White Supremacy (4 of 4)

UI – Part 538 – White Supremacy (4 of 4)

The world is changing, some areas more rapidly than others.  Leaders in control prefer the people’s voices remain quiet and they remain as obedient servants to the elitists in power.  That is supremacy, protected and to be maintained by any advantages possible.  Objective minds are suppressed in the presence of those seeking, demanding, and insisting their voices are the only voices saying what is right.

Educating Liberals

In the new world, America during its gestation, universities were established that educated the would be leaders of the day. Most of America’s major universities, if not all, were deeply rooted in Christian biblical principles.  Founders were believers, accepting the Bible as a source of life standards, ethical and moral principles, that everyone should adhere to. From the bible the inspiration arose that all men and women are equal and should be educated accordingly.  Not every founder accepted Christ, but they certainly accepted a supernatural being, God. There was a desire for objectivity, fairness, discussion and debate.  The hope was that with open forums the outcomes, the result of an educated mind, would be more as God outlined and as God purposed man to do.

Many are referred to now as the Ivies, these institutions of higher learning no longer sport their Christian foundations. They have always been open to any who qualify, but standards today embrace a ‘me’ society, a culture of permissiveness, and question, even deny, the reality of God. Pervasive in the teaching is opinion, not just facts as to history and politics. The philosophical foundations have been erased and qualifications are not totally academic or privileged.  The swinging of the pendulum of progress can make time race forward or lag behind. It is currently lacking a proper balance with a peaceful, tolerant, blended, advancing culture.

Diversity is a buzzword and a political left leaning is evident in staffing and curriculum. In addition to subjects taught the opinion and bias of professors and the academic hierarchy is being drilled into heads of students; brainwashing has made ‘white supremacy’ a term applied to any person opposed to the practices occurring in many of these once academically challenging and balanced centers for knowledge and discussion. The pendulum is erratic. ‘Liberal’ has become the defined leaning of expressions and commentary, even expectations from the students in their reporting, essays and responses. Charlie Kirk, on his Twitter page, commented, “College has become a place where they (liberals and democrats) want everyone to look different (diversity) but think the same (as they do, left leaning).” When faced with opposing views safe spaces are sought, not for protection, but to avoid hearing criticism, or differing ideas, even truth.  The truth must be the truth they desire, not necessarily the truth of reality; if the world they live in is blue, for them it is black, or red, or rainbow, and not even possibly blue.   

A law professor (Amy Wax) at the University of Pennsylvania was recently rebuked for stating that in her 17 year experience at Penn few of her black students performed at the top half of their class.  The word ‘black’ stirred the liberal college’s dean Ted Ruger who declared she was in error.  No evidence of the dean’s claim was provided.  The wrong was she did not meet the standards of liberal politically correct orthodoxy.  The truth revealed could dampen the admission standards or reveal the truth of the compromise in education Penn exercises.  The result, she was no longer allowed to teach the course for which she had received recognition and awards from the university in the past. This is free expression trampled on by the liberal elites that oversee the teaching of our youth. Is this an overt tipping of the ethnic scales away from recognizing academic achievement? Who are the “supremes” now?

The Islamic Dominions

When it comes to supremacy look no further than the Muslim majority countries, the text which rules their ideology, the male dominant nature of what they call a religion, the separation of the sexes in many ways, the oppression and subjugation of the poor and non-Muslim, and the stated ‘superiority’ of Muslims over all others, not Muslim (to include Islamic heretics), and those not of the true belief, or true Islam, as determined by the hierarchy, political and theocratic. The leaders, political, theocratic, monarchy, are above their subjects who are required to honor them as Allah, but at a rung on the ladder in between.  The leaders, clerics, Imams and the like, are privileged, as Muhammad, and permitted indiscretions and violations of the tenets of Islam, as they are the elite. They enjoy the largesse of their nation’s resources, such as oil where plentiful, to a much greater extent than the residents.  The residents, the citizens, are viewed as inferior, in concert with the structure of the whole of Islam towards infidels. Is this white supremacy?  Sounds like it, but it is the superiority of a class.


