harm a vibrant democracy.  The result – a once vibrant democracy.

Do you still feel diversity is a strength or asset?

Grace and Peace

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