Diversity is Not a Strength  (1 of 2)

UI – Part 558 – Diversity is Not a Strength  (1 of 2)

In America the term ‘diversity’ has become as a May pole around which people appear together. It is a political topic that suggests diversity is good for our nation. We need to look at a polemic that suggests it is not good.  

A rainbow of streamers attached to a flag pole held by persons representing religions, ideology, ethnicities, color, races, identities, sexes, and other has become a symbol of globalism and multiculturalism. Unfortunately it is not a symbol of unity. Politics over the past decade have made diversity an issue, while creating chaos, division, evil and vile attacks. Is diversity an item, an issue, to be valued?  


America needs all streamers to be the same – red, white and blue.  From a political vantage point ‘red’ seems to be more tolerant, as the ‘blue’ of our Nation has evolved into a maniacal mob mentality.  The ‘white’ has been gravely distorted into a privileged segment of society with arrows laced with a ‘racist’ poison aimed at the term.  Yet what it seems to designate is a symbol of superiority, using history as a guide without regard to progress.  The good of ‘white’ societies as united by their faith, their principles, their demeaner, the progress for civilization achieved and the freedoms embraced, are diminished by errors along the way.  Arguments can be made that such errors were from historical norms and ignorance as progress succeeded in bringing Christian values from the Bible, as to human rights and equality of men and women and all races, to the fore.  Today those that are enriched in societies where freedom reigns, regardless of race, ethnicity or religion, have too often fallen into the category of ‘white (or privileged),’ yet they are anything but.  They represent all hues, but what they appear to be are educated, tolerant, faithful, mostly heterosexual, and achievers.  They are not victims. 

Value or Benefit of Diversity

“In fact diversity is not a value. It’s a neutral fact, inherently neither good nor bad. Lost in the mindless celebration of change is an obvious question: why should a country with no shared language, ethnicity, religion, culture, or history remain a country? Countries don’t hang together simply because. They need a reason. What’s ours?” Tucker Carlson, Ship of Fools: How a Ruling Class is Bringing America to the Brink, (Free Press, NY, 2018. Ebook pg. 134/2904). More from Tucker, “But is diversity our strength? The less we have in common, the stronger we are? Is that true of families? Is it true in neighborhoods or businesses? Of course not. Then why is it true of America? Nobody knows. Nobody’s even allowed to ask the question“ (143/2904).

In 1994 a prominent Democrat, Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, strong and vocal in her stance said, “it is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest.”  In addition, “Those who choose to come here must embrace the common core of American civic culture,” she wrote. “We must assist them in learning our common language: American English.” Even Bill Clinton championed border protection in his 1995 State of the Union, saying, “All Americans, not only in the states most heavily affected but in every place in this country, are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by U.S. citizens or immigrants. The public services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.” (quotes sourced from Tucker Carlson’s book, Ship of Fools….)  American ideals were important to Jordan and Clinton, at least they were then. There was a call for unity, a commitment to our Constitution and what made America great. Patriotism was not anathema. 

At that time Democrats sought a unified nation. Today that has changed in the form of opposition to anything Trump.  They have abandoned their expressed ideals. Or have they always taken the side of power for the Democrats, opposition to those not of their ilk in power? Democrats are not a Party for We the People, but a wealthy elitist collection of bureaucrats, corporate CEO’s, billionaires, that want to control the reins of government for their purposes, not for ours.  Thus we have experienced a call for diversity, seeking victims to support their goals, as a means to garner votes. But when in Office, serving their districts, the people who elected them, history demonstrates they are not effective, or willing, to keep their promises.  It is not just Democrats, Republicans too, those who have spent many terms (some too many) as representatives have been caught in the web of deception believing they know what is best for US. Our system is not perfect and the influence of lobbyists, corporations, industry groups may be too great as they are needed for funding of the political campaigns to be conducted to gain or retain power. When the power goes to the head of an elected representative they forget the people and favor their position, their wallet and their elevated status.

Democrats today label people with views in line with Jordan and Clinton in the 90’s as ‘racist.’ This sets up the argument against diversity. It may not fit the agenda for those seeking to regain power by the Left, but it makes sense for Americans that wish to preserve the Constitution and the ideals of our Founders that established our great exceptional Nation.

When it comes to justice today the liberals want judges as advocates for the causes they support, whether or not it defies logic, existing law, or the Constitution.  They will load the benches in the courts with their activist cohorts.  What is frustrating is the attack by the left when conservatives seek to seat judges that adhere to the existing rule of the law and administer the Constitution as the overriding document for our great Nation; such judges are chosen to insure legislation passed is in compliance with our Nation’s Laws.  They are not there to write laws. They are not there to impose the Bible on We the People.  Liberals object to these appointments, claiming the conservatives are trying to do what they themselves would do, that is appoint activist judges.  The conundrum is the conservative approach has nothing to do with activism. It has all to do with preserving the wishes of our Founding Fathers that formed this exceptional Nation of ours in the first place.   


“In a tribal system, every group finds itself at war with every other group. It’s the perfect perversion of the American ideal: “Out of many, one” becomes “Out of one, many.”” – Tucker Carlson (2072/2904).  

What is a perfect example of this concept is Islam.  Islam is and has never been unified. It is not ‘one’ but ‘many.’  There are the Sunni’s and the Shiites.  But within these two segments there are many other approaches to Islam, and factions, tribes, political and religious leaders, and scholars (ulema) that disagree with what is to them ‘true Islam.’ They are in constant battle, at war, with one another.  You can say all Muslims are ‘heretics’ as there will always be another Muslim that does see Islam the same way. 

to be continued in two days….  Are we worthy of the Country of our birth?

Grace and Peace



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