Competition results in winners and losers. To the victor goes the spoils. The topic is a target for losers striving to gain and enhance their own status, to continue the race, until they feel ahead, and then they will be the subjects of the arrows of dissent. They will want the race to end, but the finish line will always be elusive. May everyone be in the peloton; but watch any bike race and there will be those who eventually break from the pack to try to be the first to snap the tape. If they succeed they will sit tall, astride their two-wheeler, hands raised high, seeking accolades and the glory of their accomplishment. That is until the next race.

Supremacy will always be fleeting.  If people would just find a way to accept what they can and cannot do, what they can and cannot control, and how they can help all who follow should they succeed, or learn from what was needed to succeed, or find success within themselves, aware of their purpose, their destiny, their fate and their eternal plight, there would be greater peace and less noise. Keep God in the equation and the pendulum of life will tick and tock as it should. It is a misconception that winners are the ones who finish first. Many of the greatest in victory were those who finished back in the pack, respectful of others, loving the Lord, and happy, joyous and hopeful about what they accomplished.


History is useful in knowing what worked and what did not, what to repeat and what not to repeat.  Supremacy has been a feature of history and will always. But I ask you, can there be a peaceful solution to the extremism that hates excessively making some people blind and unable to perceive any element of good, creating labels as a description and focus of their derision?

Trump is a target of much hatred.  He is different.  He is imperfect.  He appears to care for all the people, We the People.  He is succeeding where liberals and Democrats have not.  This is having an impact on the palace the Democrats seek as their personal pedestal from which to wield power, the White House.  From America’s House the liberals seek to control their victimhood and maintain their elitist superior position. Hillary felt, qualifications aside, she deserved the office as she was among the most elite.  They lost, the people won.  And now Trump is actually helping the victims the Democrats have used to garner votes.  The view of many voices from the main stage for the liberal left is a defeatist, lame, and ugly regard for the President and the Office.  Call it the DeNiro or Pelosi syndrome.  Are they only demonstrating a weakness they share with others cajoled into believing they can only be made stronger through protest, isolation, character assassination, deafness, ignorance, a lack of objectivity towards opposing views, a total disregard for debate, dialog, independent ideas, personal opinion and fairness?

In an early June (6/8/2018) broadcast of the HBO Bill Mayer show, Mayer called for an t_500x300economic failure so that Trump would be discredited. “I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point.  By the way, I’m hoping for it because one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy.  So please, bring on the recession.  Sorry if it hurts people, but it’s either the root for a recession or you lose your democracy.”  He clearly cares little for those that need a burgeoning economy.  He also is expressing the liberal view that, ‘democracy’ is as they define it, not as the people seek it. He wants his liberal pals back on the throne, as the supremes, at whatever the cost to those that need a great America. Such would be at a cost to the victims the Democrats have always proclaimed they care for. Now we know what and who they really care for; themselves.  The liberal progressive democratic party leaders and headliners are as the elitist navigators of the nanny state for the benefit of their companion elitists. Who are the white supremests now? They includes the Clinton-istas (recently falling from grace), the Obama-istas, the Wasserman-istas (currently trapped in an IT scandal), the Pelosi-istas, the Schumer-istas, the Maxine-Waters-istas, and so on.  Trump is actually doing what they only said they would do. Do liberals just want America to follow the example of California?  Trump is fulfilling promises liberals only make.   

The standards the liberals want our country to meet are sub-standard.


‘White Supremacy’ is a label of convenience, a pole around which liberals dance, but it demonstrates a failure to recognize history and reality.  People of power will always strive to keep what they have, no matter the methods or cost to others, and color has nothing to do with it.  There is today white, black, brown, gay, religious, political, and cultural supremacy.  Take your pick.  But it ain’t all white!

Grace and Peace

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